Let's talk about Gear

So I’m curious what most people try to build for with Mel. I’ve read/seen a pretty wide array of suggestions and since loot is RNG, I’m wondering what people are using.

I thus far have been trying to capitalize on +Max Health, +Crit Damage, and +Attack Damage.

I’ve been thinking of building towards +Max Shield, +Reload, and +Movement Speed.

Also does it make sense to have all cheap costing gear slots or do you guys roll with Purple and Orange?

I roll with 2 Purple and a Blue, simply because they are the best I have for her.

I use +shield. +shield all day, it is beautiful!

My gear load out is +shield, +shield; +shield +crit damage; +attack damage, +health. The last one I occasionally exchange for my legendary lifesteal gear, but I’ve been finding that the +health is better than 13% life steal. I think it is just that the lifesteal isn’t enough to keep me in.

Now, I use that because it is what I have. +shield, I think, is the best on her. +shield is nice, even if it is low, it is like wearing a helmet on the battlefield. Having a shield prevents you from taking random collateral damage or AOE. It also prevents random damage from stopping your lovely health regen. Any shield is nice, I prefer a big one (225). I’d like 300. Even a small shield of like 50 is useful for preventing your health regen from stopping. And, all shields look the same from the enemy. They are displayed by percentage, not total. When a foe sees you, all he sees is that you have a full shield, he doesn’t realize that it is only 50 strength haha. This may cause him to think you aren’t worth the effort/risk.

I think +health regen might be nice, too. I will maybe test +shield with +health regen. I haven’t, only because her health regen is already there, but maybe increasing it will be better than more health.

I use very expensive gear. I don’t use cheap gear with her. I can usually fund all 3 of my expensive pieces by round 3. She is decently mobile and is pretty durable on her own, so finding shards isn’t an issue. And with health regen, I liked to farm shards when my health is low.

My Mellka, by end-game, has 2k health and her shield. She wrecks it in PvP with her survivability and damage out put. Many people call Mellka squishy, I completely disagree. I think she is tough as nails. She is fast, has chaotic movement with all of her jumps and lunges, has HIGH health and damage, and all of this comes in a small frame (meaning she is a hard target for her foes).


My loadout for Mellka has a blue health regen with bonus health regen while shield is depleted, a purple attack damage with max health (and minus shield), and her legendary item for reload speed and damage. I find it very effective, but im still not sure about the legendary. Max health could also go there if you play more aggressive.


I use:
+Health Regen/+Health Regen while health under 50%
+Reload Speed/+Health Regen
+Movement Speed/+Movement Speed while all skills on Cooldown

it works wonders, the survivabity is insane and I usually don’t have more than 2-3 deaths, if that

Mellka doesn’t need a shield… waste of a gear on her.

2 health regeneration items is a must on her. I have 15% health regeneration added to my natural HR since she’s a Eldrid. That’s ridiculous and way better than a shield that she doesn’t need.

Honestly your supposed to be putting gears on her that reduces her shield. Why? Because they don’t effect her and the stats that you get on items that reduces shield are extremely high but extremely cheap. I have a +10% attack damage item on her that reduces shield by 120 for 490 shards. That same item without the shield decrease is 1090 shards.

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Health Regen, Shield, Vyn’s Quiver. Shield is changeable.

Mellka already has a lot of dueling potential, but she doesn’t need anything in the damage or attack speed department. So I put everything into utility and survival. The health regen is primordial; you need to be able to survive and not back often, you’ll be skirmishing with the enemy often; better heal as fast as possible.

The shield offers cheap and rechargeable ‘‘health’’ on-the-go, useful in quick fights.

Vyn’s quiver is the best legendary for her; the slow allows you to close the distance and makes your Ult a lot easier to aim (Take that, bunnies.)

It’s my own way of playing her, but in terms of gears she’s very versatile.