Lets talk about the Healers

I’ve been wanting to discuss this for a while, but being a fantastic procrastinator, I’ve simply never gotten to it. Until now that is!

What I love about Miko, besides his personality, concept and aesthetics, is his playstyle. The dedicated healer, the one whose kit is primarily centred around keeping everyone alive.

  • I don’t have to rely on cooldowns or stacks to heal, though Biosynthesis is a great deal of help.

  • I can heal at a distance by throwing down my ultimate by the sniper(s) on the team.

  • I can heal reliably through combat.

  • I can potentially dive and save an ally who’s displaced or being dived.

Needless to say, I love supports in games, and they tend to be my preferred roll as well. Yet, when I look at the healers specifically in Battleborn, all I see is Miko. He’s effectively the only dedicated healer in the game, which makes it underwhelming to play other healers since no one is every going to be as good as Miko at healing.

To generalise the points I made above about Miko’s potential;

  1. Can heal at any given time.
  2. Can heal at a distance.
  3. Can heal reliably through combat.
  4. Can act as a rescuer.

As it stands now, Miko’s really the only healer I like since virtually all other healers are hybrids of some sort and fall behind on primarily No. 3. To briefly sum up how I see the other healers;

Alani’s basically a caster with complimentary healing, relying on staying in combat with appropriate targets for reliable healing. She was the only one besides Miko who could reliably heal through combat, but post-nerf they’re merely complimentary rather than actual carrying heals. I understand why she got nerfs, but not necessarily the heal nerfs. I wish they would’ve nerfed “Alani the Caster”, not “Alani the Healer”.

She used to fill all the criteria I mentioned above, but the healing nerfs affected No. 1, 3 & 4. The non-stack healing is barely worth mentioning anymore, it was already quite weak given the relatively long healing animation. The second part being that she can’t really heal reliably through combat anymore unless everyone on her team are squishy. Last part is that she inevitably becomes a worse rescuer as a result of the nerfs as well.

She’s still a good character by all means, just not as a carrying healer so much as a caster.

Ambra’s somewhat of a disruptor, with both her Solar Wind augments at level 4 (barring Searing Wind) and ultimate. Being able to knock/push away enemies to stop any form of momentum and deny enemies entering a certain area which may be augmented to have a stun later on. She hasn’t gotten touched in a while in the balance patches, but she still lacks on maybe the most fundamental (in my eyes) point; No. 3.

She’s never been good at healing allies through combat. Sunspots either gets consumed or gets destroyed before they can do anything and Ceremonial Sacrifice doesn’t offer great healing. She’s arguably one of the best healers in the game, if not the second best after Miko, but it’s rather anti-climactic on some level to not being able to heal someone at least semi-reliably through combat.

Kid Ultra’s somewhat of a disruptor as well once he gets levels through his ultimate and stun later on. But the one thing he mainly brought to the table which the others didn’t (to the same degree at least), was damage. Here the nerfs were directed at what needed nerfs as well, leaving his healing intact. Yet, he still struggles as a healer since he, much like Ambra, can’t heal reliably through combat. The drones simply go down too quickly for them to ever heal for a noticeable amount. Instead he’s forced to use the healing radius drones if he wants to play as a healer.

I don’t consider Kleese or Reyna to be healers as that’s not their main focus. They’re shielders rather than healers and doesn’t have healing weaved into their kit as the others do.

So what can be done? In the off-chance that there’ll be another season of heroes, a couple of those ones could be dedicated healers (which I’d really hope for). But that’s highly unlikely. And if it were to happen, it’s still too late to change if that isn’t the case.

But the more realistic thing to do would be to re-adjust/balance the three healers I mentioned above. I’m thinking along the lines of this (with purely healing in mind);


  • Revert the healing nerfs (or to some extent at least).

Plain and simple. As I said above, I do think she’s still a good character and not as bad as some made it seem to be. But I’d like to see her be a healer first and foremost above all else, so I think it’d be more appropriate to nerf other aspects of her instead.


  • Weave in Ceremonial Sacrifice’s current effect into Ambra’s basic kit.
  • Ceremonial Sacrifice now removes the health loss when healing with the staff, increases the base amount by 20% and up to an additional 100% based on heat.

This ought to make her more viable at least to heal reliably through combat for short bursts and introduces a new dynamic to Ambra which would allow for more versatile play with her. Do she wish to strike enemies with heat to gain sunspots back up quicker or use the heat to heal allies through an initiation? In addition, it’d also allow her to be responsive like Miko and be ready to heal at any given time.

Kid Ultra

  • Support Drones can only receive damage through crits.
  • Vigilance Link re-enables Support Drones to be destructible by non-crits.

Kid Ultra’s major problem now is that he too heavily relies on picking up the radius healing for the drones above all else, largely (but not solely) because of the drones being destroyed almost immediately upon entering combat due to random cross-fire. Making it only receiving crit-damage would mitigate a lot of the problems of the drones as they’re often easily destroyed by random attacks such as blinds, rockets, grenades, pounds, knock-ups etc. To re-enable the non-crit damage may seem weird, but is only fair in my eyes as it still is more rewarding purely for healing on a larger scale and to give it more risk because of that. But the main thing was that I was thinking of it in relation to Sunspot and Fungus Among Us which are other AoE heals which are all destructible by any damage as well. It’d be strange to see a few support drones with Vigilance Link still be standing after being struck by a Shadowfire Pillar.

With that being said, what do all of you think? Are they fine where they are now? Are there problems with them, none of which I brought up here? Did I bring up the right problems, but came to the wrong conclusions?

This got quite an awkward structure as I went along, hopefully it’s still readable!


Most of my experience of support as been with Alani. I have played Miko to lvl 18 and I am currently trying to master Ambra.

The biggest thing that I don’t like about Alani’s healing is the time between effective heals.
As Miko you can be healing someone up to full and if another teammate gets dived on then you can start healing them instead or throw down a mushroom and heal everybody. Miko is the only support that can easily do this and I would go so far as to say he’s the only REAL healer. Everybody else just does healing on the side.
As Alani, it’s frustrating when you use your stacks on a teammate and then another gets hurt. They say “NEED HEALS NEED HEALS” and you can do absolutely nothing because you just used your stacks and geyser is on its long cooldown.


you use the geyser to heal, why?

I always chose to have riptide heal.


I can’t speak for Kid Ultra or Ambra but I 100% agree with everything you said about Alani. The only saving grace that she has with that is generating osmosis through her riptide

360 instant health has made the difference in many games I’ve played AND it’s a radius heal so you can effect multiple people at once. Perfect for holding choke points. Ever been on a team where someone put Geyser next to a sunspot? Everybody gets full life in a couple seconds.


I guess that makes sense if you are communicating with your team, but riptide is much easier to hit your teammates with, while hitting the opposing team. also riptide is 50 something per second, right? so when you have the riptide trail last for three extra seconds later on it can heal a lot.

That is my understanding, at least.


Riptide actually is less heals total as well, but I took riptide heals before they made the healing area around geyser more visible.


It’s effectively a choice between 153 base healing over 3 seconds or 360 base healing instantaneously.

If you give Splash Zone a go (the geyser heal), you’ll see that the AoE is huge and really easy to land since it goes beyond the geyser itself. It tremendously helps melees going in and also insta-heals any minions in the area as well.


The riptide is an over time heal and I don’t think that’s what Alani is about.

It’s very satisfying when two teams collide at the choke point and you geyser right in the middle of it, healing your team for 300-400 and trapping a few enemies in the bubble. It can change the tide of a battle


What I liked about Alani, pre-nerf, was that I could continue being a dominant player in battle and give “side-heals” whenever I had full stacks. Since she relies on damage to provide healing, she worked well and was reliable.

But I also like Miko and Ambra as healers. If I don’t feel particularly like going out and showing my face in the heat of battle, Ambra allows me to stay close, keep waves back and healing whenever I can. Miko is reliable also, as you perfectly put it above.


Although I’m a non-pvp player, supports are definitely my favorite class to play in Bots Battle and I think your ideas/suggestions are all great!

I was very disapointed support-type characters didn’t get an all-around boost as the other class did in the last update.


I’m down for anything buffing my favorite helix :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: . [quote=“SirWalrusCrow, post:1, topic:1563596”]
She’s never been good at healing allies through combat.

It’s a darn shame people think she underperforms when it comes to healing but i don’t seem to have a problem with her :confused: its quite easy to rack up heals with her that can rival miko with either of the two healing choices at level 3 and late game depending on your choices, you can simultaneously sustain a wave, debuff the enemy wave and Keep up your teammates.[quote=“SirWalrusCrow, post:1, topic:1563596”]
She’s never been good at healing allies through combat.

One can pull off some pretty clutch saves with ceremonial sacrifice, especially if one has both attack and heal power on her.:smirk: espeically with teammates who like to dive.

I feel like a broken record when i say this but proper sunspot placement is key. They WILL be consumed so keep them for your teammates and away from the wave until you can properly sustain both. If they keep on getting destroyed via enemy players, they are using common sense as it is her primary form of healing. (In fact a certain marquis player made me change my whole playstyle to combat it) One can circumvent this by placing them behind obstacles and and nooks and crannies of the maps where they will be safe to do their healing and eliminate the factor of their health being diminished by being attacked. Its worthy to note that ceremonial sacrifice helps with this as well.

As for Alani i wouldn’t mind a minor buff to wellspring. Her early game is pretty weak and anyone with a wound makes her feel miserable and affects her more so than the other healers, at least early game. I wouldn’t mind some of her helices being changed too, like to have kinetic diffusion’s effect work like karakafruit express, being that she only has increased movement speed for a limited time, or adding some incentive at level two cause either choice doesn’t really do anything

refresher makes everything so much easier \o/

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Thats the difference from miko, your allies arw forced to look for your sunspots, if u ever play ambra and i play ernest i will make ur life a living hell, i save my skill to destryo ur sunspot as is easy to keep sunspots and drones destroyes woth his aoe nade.


Is this a formal challenge my dear? Because I’d be ever so happy to oblige. I’ve roasted ernests who thought they could blot out my stars and I’m sure you won’t be the last :imp:

Also they don’t have to look most of the time I place then near my team and in places where it’ll be effective

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Dive for me i dare you!! I hope ur weak shield can save u from a heavy slow!! U will need to back up a lot to place ur sunspots or ill destroy them with the aoe.

Darling only barbarians dive, I shine and punish


I hope you know how to fly, right lvl1 ill make sure you dive.

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Fool! Ill be closer to the sun, when I plummet my staff slam will be powered by the momentum!

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Now that Alani’s been nerfed, definitely a step in the right direction towards character/cast balance, I feel the healers and support are in a nice spot.

I still think it’s funny how some people want support to have that Defender/Attacker buff towards minons, when Healers can heal minion waves, elite bots and shepards. Any more and they’d be OP. The fact that a Miko can guide a Shepard into the depths of a Sentry still boggles my mind (like how does that slip through planning stages of the game? but it’s in there)

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Miko healing a shepherd or Elite bot is fine. I’d even argue that it’s literally the one reason he could be considered for a pick in Meltdown. Miko’s damage output is pretty low overall and if his team is healthy he needs something to do. Since he doesn’t have the versatility of the other healers, why not do what he does best and heal? Most attackers can vastly out damage Miko’s healing on a shepherd or Elite bot because of the 3.0 crit multiplier. Even more so, now that they get a 15% bonus to the AI.