Lets talk about Zero

Tall and lanky? Check.
Red gray and black color scheme? Check.
Four fingers? Check.
Jennerit? Cheeeeeck?

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So… this is either suggesting:
A) Rath is Zero
B) Zero is a “primitive” member of the Jennerit humanoid race

…interesting. From what I understand Battleborn and Borderlands take place is completely separate universes, but who knows. My guess is they had either the same designer or they realized Zero was a fan favorite and decided to have the main face of Battleborn somewhat reflect one of their biggest successes.
I bet Rath is secretly a time traveler though. He occasionally goes on adventures with The Doctor and loves to have tea parties with his three kittens… that started as a bit of a joke, but now I want it.

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I wouldn’t mind this.

Rath and Zer0 are my favorite characters from their respective games.

I also like Caldarius quite a bit.

Why do the Jennerit have to have all the cool people.

I have a similar theory: Phoebe can teleport, specifically called "PHASEgate"
Yes I know that she is allegedly a virtuoso engineer… OR, is she a Siren in disguise and does she actually have telekenetic abilities…? Hmm…

I’d love Borderlands skins for this game :heart_eyes:

probably will get a crossover

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I hope it’s done well and isn’t just a publicity grab. I do love Borderland characters so it might work out well.

Youvery obviously not played Deande then. She basically is zero.
Cloak, decoy and backstab for the win


Funny I play Deande but I never played Zero :stuck_out_tongue:

I honestly just want handsome jack to be a dlc character, I love that guy

Oh I’m aware of Deande’s abilities, but your right I haven’t unlocked her yet. Planning to give her a shot if I ever decide to do heliophage on advanced

Try it as ISIC. Thats how i did it

I’d be happy with a Kreig cameo!


ISIC steamrolls everything in the campaign though. I kinda wanna do it with a different character for once.

Yeh, it just makes 6 or so bosses doable on solo

Nothing would make me happier then being able to play as Zer0.

Zero’s the Jennerit equivalent of a Frame (reference Destiny). An automaton designed in their image.

Yet he is also capable of hologram emoticons (Isic). He also throws Kunai (Miko). He is a supercut of multiple factions.

What if Borderlands is inside the void? And every time they open a vault, a Varelsi portal opens on the other side?

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I don’t know but best they should evolve the base game first before adding easter egg characters.
By the way I do think that they can add it but I personally think it would be new Vault hunters for Battleborn and world or any of the Battleborn chars to have appearances/cameo in BL. Would be cool if “Fire hawk” can meet a real hawk eh? :stuck_out_tongue: