Let's Talk About Lack of Choice!

Hi Everybody!

I have been lurking in the forums for quite some time now and read posts daily about other users thoughts and ideas as well as mods and devs. I thoroughly have enjoyed Battleborn and have already received more than my moneys worth of this game. There have been small annoyances that I have endured since launch like imbalances in characters or matchmaking or the utter destruction of legendaries that had taken me hours to farm.

However I log in tonight to find out I no longer have a choice whether it be casual or competitive to decide what mode I would like to enjoy the game in. I do not relish the thought of ever having to fight minions unless I’m playing story mode. I have become a strictly capture player over time after becoming extremely bored playing match after slow match of incursion daily.

So now when we all get the choice of which map to play everyone picks incursion and I reluctantly play and shudder at the thought of killing minion waves and a game mode that I have come to detest.

Why take player choice I ask? I am a loyal gearbox fanatic and have purchased every game you have produced and even stood by this game when there have been so many naysayers. I have purchased taunts and skins to help this game survive and grow. I have friends and family that have purchased the game. Please give us back choice! I don’t want to give up my addiction!

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