Let's talk about Megavore

First off I know Dominance is the capstone that needs the most help. But Megavore isn’t that great either.
And I’m not a fan of nerfing something good like The power inside just because it’s better than the other two.
I rather tweak the other two capstone’s in order to bring it more in line with the power inside and make it a viable choice.

My idea is to leave base Megavore as is. (Maybe upping the percentage to 25%)
And add a new feature that makes it synergize better with your action skill. Right now it doesn’t really synergize well with your action skill.

I would add:

  • When you activate your action skill, you have a 35% chance of your critical hits doing double damage. Last 15 seconds after activating your action skill.

I think this would make it more appealing to use for some people. Or maybe we can come up with other ideas.

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Normally I hate to be this guy, but Megavore is fine.

It already synergizes with every action skill through its interaction with Head Count. You can completely wipe away the cooldown of fade away and Rakk Attack, and get Gamma Burst down pretty far as well.

Also, lets not forget that Megavore is just a passive tombstone with slightly lower effects. With how many guns have on crit effects in this game, I think 20% is a fine chance to make it worth using.

Fl4k already has so much crit damage that adding a chance of doubling it just seems like overkill. You only need so much damage. As it is now Megavore provides DPS increases but also packs a heck of lot of utility.


I know it’s just “fine”.
The issue here is that there is absolutely no reason to choose that over the power inside.
Sure you can go down the hunter tree but ultimately you would still go down the green tree and use the power inside or not even use a capstone and use multiple trees.
And like I said I’m not a fan of nerfing good abilities like the power inside just because it’s better than the others.
I rather make the abilities that are lacking more appealing by tweaking them.

And it doesn’t have to be about damage.
You can make the add on so that you take 20% less damage when you activate an action skill for 15 seconds.

How so?

Considering the state pets are in right now, I’d much rather have Megavore + headcount for cooldown reduction than Eager to Impress + The Power Inside since pet damage is pointless as of right now.

Also, aside from having low enough cooldowns to spam action skill activations, megavore provides more consistent DPS, especially for Gamma Burst builds since they usually have a 40 second duration on the action skill.

Heck, for a crit build, I’ll take megavore over Power Inside. For a Rakk Build I’ll take Power Inside. For a pet build anything goes. But I certainly can’t see how Power Inside is so much better than Megavore.

TBF, you can get more than 40% damage reduction just by moving on Fl4k as of right now. A condition buff of damage reduction doesn’t sound capstone worthy.

I just don’t see why people think Megavore is in need of change. Yes, people always boosted tombstone with a crapshooter mod, but it was still such a massive game changer at just 30%. And the only weapon that had an on crit effect in TPS was the Excalibastard (and there was only one build based around it, though that build was hilarious) and people still built almost solely around tombstone. Free crits 20% of the time is tough to beat.

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I do agree Megavore is a little weak and underwhelming, but while it would be nice to see it get a buff, its definitely not a priority compared to other Fl4k things like pets, some of the Master Tree skills and Leave no Trace.

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True. Especially Dominance.

Megavore can literally make headshot/fade-away crits crit.

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It’s great with weapons that reflect projectiles, have weird firing patterns or poor accuracy. If you’re using something plain with good handling like a Dahl AR you don’t really need it because you already crit pretty consistently. Get any of the Call weapons though and those reflected projectiles will love free crit chance.

Part of its problem is that the action skill it synergizes best with is Gamma Burst. Though maybe add some extra crit damage so that its still beneficial if you are already shooting a crit. Or maybe health for crits.

Can he get more than 40% damage reduction in a viable build though? Seems to spread out to accomplish that with a viable build.

That being said i think damage reduction is a better idea as an addition to base Gamma Burst then Megavore.

Hive Mind + Turn Tail and Run. Get a COM that boosts 1 (preferably Hive Mind since it’s damage redirection instead of reduction) and you get above 40%.

Megavore is perfectly fine the way it is.

Capstones dont have to synergize with Action skills…just look at Moze.

Why would they nerf The Power Inside?

Leave no Trace wasn’t working as intended(or, rather, I doubt their intention for the teir 1 skill was to give multi-pellet weapons infinite mags), and that, combined with GITM removing the need for precise aim, was allowing people to put out an unholy amount of damage(both in general and for the investment). There would be no way to buff the competition, being Rakks, base Fade Away, and Burst, so that they would even be in the same ballpark damage wise. I don’t think the way they nerfed it was the correct choice(they should have made Fade Away crits not count for it, and split the chance among the pellets in multi-pellet weapons, which would kill the overbearing synergy without killing the skill), but it needed to be nerfed so the other action skills/augments could even conceivably stand a chance of comparing to GITM/Leave No Trace.

The Power Inside doesn’t have this problem. Not only is it functioning as intended, but also you can conceivably buff its competitors to a similar power level, so why would you nerf it?

My whole point of this thread and another focused on Dominance is to buff the capstone’s to The Power Inside levels. NOT to nerf the power inside.

I’m not a fan of nerfs, instead I want gearbox to fix what’s not working first.
The GITM damage Nerf and leave no Trace Nerf was mostly based on a bunch of youtube videos of people killing graveward in seconds. Something that any of the vault hunters could do as well. But Fl4k had the most videos of it.
Also they could have just nerfed the root of the problem insread of killing 2 of FL4Ks best skills.
They could have just nerfed or tweaked the specific guns that were allowing for FL4K (and others) to abuse certain skills. They didn’t need to Nerf the skills themselves.

It’s like in Borderlands 2. ZER0 could kill Bunk3r in a second as well with a b0re glitch.
Did gearbox Nerf bore? NO.
They fixed the glitch so that you wouldn’t be able to abuse that skill with that boss.
This is what gearbox should have done with guirillas in the mist and leave no Trace instead of just killing off those skills completely.
GITM is still ok but the loss of duration is huge for fl4ks survivability.

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How did you get “nerf The Power Inside” from “But why would they? Its functioning correctly.”

Do you have a source for that, or is that just conjecture? Because it sounds like the second, and conjecture is just a fancy word for “assuming without evidence”…

How is nerfing every single multi-pellet gun a more effective approach than changing the skill? The Leave no Trace abuse wasn’t just with the Hellwalker, or One pump chump, or Lyuda, it was with anything that had multiple pellets. Actually, that’s incorrect. With a class mod boosting the skill even single pellet guns were able to abuse Leave No Trace. Somewhere on here there is a post with video of a guy using Fade Away(the 3 shot version) and a rocket Launcher to abuse Leave No Trace to get a ton of damage.

So the correct answer was to nerf every gun in the game, which would also nerf other classes and builds, than that one skill?

Yes, the nerf was heavy handed and they should have went with a different method to avoid killing the skill for normal use, but there is a difference between that and the “it didn’t need to be nerfed” stance you have.

And as for Zer0, unlike Fl4k, Zero couldn’t abuse overlapping hitboxes on every enemy he came across. However Fl4k could abuse GITM + Leave no Trace + a multi-pellet weapon on any enemy they fought. Of course it’s easier on giant bosses with large crit spots that do not move much, but unlike Zer0 it isn’t required.

Abuse is kind of a stretch here. We’ve known skills that return or negate ammo consumption scale exponentially. I would find it unlikely that Gearbox still hasn’t learned this after 3 games now.

Except they didn’t. It’s wasn’t an issue with B0re it was an issue with BNK3R having overlapping hit boxes

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Yeah, “abuse” wasn’t the most accurate word. However Gearbox did limit “Cloud of Lead”'s free shots to every 4th, even with class mods, so they did manage to get that one correct.

After some testing with my base Fade Away FL4k, I prefer Megavore over The Power Inside. It burns cooldowns really fast and it is a powerful damage incease, because you don’t always hit the crit spot (especially with a game pad). And since The Power Inside is an additive bonus and FL4K has already a huge weapon damage bonus, Megavore is FL4ks strongest capstone for me.

How do you know which skills are additive damage as opposed to not be an additive?
Is there a list?