Let's talk about the story from a writers perspective (BFA in creative writing)

It’s because they killed all the Children of Helios off screen. At the end of Tales Vaughn was set up as a leader for them because he had some experience on Pandora. They were people he used to work with, and there was a lot they could have done in regards to Vaughn and Rhys feeling responsible for them, especially after Jack guilted Rhys about bringing down Helios.

But no they just killed them all off, decided Vaughn should want to lead a bunch of bandit nobodies for no reason, and ran one funny joke from Tales into the ground.

I speculate that Gearbox doesn’t want to use union voice actors, but replacing the entire Tales cast would probably stand out a little too much. So they cut almost all reference to Fiona and Sasha, replaced Rhys’s actor, and used Chris Hardwick as one of the celebrity guests. In doing so, I think they wrecked the dynamic that made Tales so special. And while I would have complained a lot about it at the time, in hindsight they probably just shouldn’t have mentioned the Tales characters at all.

The new writers had a lot of ideas that didn’t mesh with established Borderlands lore and characterization, but they forged ahead anyway, for better or worse. The Vaults aren’t mysterious because Typhon Deleon was around for years hunting them, even though no one in Borderlands 1 thought the Vault was real. Aurelia is disgusted by Jack at the end of TPS, but joins up with the Calypso twins and tries to murder her own brother. Actually there aren’t 6 sirens, there’s 7! And they can be male because somehow Leda gave birth to fraternal conjoined twins!

But like someone said above, new creative teams are going to have new ideas. What can you do?


Very true. This seems to be the case with many game companies regarding stories. I’ve seen companies de-canonize some games over the backlash, while others go for the spin-offs. While I can see Wonderlands having potential, and can’t see it helping with BL3 from a narrative standpoint.

Just my opinion, though.

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I think the devs have pretty much all but straight up said Wonderlands exists because they think the DnD sessions some of them have together are amazing.

I have next to no interest in Wonderlands, but it will probably just be a harmless spinoff.

@Genericktag At worst, Wonderlands is TPS (other than the skill trees, a remake of BL2). I’d rather it be a rework of BL3, as it likely will be, and I also thought TPS was really cool and fun. I would way rather it be TPS than BL4-ish. I’d rather see BL4 address more fundamental issues with the BL franchise - which Wonderlands is in no way equipped to do.



IMHO I believe it won’t affect BL4 (if it happens). However, they may use WW as a means to reassure the audience that they can create a good story. They did do it with the baby dancer and life of the party side missions. I’m sure it’s definitely different writers, doing those.


Borderlands 3 has sparks of brilliance, and I’ve never said I thought the writers were bad. On the contrary, I know some of them are good because of what they were able to pull off with Battleborn after the head writer left and the design of the story DLCs were reworked into what became the “Ops” missions.

Borderlands 3’s story is odd in that it looks right on the surface, but digging into the details makes it feel like a lot of the heart present in the previous instalments was lost.


I never played battleborn, so I’ll take your word for it. (I guess I’ll have to look up some lets plays)

Agreed. DLC 1-3 were better, but IMO that was because the stories have very little to no connection to the main story. 4-6 felt weak to me, I know c-19 played a part, but it feels hollow. If I’m being perfectly honest, my interest in the series going forward is low. Can’t really say that the main story or its characters has me invested.

Just my opinion though

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