Let's talk about bank space

So, a vast majority of the community wanted more bank space. A reasonable request. What do they give us? More total bank and inventory space! NICE!.. wait… you mean… you mean that bank space is shared between all characters?.. so… instead of 30-40 slots per character we have… 50 between ALL OF THEM?!

I mean, I’m the kinda guy that finds a decent purple/legendary that can be used in leveling or a unique that I don’t wanna part with (cough cough* VIP program) and chucks them into the bank for safe keeping. I wanna give them to other characters as they level or save them for my friends when they can use them, but I have a severely limited space to do that with. The best way to store things now is to make an alternate account and make storage ponies.

Who in their right mind thought “The community wants more space to hang on to the literal BILLIONS of guns we advertise so they can use them. Let’s give them less slots than in the previous game and no personal storage for each character. Just a shared one which can’t even hold one of each legendary item in the game.”

I know some people are gonna be like “good equipment is more likely to drop and is more available so you can just get rid of it and find a new one.” Sure, but I don’t wanna have to re-farm a boss 50 times (instead of 65) for that one legendary assault rifle I found on my first playthrough that I didn’t have enough space for. That’s just a chore.

Thank you for letting me rant about how I cannot be a hoarder and cannot easily give the next character I play a leg up. If you would also like to rant for or against a simple thing that could be a giant boon for a vast majority of players you are more than welcome to do so below. Thank you.


I agree so much with this. I’m a huge hoarder at borderlands too and I always want to keep all unique guns I get on my playthroughs.


gotta agree with this, if you can’t have/keep a legend of every flavor, whats the point of having billions of guns, had a friend in BL2 that hoarded all legends , uniques that we found, if I needed it he had one (who wouldn’t with 200 mules)


Agree. My vault on destiny has been full for ages. My bank on bl3 was full after my first 12 hours lol. I upgrade every time I get chance but now is costing like 300k so I’m stuck for a while.


Backpack and bank space are way way too small for no good reason. I think they should be at least 2-3 times there current size. The only technical reason I know of preventing this is the fact that they prerender everything when you open your backpack or bank, again for no good reason. Also the UI is pretty terrible and laggy. Bl1 had the best storage/UI in the series and its been getting worse and worse since.


I don’t mind the inventory space as much as I do the bank. While I would like more inventory space too, I can live with the ‘you can only carry so much stuff on you at a time’ mentality from playing other games (like Resident Evil or something). But not being able to hoard stuff kills me inside, lol


Backpack and Bank space has ALWAYS been too small in these games… except for PC players that use community created mods to solve this problem. That’s one side benefit for me, having moved to the PC version this time. I’m curious to see what, if anything, this game’s modding community comes up with in this regard.

But ALL of this could be easily resolved if the Devs just followed the example of D&D and other RPGs, and gave us the Borderlands equivalent of Bags of Holding that could greatly expand our characters’ backpack storage by leaps and bounds with each BoH purchased! For an example, see the Neverwinter Nights games. :wink:


So how does bank size/ buying storage SDU‘s work with multible characters?

  • Maybe I‘m just dumb or this is a bug, but do mission really not show the xp/money/item rewards anymore?

  • Great that we have the BL1 colour system back, wait… why can‘t I change something as simple as my hair colour? and why have some skin & colour combinations such odd effects. Red and green getting turned to white or black…

  • I get that we have to re-earn the vehicles for new characters but also the car skins? Come on!


I’d really like to collect a level 50 version of every item with red text in my bank…


Agreed. I am full up with legendaries on my one toon. I have been having to vendor them to make room. sobs


My main has all my level 50 gear. My 2 mules have everything else, purples or lower level loot I wanna keep for future playthroughs

If everyone thinks the bank and backpack are laggy now. Imagine how bad it would be if you loaded double or triple that.

I’m on console so making a mule takes about 2 minutes if you have a spare email setup.

Then split screen them, make sure the mule has money and have them buy all sdu upgrades for bank and back pack.

I approve of the decision to remove character-bound storage space, since this just let people ‘cheat’ by creating loads of dummy characters as mules.

However, I agree that 50 shared storage spaces is way too low for anyone seriously farming for gear in the endgame. At least 100 max slots should be provided in my opinion, perhaps even 200.

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It’s beyond the limitations of the current gen.
-Randy Pitchford, probably.


Honestly, I wouldn’t doubt if he actually did say that. But if it’s true, it’s only true because of how the UI is designed. Stop making the guns bounce, don’t prerender everything, etc etc. They could easily make is take less RAM.

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I’m not sure where to turn at this point. My bank has been wiped clean twice now. This is horrible. Does anyone know what is happening or what I can do??

Are you on console or PC? I’m on console so I can only advise you from there.

I will say though that my roomie tried to save scum. That’ll delete anything new you toss into the bank if you try it. I’m assuming you’re not messing with your data. I haven’t run into any issue with the bank other than the fact I’ve needed to make about 9 mules on a separate account to hold the contents I’ve farmed from bosses.


The only thing I can think is my personal experience on my first character. I got to the ship after Promethea, put my old equipment that I wanted to twink to my Zane in the bank, got to the ship with Zane and several items were gone. Didn’t care too much since they were blues.

Came back the next morning and they were back. If they don’t reappear after some time then I’d see about submitting a support request. If it was just some blues or equipment you could easily get back then I’d say don’t worry too much. If it was a unique or legendary… yea, submit a request.

It was leggies. And same thing… Low level stuff that I planned on transferring.

They can still (and will) create mules, if anything it’s easier now that you just buy the sdu.

It’s just each mule will be limited to 40 slots