Lets Talk About Miko

I used to love Miko, he was the first character I used in the beta and day one but after the release date I realized how toxic he can be for PvP and how he should be disabled temporarily and be reworked. Miko is the only medic in the game who can heal indefinitely and has arguably the best survivability in the game.

He should have a capacity on his heal beam with a cool down that needs to fully charged in order for him to heal again. Backpacking is such toxic tactic and honestly breaks the game.

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While I can’t agree with your post, you may want to check out the latest Battleplan for all the major balancing/changes they’ve made in the latest update.
ie. Miko now has less health, and with the changes to the Wounded CC, I think they’ve addressed the issues you seem to have had with Miko, perhaps?

Thats why some characters, especially oscar, has this quote “KILL THAT HEALER”.

It’s a common thing in all games. TF2 has a medic with infinite heal (AND UBER which makes all dmg null). Overwatch has mercy with infinite heal (and dmg buff). Etc etc.

Miko doesn’t have that much survivability if you stun him and at least 2 people hitting him. Why 2 people? Because miko is probably healing someone and in that case its 2v2 already. If you try to solo a miko, you’re doing it wrong because he can run to someone, heal him and it now becomes a 2v1 with the 2 having healing support.

Backpacking isn’t a toxic tactic. Its only toxic when you cannot counter or don’t know how to. Usually its the former for most decent players due to miko gal or miko boldur or miko isic. These 3 have shields that null damage while miko heals them back to full. Hence the only way is the 5v1 the miko (i.e. jump on him) or pack stuns in your kit to stun and kill the miko before he gets to run away.

TLDR: No. Miko is fine. Kill him before others. If not it’ll be hell for your team.


Major difference is she can’t outheal damage. Miko can and thats an issue. Blizzard knows how to make medics correctly. He shouldn’t be used so much as a crutch he should be there to help someone fight a little longer but he shouldn’t be able to make someone invisible. He turns glass cannons into tanks and thats not okay.

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I highly doubt it… Even I myself with plenty of heal gears can’t save that suicidal Oscar Mike who doesn’t understand what 1v2 or 1v3 means.

That miko and that glass Cannon player of yours is probably good enough to know when to engage and back out.

And if you’re talking about heals, alani is worst with her burst heal. Every 3s or so she can burst heal for around 1k of health instantly. Isn’t that worst than miko? Yes miko has infinite but it’s still limited. Miko heal amount barely goes over 100 unless skill Q is used and that has a cooldown. After that it’s back to maybe 70 or 80 per s. 80 dmg is a lot. But that’s why you have to 2v1 the person being healed.

Unless ofc it’s the aforementioned duo with a shield I mentioned above.

Orendi cannot be made into a tank. I tried with constant heals. Oscar maybe with his cloak but you healing gives the green arrow saying “shoot my target I’m healing”.

Can’t think of any other glass cannons on top of my head.

But I’m just assuming the group u played against is good at their characters. That means knowing when to engage and when to back out for heals. A good miko can sustain a party of 5 indefinitely (just like any other healers)

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I agree wholeheartedly.

Miko can outheal DPS for both itself and an ally which is horrible balance for a medic.

I’m yet to see people use wound efficiently but every sweaty Japanese team runs Miko + Gali + as much CC as possible and rolls in an invincible deathball killing everything one by one.

I play in a premade most of the time and we’re defenseless against this unless we too take the exact same comp and play TDM.

You can catch miko alone and its escape is so ridiculous you’ll never finish it anyway, all you can do is try to push it out of a fight for 2 seconds at a time.

They’ve disabled gear for less, time to disable this character.


The you must be using the wrong helix options because i can heal over 200 health per second and that goes even higher as I reach level 10. [quote=“might_94, post:5, topic:1541970”]
That miko and that glass Cannon player of yours is probably good enough to know when to engage and back out.

Nope, Ive sene people backpack Dragon and take on 3 people at the same time and come out with full health. [quote=“might_94, post:5, topic:1541970”]
And if you’re talking about heals, alani is worst with her burst heal.

Worst as in she sucks? No, she’s actually the most balanced medic they have. She requires a target and can’t be used a crutch falling people around and healing them indefinitely all the time. [quote=“might_94, post:5, topic:1541970”]
barely goes over 100 unless skill Q is used and that has a cooldown.

Don’t know what gear you are using but as I have mentioned I can reach 200.


Most characters can outdamage miko’s heal. Honestly, I don’t understand why miko got nerfed again, they had already nerfed his biosynthesis, I come back to find he got nerfed again for some reason.

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Sadly a Miko who just heals can carry a whole match. You just cant get him down while his buddy butchers you. Hell, even as a Montana with hailstorm/slow etc i cant manage to get a half baked Miko down. As soon as our team doesnt have a healer and the enemy team has a Miko that actually heals decently its basically game over.

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Last night I played against a Miko who was able to outheal both himself and his allies for MORE DPS than I could put out as PHOEBE, the highest DPS character in the game.

The enemy team had an ISIC who kept plasma dashing up to the backdoor perch on overgrowth and cheesing Sentry with a Miko in wait at the bottom for quick health top ups.

I ran past ISIC, phasegated on top of Miko, dropped ult, started stabbing with at lvl 6 IIRC (so I had both combo mutations active) and the ISIC dropped down, Miko popped Biosynth and outhealed my damage.

IMO this is just poor design.

Medics should be able to bandage up the wounded behind the front lines to prep them for another assault.

They should NOT be able to heal ON THE FRONT lines for more DPS than single battleborn can put out and keep themselves up simultaneously.

And before anyone argues “just team focus fire Miko”, you should not have to team focus down a frontline healer, an assassin should be able to do its job on a medic.

Almost every game is won by the team with a Miko on it, if you don’t pick it, you don’t win.

On the flipside I will admit I am yet to invest heavily in wound to counter Miko so I am partly to blame, but I think at present Miko is far too effective.