Let's talk about the worst farm yet

farming the mayhem modifiers you actualy like to use…

been at it for allmost 30 minuits now… and there’s allways that 1 mod you just hate (or is downright bad to use -> -75% crit damage and nothing to show for it??? yeah, NO!)

after all the bull they pulled with M2.0… and after so many people asked for it… where’s the option to NOT play with this crap? where’s the option to just select the ones you want and be done with this random BS?!

DLC is great again… rest of the game is still the biggest garbage to date…


Yup, this one is the worst, you deal half the damage on crit vs normal hit.

There should be manual choose for modifiers at least.


Farming Killavolt to get a Monarch +150rad/50hp, and a Transformer shield for Moze.

Get a Rough rider with annointment “triggers full and empty effects on AS”,
and after 30+ runs, get a Monarch… with Fl4k annointment.

-_- I do feel sometimes the game is trolling me.


Agreed, they really should have done some more with that. I mean, if you look at Holy Crit, that’s at least a tradeoff where it rewards you for accuracy.

Not the Face is just a straight-up damage nerf which is not really optimal in a game where you are somewhat reliant on crits to kill things. Maybe if it compensated by buffing another damage type in exchange (splash, or elemental damage or something like that) it would be alright but I don’t think anyone ever plays with that on, apart from maybe melee Amara builds.

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Yeah, the modifier system is the worst part of the game right now. I need an option to turn them off. I hate everything about those modifiers. And no, Mayhem 0 is not an option. Right now I’m playing M8, because there are only two modifiers at all. At least the combination of Galaxy Brain and Holy Crit feels a bit like playing without modifiers.

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I don’t even think that we need to be able to choose all modifiers, but at least the 2 easier ones. Basically the rounded-down easier half of the modifiers should always be able to be chosen by the player. If you play on a Mayhem Level with 3 modifiers, you get to toggle the easiest one, just like you’d do with 2 modifiers, if you play with 4 modifiers, you get to choose the easiest 2. If you play with just 1 modifier, you get to choose that 1 (although at that point there isn’t much RNG left anymore).

Since we are allowed to re-roll, they should just make all the modifiers selectable by the player.
It would save the player time and annoyance.
I myself would like to see most of these modifiers changed / removed.
I am only playing at M8 as that is the better of the bad options when it comes to modifiers.


I bought the new DLC yesterday after not playing for the last month. I was immediately reminded of how much I hate the modifiers. Most of them are too intrusive, adding additional things that I need to destroy or putting crap on the ground that sometimes kills me instantly. I also settled back at M8 because of the fewer number of modifiers.

Let’s not talk about the times I go in a trance and click one time too much, skipping the modifier I DID want. Makes me madder than dropping the nth woodblocker from Wotan.


Really? XD
I never used that one because it alters the game SO MUCH

Of course it looks stupid, but combined with Holy Crit it is really nice. It really helps to crit, espacially on Console.

It would be awesome if they made a “Slaughter Shaft” but with bosses only. The smaller bosses would be the regular mob type of enemies and the larger bosses would be enemies you have to fight in between “rounds”.

That way we don’t need to do save quit farming and it would be an ultimate test of your build

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yea but isnt that playing with modifiers like A LOT?
the bad thing about modifiers isnt necessarily that they make the game harder
but also making it easier for no reason

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modifiers make absolutely no scence what so ever… :rofl:

i wanted to say they sound great on paper, but even then they make no sence… there are a few that are no brainers to use and other to ignore like it’s some kind of alien disease…

big heads look stupid and make the game even easier… or, lootsplosion is pretty much free ammo and stuff.

i’ve yet to find somebody who would handicap themselves with 75% less critical damage (appart from melee builds where this will just mean 1 less modifier to think about)

like you said, they don’t do anything for difficulty… (ok 75% less crit damage will make everything pretty much unkillable)

This is why I have made a conscious decision to play on M8 since returning to the game. I would rather play on the hardest difficulty but I really can’t be bothered to deal with all the modifiers and rolling them for M10 is the worst. M8 has the easist modifiers to roll and re-roll if you want to and still benefits from the “all items have anointments” benefit.

I might try M9 since it has only 3 modifiers. I haven’t tried rolling modifiers on M9 because in the past I just went to M10 but that might also be an option to try. It’s the selection and number of modifiers on M10 that are the worst to roll.


yeah but the problem is… appart from the anoying modifiers… M10 is pretty easy :rofl:

i’m sure if i would play M8 i would be 1shotting bosses :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

and so we come to my conclusion that the modifiers should be sepperate and not tied into the difficulty modifier (but, not the first questionable thing they pulled in this game)

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Farming a M10 Eruption from Titan has been a pain my butt. I spent the better part of 5 hours last night trying but not a single drop.

It’s giving me severe PTSD of ogre farming from Borderlands 2 :frowning:

Make them optional and ‘separate’.

Ditch the Easy modifiers completely (maybe work them in as possible Guardian Rank skills later).

Assign different % increase of $/Eridium/XP/Loot for each modifier.

Give players ability to turn them on in any (within sane reason of course) combination, even if someone is crazy enough to turn on three or four Very Hard modifiers at the same time because it gives best % increase.

And introduce new modifiers (to make more options to choose from), too.


You know Wotan drops the Eruption too. You may find better luck with him.

I didn’t know that., although I have farmed the Takedown quite a bit the last couple of days and never saw it.

Thanks for the heads up though. I much prefer the Takedown to The Slaughter shaft!

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