Let's talk about Amara's Augments

Someone brought up Amara’s action skill augments and there strange designe. Most of Amara’s augments have a downside. Some of the agument provide decent benefit when matched with the right set up. On the other end of the spectrum we have skill set ups that straight up don’t function properly or leave us handicapped.

I’m curious as to why these augments are designed around a cost benefit ratio similar to how some of Moze’s augments use to. Why give both a cooldown and a damage penalty? It feels like the skills “work” in spite of one another rather then in harmony.
This leads to some ASs or ASAs feeling like downgrades instead of improvements over the vanilla variants or simple augments.

I also know there are several bugs. One I know of off hand is Revelation only creates one nova even if your action skill hits multiple enemies. I also recall Tandava’s Spalash damage not activating any Augments.

What do we want to see done to her augments? Reworks? Removal of penalties? Additional interactions? What do you all think?

I don’t think they need anything as drastic as reworks, but a bit of attention to them would be nice. The Dragon mod, which activates the augment on melee kill, seems a bit janky to me as well.

I really want to like The Eternal Fist, but it’s an inherently underwhelming augment made all the more underwhelming based on how little it synergizes with other modifiers. It would be nice if Allure/Revelation/Stillness of Mind fired off every time the phasegrasp jumped. It would still be trash compared to Ties That Bind, but that’s more an issue of TtB being way too strong.