Let's talk about RP and non-min/max fun!

I’ve been noticing so much talk relating to min/maxing and how powerful/useful certain skills, builds, etc will be in the endgame. It’s kinda killing my buzz over the game because I’ve left my competitive gaming days in the past with my lack of adult responsibilities. Sometimes it is nice to just come home and have fun with a game.

SO! My spiel about my own woes over with, I’m thinkin’ we contemplate things like skills you think will just be enjoyable to mess with, how you may role play your character in-game, personal challenges you may want to set up for yourself, and other nifty things you wanna do in the Borderlands.

Personally, I’m kinda considering doing a playthrough with Zane where I only use pistols and melee. I’ve always liked the aesthetic of a solo pistol and wits winning the day. Got a bit of RP mixed with a personal challenge for funsies. I’m also interested in seeing if you could play FL4K without a pet being active. A “Lone Wolf” kinda deal. That might prove interesting. What about all of you? Any fun ideas for how you’ll wanna play?


I am not paying attention much on skills etc except for the amara brawl i will be running at level 50.

since BL3 is patterned after BL1, i think it will be pretty easy actually, running a no skill points came to my mind at one point. but a new idea came up, i will be playing splitscreen with my another account so double the difficulty and it will also act as a loot storage and possibly my powerlevelling character.


I guess it’s kind skill based but looking at the skill trees a bit I was seeing a fun build where you make Zane super fast and deal bonus damage the fastest he moves. Would be super fun to literally run circles around everyone! You could do this with a shot gun, just run up blowing them away as you move on to the next.

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Not exactly min-maxing I guess. I want to build Amara & Fl4k in a way that allows me to chill & not worry about getting downed while farming & maybe watching twitch/netflix/whatever the same time.

I can connect with their characters the most, so RP wise im already sold.
Amara with a Maliwan SMG is something I’d like to play coz I think it fits her most.
And I can see myself running around as Fl4k using Jakobs pistols & their Spiderant Countess :heart_eyes: Probably using Fade Away with all those defensive & taunt perks, just chilling for some seconds cloaked and slowly but surely making my way to the boss :slight_smile:


Almost all of 'em. I’ve only perused them for a pass/fail check of, “would I play this character?”, and I’ll probably hit it like I do BL2: if it isn’t co-op only or something specific to FFYL, I’m probably down.

I try this in BL2, but it invariably turns into more a class playing game (which is fine - this is how I enjoy the huge span of gameplay options outside of min/maxing).

King of the Hill and Rooftop Maniac are a couple that I’ll definitely be bringing over. Others depend on the enemy types and other game nuances. I have no idea what the sliding mechanic will be like in game, for example, but a slide-only map clear might be a hoot.

Allegiance play is on my list of things to do. I’ll probably run each character through normal mode first (to get a feel for each of them, get a feel for each weapon manufacturer’s nuances and decide who gets what, and to start a collection of Unique branded gear). That said, there are nine manufacturers and four Vault Hunters, and it’s making my eye twitch that I can’t divide those evenly (two of each, and a third of one of them). If they follow their typical pattern and add two more VHs later as DLC, that’s still going to bake my noodle.


how about this.

Heck yeah! I’d been scouting other enemies for a second round in BL2, but it’s kind of a lot of research to make it good. I spent weeks trying to get Mad Mike into the list, but the way he spawns doesn’t lend itself to this, for example. If the invisibility mechanic works the same in BL3 as BL2, almost certainly. If some other mechanic lends itself to a similar challenge, that works too.

Oh, goodness, I mean. All of my builds are kinda less about How It Does and more about What It Does.

So: best friend team; my friend and I are doing a Fl4k and Zane run. Where I am Zane. I’m taking the cues from my Chaos Gaige ans creating what I’m calling “Ch40ice”. So the goals here are simple. Build a clone and drone build with all the ice abilities I can find, and give the clone and drone grenades.

My Gaige had a problem where I bound my melee and grenade to very hard to distinguish buttons on my mouse and often would toss a grenade when I meant to melee and vice versa. So I’m gonna put the clone on the grenade button. And when I go to melee an enemy, there’s a chance I accidentally swap with my clone instead, and my friend and I will laugh.

Moze learned to charge all her weapons with fire and explosives. I’m taking every Moze skill that has fire or splash damage properties. She’s gonna be The Arsonist and Bear will loaded with singularity grenade launcher and chain lightning rail gun. Black Hole Bear

My Amara is the Illuminated Tempest. She’s pretty straight forward, with all the elemental damage I can figure out, the extended melee range, and my main AS: Fist Over Matter with either Allure or Stillness Of Mind (and singularity grenades). The goal here is to pop the enemies up and together so I can run into the fists and just be a big disaster.

My Amara build sounds basic because honestly, when I learned we had a Siren with PhaseFists, my first dream was “phase lock but beat the enemy with fists” and they made it.

And of course, Interdimensional Black Hole Fetch. My Fl4k will be running with their skag causing Mayhem while having the skag pop through black holes and singularity all the enemies to them. Then my Fl4k will be using either Jakobs or splash weapons to clear the mess, but also using Dominance to get Skaggy a new playmate


This is going to be amazing to watch. :smiley: I still love that time my Claptrap tried to high five you and your Aurelia grenaded me in the face. IT WAS ACCIDENTALLY VERY IN CHARACTER.

I do love min/maxing but I’m going to main FL4K and I feel like Guerrillas in the Mist is going to be fantastic for their DPS but less interesting for me in terms of playstyle so most of the time I’m not going to be using that.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about weird challenge runs. I might try a run sometime with FL4K using only non-elemental weapons, because I’ve always kinda hated non-elemental guns and I feel like it’s about time me and them learned to get along. Also when I play Amara I can’t decide yet if I want to try doing a really chill build with no melee, or a challenge run with ONLY action skill and melee and not being allowed to shoot a gun ever. I did a run like that with Zer0 once, co-op with everybody on the team having different pretty hardcore restrictions on them, and it was so fun. I made it to the level cap without firing a single shot. :smiley: I’m also interested in Tediore allegiance Moze.


I may colour Fl4k all red and change the name to Pe4ce. And whichever pet I use would be named Fritz. And in my mixed up madness I would probably curse at Fritz for whatever he’s doing wrong - up to and including stepping on my lines.

I name all my BL characters after spaghetti western characters and usually run soft allegiances on all of them (my main is always Jakobs). I work on the best possible build to support the choice, but I really don’t care if it’s the most efficient/strongest build ever for the character or if there are weapons from other manufacturers that might have better DPS. If it kills things and it doesn’t force me to use gear I don’t wanna use, it’s good enough for me. Also, when I pick a head+skin combo, I stick with it forever, to the point that every time I try putting something else on or return to the default character look it feels weird, like I’m playing someone else’s character. But that’s pretty much as far as I go with it.

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While I still don’t know yet whom I going to play at release, I know what build I want to play for my first playthrough with Fl4k. Many ■■■■ on the “Master” tree, but basically training my pet until it is completely badass sounds like way too much fun to worry about min/maxing. I can have my fun min/maxing and playing with the numbers later, when I start to go against the bosses that really want to crush me. Until then, I’ll just play the game, have fun and probably respec every 5 to 6 levels to try out something new. Min/maxing comes early enough, but the fun should start at level 1.


To me squeezing every ounce of potential out of a character is fun and rewarding.

Unfortunately I dont have the time to play the game like I did years ago. I might be able to do 1 maybe 2 hours a day at most. I’m spending that time wisely. Im going measure 10 times and cut once.

Just having fun is fine on your normal mode playthrough, but TVHM is way harder, I struggled quite a bit with TVHM in the earlier games, and I hate losing money to respawn, so I want to make sure that I have an optimal min/maxed character to make it through TVHM without losing a ton of money to respawns in the process.

Totally respect your choice and your desire to min/max. Everyone likes doing their own thing, but sometimes all the talk about “No! Invest that one point in this skill because it increases your overall DPS by 0.8%” gets a tad tiring.

This thread is meant to be about leaving that mentality behind and having fun without worrying about the numbers.


I’m gonna run FL4K and name them Pascal. Best self aware robot in gaming.


Kinda hard to ask people to respect your choices if you dont respect theirs.

I dont want to make this a big deal but it is possible to talk about having fun with a game without taking shots at people who have different goals than you.

Oh dang, you just reminded me of how sad Pascal’s storyline in Nier Automata is :sob: I’m so sorry I couldn’t save them Pascal!

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…this thread never insulted min/maxing. It just was about “the non min/maxing fun!” If you read that as “min/maxing is no fun ever” That’s about how you read it, not how it was written.


Game was amazing. One of the few games that got me to play through it like 7 times.

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