Let's talk about fixing mayhem mods

Personally, I think they’re a good idea in theory. Problem is that rolling for them is no good, and some are broken.

Here are some that i feel need to be addressed.

Pain Tolerance
I could tell without even trying it that this one is a bad idea based on the math alone. 1.03^20 damage resistance? They’re already bulky enough.
Maybe make it single a flat increase, or limit how quickly they can stack resistances, or make resistances lose all stacks when you shoot a different enemy (like Consecutive hits).

Cryo Ball
Less health.

Pool Party
Decrease the damage a bit or make the puddles smaller.

Elemental resistance modifiers
I think all but Dazed and Confused should be removed, as they either make no difference, or break a character. No cryo for Zane or fire for moze? Reroll.
Maybe make it resistance instead of full on immunity, or allow the aura to change element after a while (important when Wotan spawns with corrosive aura).

Post Mortem
Less health for DEATH, and make it so that pets and AI controlled action skills actually shoot at them.

Any drone or spawning modifiers
Make it so that pets, clones, drones, etc can actually see and attack them. Seeing my clone shoot an enemy with an invincibility drone because it can’t see the drone is just embarrassing.
Also make it so that chain effects, like Reflux, can chain to and from these spawning enemies.

Floor is Lava
I’d say that this one is fine, except that it sometimes doesn’t disappear even after all the enemies are dead, which is annoying when you’re trying to inspect loot drops.


None of the modifiers sounds like a solid upgrade to me.

Difficulty should come from enemies


They don’t, though. Borderlands doesn’t allow that due to its design; it’s a case of finding a way to get life steal, then shoot faster than you lose health. There’s no way to avoid attacks or mitigate damage in a serious way without some kind of gimmick to literally make you immune to bullets (think reflection or absorption shields), and no way to heal without stim packs sometimes dropping or the aforementioned lifesteal.

I may be wrong on this, but this is what I’ve found to be the case. I think that if we want more than ‘make number bigger than theirs’ as a challenge, we kinda need modifiers like this, or a few changes or additions to the core gameplay. Perhaps a dodge function, or the addition of equip-able armour that actually does more than act as an additional health bar, or even scaling back the damage and adding the ability to heal oneself somehow.

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I hate the mentallity of the recent games that want to bring more “Fun”.
Bl1 was fun, Bl2 was fun, Bl3 ?
Well not that much.
It’s not by adding more random stuff on my screen that will make it fun, i don’t want this random stuff.
I want a simple game with a good core gameplay that works by itself.
Bl1 and Bl2 did that, they didn’t need more stuuf over it.
Buy why does Bl3 need it then ?
Well it’s simple, it doesn’t need it, mayhem is just an excuse to make the game “more fun” except it does the exact opposite.
Having ennemies to spawn lasers all the time that i have to keep my attention on isn’t fun, having death spawn randomly and sometimes in your face isn’t fun (also death can spawn lasers).
I seriously hope they realise the modifiers are more than useless : they make the game more tedious.
Bring back a simple borderlands experience please, that’s all i ask (also remove anoints because they participate in that crap).


I feel you, but I think that if they want to make a good core experience, they need to fix the ridiculous scaling problem that’s been present since BL2.

You know, where damage goes up so exponentially that you get instagibbed at high levels, and you have to use the best builds in order to survive.

The core gameplay needs to be fixed before we can look at removing anything that may improve it. Frankly, I think that too much needs to be fixed to all be addressed without a full-on sequel or overhaul.


When you look at the path the franchise has taken, i don’t think a sequel will make things better.
Borderlands used to inspire games, now it takes inspiration (and not only good things)


The team that made TPS did an incredible job not only balancing the weapons but the characters skill trees as well. They even had poor man’s anointments (lune shine) with small bonuses that didn’t break damage formulas left right and center


This isn’t a design principle, and is inherently limiting. This, taken literally, means the map should offer no difficulty, for one. But maps do. Open space vs. line of sight blockers, terrain that allows for vehicles, terrain that doesn’t, and so on.

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yeah maps without enemies are truly challenging

I get killed more by the map and mechanics in the GTD than I do by actual enemies. I get you were being sarcastic but the other person wasn’t wrong

it was not exactly good justification for ■■■■■■ modifiers either you can work on enemies and reducing life steal instead of adding floating deaths ice of the crystalhawk novas interconnected beams mario jumping puzzles and other stuff that does not contribute to shooter part of the game.

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I wasn’t defending the modifiers since I hate the majority of them. Honestly I like jumping puzzles but they have to be thought of when designing the game and not just an afterthought. The reason they work in destiny is because each character has a unique set of double jump/glides/jetpacks to maneuver and readjust mid-air, hell even TPS had the OZ kits to help. In Bl3 if you have misjudged your initial jump you’re ■■■■■■.

GBX if you’re reading this at all quit trying to make borderlands into destiny, the GTD feels like the Vault of Glass minus the fun.

Not the best argument if you want to talk about what should be in the game and what shouldn’t. Fun sarcasm though :smile:

Everything in a game involves layers, difficulty is no exception. Feel free to not like Mayhem modifiers, but there’s no decision that decrees that they shouldn’t exist.