Lets talk about Benedict

He is the most agile character in the game, being able to fly from one side of the map to the other very quickly. He can also get above the map, to where other characters can’t, as seen on Paradise. This is a problem and a huge unfair disadvantage. He can fly behind enemy lines above the map, stand up top where he can’t be hit and take of turrets, etc. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be agile, but this is a huge problem that shouldn’t be in the game.

I haven’t ran into a problem with too many benedicts. I think his squishy health makes up for his mobility. Plus, I think he takes a lot of playtime to be mastered and really effective. My opinion of course.

He also fires slow-moving projectiles, has a long reload speed, and is squishy as hell. He’s very difficult to master and only the best players can unlock Benedict’s true potential. If anything, he’s not a major threat most of the time because few can use him properly.

Saw one doing this on paradise last night. he was racking up kills until Me (Ambra) & buddy (Marquis) were leveled enough to take him out. Took us a bit to lure him out but definitely annoying and feels like an exploit.

I never worry about him. I see many players not even use his flight and just run around on the ground. That said, you really need to have the right gear and use the lvl ups right to get the best out of him.

Just play ghalt and pull him down. Lol. Into a scrap trap and he can do nothing but melt.

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Often times, you dont need to kill him to win, you just gotta bully him. Shoot at him until he has to relocate. Keep an eye or your mini map so when he comes back you’re ready to shoot at him again. You dont have to finish him, just shoo him away.

Marquis, Oscar, Whiskey, Montana, Melka and Caldarius are all characters who can deal with him. Caldarius can really bully him with his ultimate. With his ultimate he can actually get up to where Bendedict can. I have surprised many a Benedict with Caldy. :wink:

Except there is no way to know if he is going to be on the other team and Ghalt isn’t that fun to play and that seems like a waste just for the chance that a benedict is on the other team

I like to play ghalt anyways so it works out. He isn’t my fav but he is my fav dps right now so if my team needs a dps I’ll play ghalt and eat benidict for breakfast

Every team usually has a ranged person on it. They can handle him. It’s a team game. Work as a team :slight_smile:

Each character has a job to do. Some are very unique, like Benedict or Deande. No character cant be overcome. Except maybe that nasty Galilea.

Nope, the hook doesn’t reach.

I take the extended range as well as speed for hook instead of the three chain cone fire. It reaches then. I can get a sniping marquis from a mile away as well

I play in a team of 4 or 5, and we have ranged characters, but his team mates are always distracting us, and he does this all game, so if we just focus on him that removes us from the game. He just shouldn’t be allowed to go up there.

His disadvantage is supposed to be his slow moving projectiles that with good awareness his opponents should be able to dodge. With that said, I think the rockets might need to be slowed down a tad bit because they aren’t al that easy to dodge.

He is borderline OP.

But only borderline. A team with 2 or 3 range that are sniper-like people and Husbirdo goes “Goddamit” if you keep firing him down. Leave him for awhile and a few of your squishies will die right away though.

The main reason I say Borderline is because of character like Marquis and Thorn being very popular and powerful while also being a hardcounter to Husbirdo.

As someone who is pretty good with Benedict, I can tell you this: he is not OP. He is difficult to master because you have to have above average situational awareness to use him to his full potential. He is similar to Phoebe because he only starts to become a dangerous force at lvl 4-5, when his Hawkeye homing rockets can fire three in succession. He has among the best burst damage potential in the game, next to Deande and Thorn. He’s balanced by being super squishy. If you don’t know how to maneuver as Benedict, you die fast and frequently. In order to beat a Benedict:

  1. Hit him with a slow debuff. Usually means the end of him.
  2. Silence prevents him from using Lift Off to escape danger.
  3. Harass him with ranged characters. Benedict usually picks perches that don’t have any cover at all, and Bullying him forced him to relocate because he’s made of glass.

Benedict can 100-0 squishies before they even 100-0 him late game.

Level 4 takes only 3 minutes max to reach on Overgrowth.

Squishy can be an issue but with some bruiser item loadout (Health with damage), it becomes less of an issue since you can no longer be 100-0 by squishies while you still 100-0 them.

Hawkeye can reach up to 4 rockets if you know how to distance it and animation reset. I can 100-0 every squishies from mid range doing that with no room to counterplay if they’re not next to a wall. IF they are, they open themselves up to my ult combo.

Pro tip, if there’s nothing to do while the lane is pushed, Benedict can get 1k shard every 35-40 seconds from running around the base in Overgrowth. I always have 2-3k shard by the time first Shard spawn at 2 minutes if the enemies try to turtle.

Reyna’s homing shots seem to take care of Mr. Benedict pretty well. At the very least they’ll chase him off. His flying skill actually puts him at a disadvantage when it comes to homing shots, because it removes the chance of the shot being blocked by an obstacle, minion, other player, etc. A near 100% hit rate.

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