Let's talk about bank space

Those videos are just showing people how to make Mules, which isn’t anything new and doesn’t actually physically increase bank space so.

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True, but this is kinda like item/character duping. Which is considered as cheating usually.
But as Bear Grylls said.
Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

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On pc you can just copy/paste/rename your saves (post getting to Sanctuary).

This is no solution though.

I have only two characters Amara @ 50 and Zane @ 34. For each I have had to create two mules, one for weapons, one for items.

Pathetic ‘solution’. And negates the shared bank completely. As we can create as many mules as desired.

Always thought the shared stash being limited BL2/TPS, made you carefully consider the items you would transfer. And the 4 space limit made it mildly annoying. but not frustrating, and could be ignored.

Here. My second character Zane, whom I was looking forward to discovering new gear for. You know actually having to try out the different weapons /sheilds, etc. Is that not what Gearbox have said they want us to do.
But in my Zane’s case. I get to Sanctuary, open the bank to store some of his lower level gear accumulated thus far, and find all of Amaras stuff, including a couple of low level Legendaries.

It really put a dent into the exploration and feeling of accomplishment. It was then that I made two Amara mules, and cleared out the bank.

Sorry for the rant, but what a palaver. Hardly conducive to a fluid gaming experience.


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In the same boat here. We truly need more bank space. I don’t even pick up purples anymore cause I have no room for them.

I think at this point, many that play on PC are using mules.

I’d love to see something like that:

The way the bank currently works would be aweful if they just increased the available space because the three available sorting categories don’t work. The only one that’s working is the “by Manufacturer” one. “Score” and “Type” are identical and most of the time the different item types are placed random all over the place.
Being able to have unlimited space in an external tool with all the possibilities of sorting, categorising, moving between different characters, comparing, etc. would be awesome.

I guess it would be awesome… for everyone who is on PC… and can/don’t mind using a tool that isn’t a part of the primary game. If you meet those requirements then yea, awesome.

The primary point roughly 80-95% of the community is making is that we shouldn’t need exploits, mules, external tools, etc. This is something that the developers have never been able to satisfactorily or rationally explain and they keep making the problem worse.

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Lotta great ideas in here GB, we need more bank space. Thanks.

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I too am struggling to be able to keep all the gear I want, but sadly cannot due to lack of vault space. I want to share my loot as well with new characters and with friends. The way storage is dealt with now makes it impossible to consider that. Game companies can’t use the excuse anymore that legacy hardware is holding them back.

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I 100% agree we need more bank space. I’ve had to create a mule for each gun type, mod, relic, grenade, and shield. I loathe the intro now! Admittedly I’m a hoarder and even with increased stash space I’d still probably have mules, but the 50 shared across all 4 of my maxed characters is a joke. The problem though with them increasing stash is they need to dramatically improve game stability and UI performance. The game can barely handle loading the items in the bank and/or inventory currently. So I don’t expect an increase until they fix the menu performance issues unfortunately. I miss being able to quickly change weapons from my menu before a boss fight like in bl2. Now it’s just a lag fest and extremely frustrating.

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They HAVE to do something about this. Have scrapped so many legendaries. What’s even worse is the way they adjust guns retroactively…so that gun you thought reallly sucked one day and scrapped could be great the next heh.


Yup. I really hope they stop changing things soon. Most of it they should have found in testing. Most purples i have out perform a legendary at the same level.

Yeah this is why I keep one of every unique/legendary I come across. Definitely sucks to have to create so many mules but it’s the only way

In bl2 i have 24 mules. Legendarys and pearl from 50 and up. Mules were easier in bl2 because you didnt need a second accout. You think they would have learned the bankspace issue, plenty of people brought it up in those forums also.
I say keep the 50 as shared and figure out a way to give us another 200 slot bank that doesnt crash or lag the game hell.

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I didn’t heed peoples complaints to the degree I should have at first with this lack of storage. I went about creating new characters and getting them to Sanctuary, but the endless ■■■■■■■ wait time with all the cutscenes and unskippable NPC dialogues you have to wait through before progressing has made this an enormous chore. I am getting to the point that I just don’t want to play anymore when I fill up my main characters inventory…

mules or no mules, why limit it to 50, four characters 50 is too easy to fill, hopefully they increase it to maybe 200, seems more reasonable, how many legendarys are there in game, this is why people want more space, it might be limited but there must be a way to increase it, especially with us having social allow friends to send guns meaning more loot and loyalty rewards more loot, even if they wait until dlc 1 drops, i am hoping for at least 100 bank space.

The easy fix is to let each of your characters have their own bank of 50 to hold their unique gear. Expecting you to play 4 characters with only a bank of 50 it just stupid and shows how little they consider the player. That means they expect you to save only 12 items per character. So even why bother farming or playing in the first place
But alas, they didn’t do anything to fix it in BL@, your crazy to think they will fix it now.

Howdy everybody. Just wondering if gearbox has addressed the community’s concerns regarding bank space in any videos/AMAs/etc. I don’t do a great job of keeping up with developer outreach stuff, so I figured I’d see if anyone has heard anything.


Gearbox is aware of this and it is being looked at.

Other parts mentioned in the source.
Bank Space
Mayhem Mode changes

How about each planet has its own bank with 50 slots, but you can only open up the extra slots with a currency that only drops from that planet?

It will incentivise people to kill the mobs/enemies on those particular planets, more, to get the planet’s unique currency to unlock the extra bank slots.

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