Let's talk about the PLOTS AND SIDE STORIES the BL3 story didn't solve (previous games spoiler)

If you’re anything like me, you must be piss’d. I loved the Borderlands series because of the story, the misteries, the little bits here and there hinting to bigger stuff to come.

Well, weare playing in The Big One and that Big Stuff didn’t come!

  • Where is the Eridian Guardian that called Jack naughty, saved Athena, and basically orchestrated PreSequel?

  • What was inside the Tales vault? They literally disappeared in it!

  • What’s up with S&S Munitions? Or Anshin? Was it really better to use Jakobs for the big reveal of The Company in the 3rd DLC, rather than some of the unused companies?

  • Did TORGUE!! really lose his company or what? He just poped out of nowhere to give slaughterdome dialogue without explanation! Not even a 3D model?

  • Where is dr. Zed, for real. Dont give us a radio advertisement of a traveling meds caravan or something.

There’s surely more stuff im forgetting, and youre welcome to write it down here.

I also left out stuff like “Where is Axton, Salvador, Athena, Fiona, Sasha, Springs, EVERYONE” because the DLC seem to be dropping the characters slowly in their stories.
But the last DLC was dry as hell in that field. And we are about to get the 4th DLC, we dont know if there will be MORE after this.

We have 1 DLC to get all the answers?? Dont think so…

So yeah. List all the plot holes, missing stories, cliffhangers and stuff you can think of. Lets make this a collective Gearbox Forgot, lol


Best guess is the writers that replaced the BL2, TPS, and Tales writers (some of which worked on BL1) didn’t like all stuff that was added and that the fans loved so they “wrote” what become BL3 instead.

Obviously, there were development issues going on behind the scenes which invaded the writers room. IDK what happened, but something certain did happen.

I haven’t really played any of the DLC, but people have been saying the writing is masterful compared to the main BL3 story. That leads me to the above thinking that there were issues going on during main story development and that now they’ve been doing all they can to rectify those mistakes with what they have while also not trying to break things further.
Again, IDK.


Not entirely relevant to post, but I want a Torgue Takedown.

They actually take Torgue Corporation from Mr Torgue and he sends us there to take it back!!!

Okay, now I’m on topic. I have been more disappointed by the lack of returning VH’s/NPC’S than anything. Where did they all go? Was Lilith that unbearable for 7 years that they all said off this, I’m out as the B team did?


As someone who played TPS… yeaaaa. That’s probably what happened.


I blurted all my thoughts on a few matters in another new thread, so rather than spam all of it again… Dlc3 and main game stories have a similar problem, I think

Also, I think the Trials allude to the Epilogue of TPS more than the main story of BL3 ever did.

There are also a few lines of dialogue from Claptrap and a few other characters that break continuity.


A friend who cant run BL3 yet is a huge fan of brick, tina, and morde. And hearing how little development they get made him really sad about the story.
And all i said is, thats just a tiny stone at the top of the iceberg…

Also yeah anywhere is a good place to ask for a TORGUE!! takedown lmao


Man, the PreS vault was sooo awesome compared to the ones in BL3. Even the vault in Nekrotafeyo, which was pretty cool, didnt get close to that awesomeness.


The characterization of NPCs is very well developed in each of the DLCs as far as the main protagonists and antagonists you interact with. The stories themselves and pretty tight and definitely more in keeping with Assault on Dragon Keep and Claptastic Voyage as far as stories that do more than set up some boss fights.

You mean Tychos Ribs and Eleeser, not the actual Vault where the boss fight happens. :slight_smile:

The inner vault is as blah as the new ones. I think because the outer vault is in space makes designing it more wide open. All the other Vaults are in actual inhabited planets. And when you think about it, we only enter the Vaults on Promethea and the Eridian Homeworld. On Eden 6 we fight the Monster, but do we enter a vault to get it? I feel like we only fight it for the key and don’t go into the vault. Maybe I’m just forgetting. And Pandora doesn’t count, which leaves Athenas, which just has a temple. Also, since I am talking about Athenas, that map is basically just a Takedown Map. It shouldn’t even count as a planet if we’re only going to have one small map on it you know. There’s more to the Skywell. What other Main Story Planets am I forgetting???

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Just now gave it a quick read. These stories are like you two said, big buildup, little climax. DLC has the worst ending for me, not even a decent cutscene. Same with the wedding one. The jackpot ending was just right for me, animations, cutscenes and a proper end to the DLC.

But i guess an NPC party and 5 dialogue lines does the job just as good, without all the effort to make a whole cutscene nor having to pay for it!

When i was first playing the main story, the way Troy started evolving made me really hopeful for a throne takeover. But nope. Sigh. Big sword bro was so much cooler than Tyreen.
In a random dying tink’s words, “I liked Troy better. There, i said it.”


That’s how i refer to Athenas to any new playing friend: dont expect a planet like promethea, its just a straight route map. Real shame, its one of the pretiest.

And yeah, Tychos and Eleeser. Anything inside that hole was just sooo incredible looking compared to the dark red voids we got now.

See this is what pisses me off: we are pretty much done with THE BIG ONE borderlands, yet we are still discussing what was or wasnt a vault in BL3. This is the kind of answers i wanted. I wanted to enter vaults like Eleeser in design, make it a VISUAL REWARD.

When a friend and i were about to enter the rampager vault i was like, “we are about to experience what Rhys and Fiona did, man…”

Psiche. Green weapons, eridium smasher, and a map. Go back up that bridge and see you in a copypaste of this room in the next monster.


Troy seemed like he was just turning into Jack personality-wise, IMHO. And basically I felt like Tyreen wasn’t far removed from that as well, a crass, wise-cracking megalomaniac.

Eleanor was like a Disney Queen, the evil kind. Rose was everything Nisha was meant to be, but without the S&M overtones, and the coolness of Moxxi in how they portray her as fully capable of plotting someones death without any hesitation when they rub her the wrong way.


probably same vault in BL3,


Your friend hasn’t even played it yet and doesn’t like it lmao

I feel like there were entirely too many doors left open after BL2/TPS/Tales. Something had to have went awry during development. If you’re into longwinded discussion and haphazard theories, check this out.


Well, The Vault of the Traveler being what it was, we can pretty much say for certain it wasn’t one of the ones in BL3, cause it was it’s own thing. They just sort of dropped that thread too.

But maybe one thing they realized when they neared the end of this game is that it wasn’t “The Big One”, it was a big step forward. To think they are going to develop this new engine a decade later and introduce a new character that will have a cool power set and appeal to younger players who can grow up with them, and Not have more arrows in the quiver?

On the flipside it does bug me that Lilith is slated to be the Protagonist in the Film Adaptation, Maya was prominently featured in the advertisements for BL2 VR,in a live action characterization, and even in game, we didn’t get six sirens did we. Troy and Tyreen, can count as two if we want, and we’re golden, but now there are only three, and we have rules about how the powers move, and a way to harness them (Hence the Tannis side mission with Lilith in the Lilith DLC on Helios Fallen. That was honestly a good nod to them working together on Digistruct Peak as well). And of the existing Sirens, if Troy counts (His power was really the same as Tyreen’s, with less control) who got Steele’s powers when she was fed to the Destroyer?


Awwww, haphazard theories… that’s what the internet is made of.


different, but same in terms that they hold chest


I damn hope youre right. If BL3’s 4th DLC was the last real story we get, and form here, we got snack events like the carthel, i’d be so disappointed and sad.

But i dont want BL4. This is the big one and it still feels small. Pump this game of DLC. Make a presequel style “game” and then slap it in as DLC. Just use BL3 to wrap everything up or expand it all, and presto.

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But that Vault actually DID something.

Though in theory it would tie together the lore that the Vaults were linked from Promethea to Athenas (Even though that wasn’t even a Vault… :/) They could have used it there, but that would mean acknowledging TFTB’s Eridian lore, and not just some of the main characters and not others.


Oh boi… My friend, who cant play BL3, was trying to saty spoiler-less.
But he is a MASSIVE maya fan… And some stuff is too big to not mention everywhere after the game launches so… Yeah. He already knows the worst part of the story, and he already hates ava to death. 0 hours played!