Let's talk about the visual mess

I would, but judging by my character choices in the past (Brick, Krieg, Rath) I’d turn in to a Rodin sculpture in 20 seconds if I even began considering the morality behind it.

Ironically enough, it never bothered me, and I like it to stay this way (though, having an option to tone it down might be nice), while I useally like the HUD is minimal as possible.

From most people I’ve heard talk about it once they get a few hours in the game its no longer an issue. To me it seems like one of the “talking points” against the game used by those that want it to fail for some reason.

I don’t think its a mess, I think its beautiful.

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It seems like we hear less character chatter since the game launched, but one of my favorite moments in the game was being on a team with Orendi, who screamed for no particular reason, “I have four arms!” Cracked me right the hell up. That’s a serious contender with “We are NOT detectives” for best line.

A glorious one, indeed. I will admit, there have been times there was so much on the screen I had no clue what was going on, but I’ve seen the exact same thing in most MMOs and arpgs I’ve ever played, so maybe I’m just more used to it. For some reason, I find it even less of a distraction here. And I’m a big fan of the hand-drawn style, too.

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To be honest the screenshot is a split second screenshot.
Enable you next skill on tree, that goes
Enable equipment, that goes
"Niveau superieur" gone 2 seconds later
Ghalt not permanent

All in all a circumstantial screenshot doing its best to be that cluttered.

I like the brightness and craziness to the screen has an arcade feel and also adds to games crazy speed and intensity.

I thrive in the chaos that is the mid-game fight, where everything is burning and all I can hear is either the screaming of Orendi or the deathly cries of someone I just pounced towards atop a steed of blackfire.

That said, not everyone can cut through the muck and grime of war, but I don’t believe that giving people an option to turn of effects is the way to go. Instead you just have to make it worse! By worse I mean in the GBX fashion of, instead of making less we make more, make the more important bits more obvious. The glow of the Overshield doesn’t need to be as strong because it’s still pretty damn obvious. Instead, make the highlights for enemy BB much greater. Gives a flashy effect to someone you pinged. Make it super visible so that in the chaos of the moment, someone pings, you look and see this obnoxious sparkling highlight over someone and I have the perfect line of sight to Paradigm Shift my way into their glory hole.

This should be said for ground pings or even objective pings. Throw a giant arrow on the field where you pinged so someone across the map can see. Someone who thrives in the firefight can easily shepherd the rest of the group if we just had ways to draw their attention better and keep it there.

Consoles are perfectly capable of as much customization to the visuals as PC is.

Capable, of course, it’s only a matter of programmation. It’s just that it’s rarely, if not never, a feature of console gaming, apart from the customary Brightness / Gamma slider. Console players mostly expect, and I think they are quite right, a polished, pre-adjusted experience to accomodate the fact that all PS4 are the same. Thus there is close to no reason to put a “video settings” tab in a console game, since this only exists because of the almost infinite quantity of different computer rig that lurk out there :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a taunt she has :wink:

I don’t really know what I think of the “Visual Mess” I’ve pretty much gotten used to it, but it is true that sometimes there is just a little too much going on.

I was having some trouble keeping up to speed with working out what was going on at times in PVE , I tend to play tank and when you are face to face with multiple enemies it can be really hard to see the dangerous ones from the trash, so blocking/avoiding stuns etc is tricky.

I ended up pushing my horizontal and vertical HUD boundaries out so the Mini map etc are right up against the edges of my screen, rather than inset as they are by default.

It can still get overwhelming but I do think it can help a bit.

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The only thing I feel overwhelmed about is melee characters and the visual effects that invade the screen space-- aka if ur hurt sometimes the red tint takes over a huge percentage of the screen and it’s really annoying… The melee characters are also super hard to use effectively in a skirmish where more than one enemy is present – which is pretty much always… Maybe the melee characters could have a slightly backed out screen view to balance their disadvantage in having to be so close to attack?

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You know, on the subject of Overwatch, i do like to point out that ultimates signals in that game aren’t visual symbols but sound bits. We don’t see Mcree make a red stream before his ultimate, he just yells “HIGHNOON” and that’s the signal for players to hide. Even Mercy’s resurrection is just her shining and her yelling they won’t die.

I’m thinking perhaps Battleborn could use this way as well. Each characters says a line already when they case their ultimate, maybe make that voice bit like 150% louder on the enemy screen instead of colored circles to signal them?

Holy crap. Never knew you could turn off the flash there. That helps a lot!

I mean it still doesn’t solve all the other issues but yeah.

This is conjecture. I love the game and want it to be successful but the visuals (I refer to it as visual diarrhea) are a turn off for those that try the game for the first time. My Command level is somewhere in the high 60s so I’ve put in enough time to say that I still love the game and still dislike the visual noise. You get used the “noise” because you have to in the same way a convict gets used to being in prison. The game needs to make a great impression if it is going to win players over all of the other Hero shooters out there. The fact that this issue has been discussed in so many threads is evidence that the game could have toned down the visuals.
Overall the game is great it’s just too bad many may pass on buying it after watching a YouTube video and not understanding whats going on.