Let's talk about the visual mess

So as i go around social media, reddit, facebook, twitter and what not, i m starting to see this pic being shared around with the title “Battleborn-is-a-visual-mess-dot-jpeg”

Now i know we all are Battleborn fanatics in here and it’s ok to feel enraged on how people use this image to show how they are discouraged from checking out the game. We are all bias so let’s all admit this, people who actively share this pic were probably bias against the game already so no used arguing against them.

What i want to bring here is that this picture is true and we need to discuss this. In story mode (of which this pic is taken from), i am bombarded with colors that contrast against the background (like say El dragon’s electric splash attack or Miko bright green circle when he summons his ult), objective highlights, items on the grounds and notification popping up on the side. In PvP we don’t see that as much but still it appears, sometimes blocking my view to realize Melkaa or Calderus is shooting at me. And i honestly think this is something that either needs to be tone down or at least adjustable in the options of the game (with default setting set to off) in future updates. I am used to all this “S*** appearing on my screen” like some people commented on sites under this pic because i went through the closed and open beta and played this game since launch. And it does help me stay out of traps and ultimates. For newcomers who have no idea how this game works however… i can see why this is a turn off for them.

I could site examples of games that tried their best to simplify their on screen content to avoid this after complaints but then we’ll be here all night. This is something that Gearbox can fix in the future.

During the beta this was my reaction also.

I’ve got 110 hours into the released game now and I’ve flipped about how I feel about this.

IMHO it’s the same thing as when we deploy and came back to BL2, it was too much at first.


It’s true BL have annoying “visual mess” as well but then, most of the time you are shooting at a distance (except if you are krieg or gaige with the anarchy tree skill of course) so it gives some space for newcomers to adjust themselves to all the bright colors. In this game where there are at least 5 full melee characters where you need to hit and evade attacks, this can be hard to get used to, especially if you are new to online FPS.

It’ll take a lot of time for people to adjust to this mess, i am afraid. :frowning:

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I think we should be able to tone down effects. This has been asked for since beta.

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Agreed, it has been asked quite a lot.
While on PC it’s probably simple to do, it may be more of a problem on consoles, I guess, since there aren’t the same level of customization and configuration … ?

Out of curiosity, how often do you miss something because of the ‘visual mess’? I’m paying attention to what’s on the screen, the mini-map, what my kid is doing in the room standing in front of the TV again, and what my party is talking about. So far, I haven’t felt SO overloaded with sensory information that I lose track of things, and I definitely haven’t thought, ‘if only this color palette was less contrasting or flashy’.

If I have a list of things I want Gearbox to take a look at, this would be at the very bottom of that list with the space above reading <reserved for something more pressing I’ll think of later>.

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Personally I’m talking more about the overuse of particle effects combined with a narrow field of view.

Honestly my only concern is that white flash everytime a unit get hit, making the whole body parts indistinguishable from each others. When using a fast shooting battleborn (or when we are 3 hitting the same enemy) I just can’t see where are his arms / head / etc… I only see a big flashy enemy

Depends, are you playing a specific character ?
This issue really is blatant with a melee character, since you “block” your entire screen with another character body while hitting it. So basically your screen literally fills itself with your own FX, your current opponent’s FX, and potentially any and all FX that players / minions / turrets / terrain can add.
It really can become a completely inintelligible mess, almost up to the point a flashbang from Caldarus at least help make things clean :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure ive seen it mentioned the “flash” on hit can be disabled in settings. Not sure if its PC only…but i wouldnt see why it would be.

Aside from that and the FOV adjustment on PC (possibly coming to console) I personally have no issue with the visuals.

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I’m curious now… i’ll check that )o)
ok I found it and this will be amazing


I’ve played all of the Rogue faction characters to 12 CR, and I’m working on the UPR ones now. So, I’ve played Shayne, and some Galilea. My problem with melee hasn’t been too much going on screen though, it’s been the vast difference between a character like Rath/Galilea who seems to easily hit anything, and a character like Shayne who only hits whats right on front of them. A character moving side to side is a nightmare.

I’m not saying it to be contrary, I just haven’t stopped at all to say, “There is too much going on.” while playing with friends. I mostly moan about the lore challenges, marquis head glitching, matchmaking, and how many packs do I have to open before I get a new Orendi skin?! She needs new outfits!

On this I can only agree…
I started heavily playing shayne & aurox yesterday, it’s pretty hard to hit a target way too close to you. Often I just lose sight of it.
Meanwhile these “spin to win” characters just have to click and be “approximately close to you” and they’ll damage you.

Yea, I think it’s already a challenge to get next to someone, and keep them there without them running out of range, at least make punching them a relatively small part of the equation.

[quote=“JaeKin, post:12, topic:1453830, full:true”], it’s been the vast difference between a character like Rath/Galilea who seems to easily hit anything, and a character like Shayne who only hits whats right on front of them. A character moving side to side is a nightmare.

Yeah I totally agree. As a Phoebe player who can only hit “in a wide arc” with that exact one Helix mutation ( and I don’t take it cause there are better options imo ), I can totally relate to the Shayne issue.
This is one of the thing that makes me think there’s just too much going on. It’s hard to track a target at close range, especially when you’re tying to push back the ennemy minions only to find yourself attacked by, say, a Rath. Suddenly it’s raining particles effects and explosions everywhere, with a red cyclone moving in all directions, while you’re trying to just disengage but can’t because something you can’t even see anymore is blocking you. Heck, you are forced to blind-cast your teleport at this point.
Even worse, you’re engaged by a Galilea who uses all of her abilities, Desecrate, Abyssal Form, Corruption builds, etc etc : it’s quickly pretty overwhelming.

Really, that’s possibly the only thing Overwatch did better so far : a crisp, clean looking game, with perfect visibility ( although they don’t really have melee, so it’s easier ) and lisibility. And I’m just bringing OW to the table here because they are both cartoony looking shooters at core, so that’s at least one point that can be compared :wink:

It won’t affect mid to long range characters as much, even if all those explosions CAN hide an ennemy player retreating - which isn’t that bad. However someopne slightly prone to headaches or with any sensiblity to strobing light can really have a hard time with Battleborn !

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When first played the beta I felt a little overwhelmed. I couldn’t tell what was going on but after a couple of games you get used to it just like with anything else. Now it is no issue at all.

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I hear what you are saying, but I have to think part of that is the challenge of the game and the reason you can mark a target (R3 Click for PS4 Players, and I never see people use this in randoms), and several things put a mark above their head (Reyna’s Priority Target, Melka’s Venom puts claw marks above them, pretty sure there are more.) Also, the reason behind drastically different body sizes. Orendi is hard to see, melee, shooting at her, if she’s using cover and moving, it’s not crazy to lose sight of her. Montana is not hard to see, I don’t care what visual effect is going on. You could set off an atom bomb in the middle of Overgrowth, and I could make out his biceps still.

I guess some players will find it a problem, I like to think its part of the game. It’s supposed to be big, flashy, and a lot going on.

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Not seeing the problem. Looks great to me.

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I can genuinely see why this much on the screen at once would be a concern for many players. I know of some friends of mine who adore the game, but instantly commented that the visuals are bonkers.

The strange thing about it is it took some one telling me for me to even notice it.

I played on Krieg in BL… before the RR patch.

Not until you hear Jason Douglas screaming violent poetry in to your ear as hordes of people catch ablaze with their limbs spraying forth like a fountain in Elizabeth Bathory’s house, viewing a kaleidoscope of harmful materials and bodily functions splatters across your screen, do you even begin to wonder where the buck is meant to stop.

I adore the chaos, but is an acquired flavor. So I can definitely see both sides of this.

I had that moment with Orendi, where I’ve just cast 3 shadowfire pillars in 5 seconds, I can only see death, Orendi is screaming to make it all burn, than starts weeping/laughing, and I stop to question if my actions are misguided.