Let's talk about her legendary

Is anyone else disappointed with this legendary? +20% of my melee attack on my boomerang after hitting with a melee attack? This is so niche, the majority of the time you won’t see anything from this item. Meanwhile we have legendaries liek Galilea +50% lifesteal on stunned targets. That’ll turn the fight around. I would have preferred to see somethign that compliments her kit more, or opens windows.

I think something like adding more shieldsteal to her kit would have been more useful, or adding a way to reduce CD. I’d have taken a boomerang buff while Aurox is out, even. Anything other than a single situation passive.

I agree it’s kind of a letdown, but I find most of them to be (some even more so). I tend to swap between melee and ranged pretty often in combat so it works for me when I use it. Gotta say though, Ambra’s is by far the best in my opinion. Gotta love that heat.


Does it stack multiple hits? I could see it being useful for catching runners. The way it reads, it is damage added to the same target you had been punching.

it does stack. I think that the idea is to finish off low hp characters that are running.


while i agree its not the best and when i first saw it i too was upset ik for a fact it has secured me a few kills bcuz i hit a 400+ non crit. I do enjoy the atk speed we have on it and the shield recharge is nice too.

I got an idea. If this legendary does stack. (all melee attacks count towards the next boomerang) then you could play a passive game with a group and basically defend your sentry while ou build up damage from melee attacks.

Then your whole team makes a giant push for their sentry and you the shayne and aurox whip out a boomerang and… 1 shot their sentry :smiley: of course their might be a cap but it would be fun to try.

LOL, i gotta try that but first i gotta make sure it stacks xD

Sadly the damage only stacks on the target you hit with your melee, and it seems there is some form of timer on the stacks, I think, so you can only do soo much damage. (Sidenote, with a single boomerang I was able to deal ~300 damage to an enemy Isic and finish him off)