Let's Talk About the REAL Zane Problem

Every time I walk into that square space on Sanctuary he calls a room, I’m so sad…

Why does this smooth, accomplished, capable, ladies man have to live like some inbred Orc who found a laptop?

He’s literally two sh** piles and one liter box away from Flak’s room :thinking:


Agree a bit. Amara has it nice. FL4K it is what I would expect.
Moze too. Zane, I expected a little more class. He could use a room update…


I mean he is depicted as a drunkard,…

A rocking chair and a few whisky bottles?
I mean he’s a hitman before everything else.
Hitmans don’t stay at a place for very long and usually don’t really add that much to a room. So it kinda fits that idea.


If this were any regular assassination gig I can see your point…but they’re on Sanctuary for the long haul. I just don’t believe that Zane doesn’t have a man-cave.

If rooms represent the character, I just don’t see how his could be so empty…dude’s been around the world…and he’s the type of dude to bring some eye candy to space lol

You can be a drunkard and still have a decent spot lol


Truth dude. As a many year AA man I can safely say MOST drunkards have a decent spot. Its kind of important when you don’t leave the house much lol.

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When i was a young warthogggggg

I mean man. Id say i was quite the PPL man myself. I grew up ina irish catholic area. My apartment was barebones as hell ezcept my work equipment and maybe some dumbells and a barbell

Having no attachments or even entertainment let me focus my mind and workout my body plus i saved sh*te tons of money not buying sh#te. So i could buy alcohol. But ppl bought me drinks too cuz i was jolly.

I worked at a private detective place dealt with corporations…i was stone cold focused you never know cuz i loved drinking n saying dumb ■■■■. Anyways i quit that job after near a decade of exp.

Thats why i love zane the most as a character. Reminds me of a different life.
I get the cant have downers. Ppl mistake alcohol as a depressant/overall the word… It depresses your cns. Your cns will supress you/anxiety etc make you react. Mechanisms of fear has physical consequences etc.

So liquid courage and shaking ur nerves off aint no joke.

If you aint the run of the mill psychopath ud need a drink. … Im gonna go have a beer :beer:!


I dont like his room.

But it fits an operatives room. Low and no attachment

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