Let's talk about "Framerate" (on consoles)

Hey there. Gonna keep this short. I don’t have a good PC so I can (and will) talk only about PS4 Version.

I’ve played my fourth game on PS4 and game feels so sluggish. Not talking about animations or effects. I’m talking about FPS that drops below 20 continually. 30 FPS is just NOT enjoyable IMO for a fast paced game like this and situation even worse than that as I said.

Have a question for developers. Why didn’t you consider lower the max resolution to 900p (with dynamic resolution thing) and target 60 FPS? Game could have been much, much more enjoyable that way.

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I agree. I would gladly take less resolution for a 60fps build. Too many effects going on and the frames dropping is obvious and hurts the gameplay.

On my end it is a constant 30, which I can live with.
60 would be nice, but its not nescecary if you ask me, sure it will be smoother, but its not a fighting game where every frame counts.

Well fxiv runs at 50-60 frames , most time 60 frames , even when you do a 24 man raid , on the PS4, 95% time 60 fps , or might be lag to there servers. At there maxed setting that same as pc. pc can run it at 80fps to 120fps+ though.

So it not impossible to run a mmo with thousand of people on the the screen on the ps4. at 60 fps.

https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/2vn685/question_about_ffxivs_performance_on_the_ps4/ older post before fixed issues.

24 characters controlled by individual people is in most cases alot less taxing than trying to load 24 AIs at once.
And there are more factors to it aswell, like polycount, texture size, etc.

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yea but the effects , are nuts if , explosions , healing , bosses stuff and supers , this is older raid. they fixed a lot the stuff for the fps on ps4 since this .

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they improved it for the next 2 raids . also .

so it locked at 60 fps unless junk connections.

Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t need to render as much assets on screen as BB, or any other game set in first person, which is why it is easier to maintain 60FPS.

With BB you cant, it is in first person, the AI is probably a heavy load and I do not how much other factors come into play.
Besides, I think that at this point the game being 30FPS is set in stone.

As far as I know we’re playing on dedicated servers so AI shouldn’t affect client performance.

Game doesn’t render more than 20 models at once in most cases. Heck even 6-8 of them are same (minions). I’m not saying quality of image is equal but they should have tried low effect quality (with less effects) and 900p to see it can reach 60 or not.

But you are right. BB will be locked at 30 (steady) at the best-case scenario which is not ideal for me.

Agreed with the framerate and overall sluggishness of the control! Hopefully something can be done software side to boost this game to similar level with the handsome collection! Do note that the issue also seems more pronounced when playing splitscreen with very visible slowdowns