Let's Talk About Heros Need Nerfs/Debuffs

Hey guys, figured I’d start this just to get some opinions. I’ve been playing Battleborn for awhile now and have a few characters I’m fairly good at. Around when I first got the game, matches were pretty consistent and we always had a fair fight. (IT WAS FUN :smiley:) Lately, past 3 months, I’ve maybe won 5% of the games I’ve played. Everytime we are demolished or we demolish them (5% of time). It’s not me playing badly (usually have the best kill/death ratio on the team), nor is it my team really, for its the other team just doing AMAZING somehow. It’s just deteriorating my attitude towards the game. I’ve had a watch list of heros that seem to be getting very high amounts of kill with little to no deaths. Maybe I’m totally wrong but I feel like a lot of people need to be getting fixed.


  • MIKO

The order means noting its just alphabetical. B & I just exaggerate how strong I believe they are. I originally had KID ULTRA on this list, but after his recent nerf, I am willing to remove him.



Once again Im not saying any of this is true I just want you guys to either prove me wrong or back me up. I want some juicy DISCUSSION. :stuck_out_tongue:

Other Things I’m Noticing

Every game I play I feel as if I’m getting stunned or slowed A LOT to the point where I can’t move or even try to escape. Characters I believe have trouble with this are: DEANDE KID ULTRA REYNA ALANI. I think Attikus is the main culprit with this. In my opinion Attikus slows enemies down way more then need be. He deals so much damage and then basically freezes you in place, it’s a guaranteed kill if your support isn’t there immiefiately.

Also people who have invisibility aren’t getting the full benefit. Better players can still see them quite easily and it kinda ruins the effect. DEANDE, OSCAR MIKE, PENDLES, SHAYNE & AUROX Solution —> Make them fully invisible? :confused: ehhh? ehhhhh? NEMO commented on this and I respect what he had to say, but being invisible means people can’t see you and I find it (as a regular player) very easy for others to spot me while I’m invisible. I know Nemo had stated that you should maneuver yourself in a way so they can’t spot you but in my opinion you should just be able to turn completely invisible. No matter what they will guess where you are going but we’d have a better chance of actually escaping if we were.

Also I saw they buffed the sentry, but it still seems to be so easy for the opposing team to take out with or without bots backing them up or even attacking them. ATTIKUS & PHOEBE just wreck the sentry in seconds. Yes they are up front attackers I get it, but Ive been noticing more prominently ATTIKUS, taking down sentries without any worries.

I like how they are implementing a more spaced out group when it comes to TANKS, SUPPORTS, AND ATTACKERS, but it still has a long way to go. Just giving more attack damage to attackers and less damage taken to supports doesn’t cut it in my opinion.

Also Ive noticed when I jump down from somewhere on top of an enemy, I glitch on top of them and I’m stuck which makes me a simple target. Sometimes it’s not even me intentionally jumping on the enemy, because some characters like MONTANA OR ALANI make you go flying up in the air. Its annoying.

Slightly Biased Opinion of Mine Since Deande Is My Main

I feel as if Deande’s Ultimate needs to be fixed a little. I find it annoying how robots can hop in it. It’s very easy for the opposing team to just stand near their robots when you’re attacking and it makes her ult useless. I don’t know how they could fix this just a issue I had.

Also Deande has a maneuver where she can kick her leg out and get some distance off it. I don’t know if its intentional or not but it can sometimes help her get over ledges she shouldn’t be able to reach. If it is on purpose, its super buggy when she tries to kick/jump over something and only works 25-30% of the time. Solution —> Make the jump longer or just remove it. Idk.

I know she isn’t one to really take on a tank, she is supposed to take out supports by sneaking up on them, but tanks protect their supports and when the tanks turn on Deande she is screwed a lot of the time. In my opinion they need to take away some of her health and give her a bit more speed. I believe the last time they messed with her, they gave her more health which surprised me. So many people are faster then her and it doesn’t make sense becuase she is an assassin. She is supposed to be nimble and quick. Both Alani and Phoebe are fast then her which doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe its Deande’s heels. Whip them off and put some sneakers on Deande!!! Gosh!

Also after her Ultimate is used she stands there for a few milliseconds and it is literally life or death during those moments so that should be fixed so that she can move right away.

Also half the time her Holotwin is ridiculously dumb and just stands their awaiting her death.

Lastly, she is supposed to be invulnerable durring her ultimate right? Well I have experience a few occurrences where she has died halfway through because so and so’s ability somehow killed her.


This is just a start of an opinion that I’m hoping we can build off of to hopefully make the game better. If you want you can ask me why i think these things and I will give you and honest and respectful answer if you are respectful too. Thanks Guys :slight_smile:

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Formatting this would help a lot
The wall of text is too much

SORRY :cry: I’ll try cleaning it up.

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huh, i have not experienced this. Also after the latest update you can take kid ultra off that list. hes one of my mains. ouch that nerf hurt… :frowning:

What’d they do to him? Haven’t played much since this update sorry :sweat:

lowered his bola thing to 100 damage from 200 over 2 seconds and lowered his main attack. i used the bola to finish battleborn and its not as easy now

edit: maybe its not that bad but whatever :slight_smile:

Deande? weak?

100% agree. buffs needed.


oh and also any hit with bola after the first one is 33% less powerful than the previous

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That is pretty harsh though :sweat:

yeah true, i revoke my previous statement, it is harsh

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Thank you for the thumbs up. Deande Relys off her Holotwin to do increased damage and to run and escape. Her invisibly allows her to charge her shield to do increased damage if you choose “calculated risk” (which you should haha) but invisibility is barely useful when there is so much ground damage and crowd control. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY CAN STILL SEE YOU :joy: I’m talking to you THORN who likes to snipe me from halfway across the map when I’m invisible and nobody is around me. Lol

For nerfs I would say Boldur, Montana, Kelvin. If chars are only supposed to fill one roll they should have their damage cut


How would you suggest they buff her? You have me intrigued.

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I suppose they make her fully invisible and make her invisible longer along with others that can turn invisible. I think her damage is alright but the damage cant be done if her holotwin isn’t efficient. Take away some of her health, and give her more speed maybe too. Phoebe is faster then her and so is Alani and DEANDE is supposed to be an assassin.

Oh were you being sarcastic earlier? Or…what :confused:

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Can ISIC get some buffs too?


I can’t tell whats sarcastic and what isn’t. Please be honest with how you feel so we can build off it! :slight_smile:

I second this.

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The short little inputs are killing me you guys. I actually want to discuss this. Enlighten me on how you actually feel. You are clearly far more knowledgeable on this game then I am and I’d like to know why I am wrong or right. I can’t tell what any of you truly mean.