Let's talk alani

Alani is not overpowered, nor does she ruin games end of discussion


Great talk lol.

Alani’s self heal is radical, her CC is extreme and her wave clear is phenomenal. Not “OP” perhaps but very hard to kill, harder than she ought to be. She does need a re-balance.


The developers of the game disagree on the overpowered part…

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Well they are wrong.

Haven’t had any problems killing her as of late… Phoebe, ghalt, kelvin, marqius, gali if abilities used properly successfully stop her.

Much to the dismay of Alani mains, she is undoubtedly overperforming in damage, which gives her an unparalleled capacity to trade with other heroes, dominate a lane with spammable abilities, and gib other champions with little effort in geyser; couple this with her incredible survivability and small, nimble frame and you have an unbalanced hero.


Oscar Mike, thorn, orendi, Benedict have great wave clear while being able to effectively trade with other hero but yet very little complain about how they need a balance. Geyser is an easy move to avoid as you can kind of tell when alani is about to use it because of the brief moment in which she stops attacking. Just because she has lots of cc that doesn’t make her unbalanced because with alani you actually have to hit abilities to control the outcome of each fight. Just keep moving around in unpredictable patterns and alani will be useless. It has happened to me and I’ve done it to people. Although I do agree that her auto attacks are a bit to strong since you don’t reload but is all tolerable and not game changing. So she isn’t so unbalanced

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Nobody calls for balance because the heroes you listed can’t trade like Alani can; whatever damage you deal will be negated by her 800+ self heal. Geyser isn’t the issue with Alani, it’s the damage that she alone can do if one is caught in it - it’s over-the-top for a supposed “healer/supporter.”

She is unbalanced simply because she excels in every area while possessing no drawbacks/ hard counters. Her presence is unmatched given the comprehensive kit she possesses, all of which add up to a hero who just overshadows the competition with little effort required.


They also can’t heal themselves, pushback, slow, silence, heal allies, or stun, all of which Alani has along with her wave clear, high damage, high health, small frame, and high movement speed.


None of those heroes have the ability to “trade” with other heroes. They are all hit and run at best, and if hurt when they run they need to run to someone to heal them, or run to a supply station. Alani just heals up in a few seconds. Her insta-heal even allows her to fight until she’s almost dead and still escape.

Those heroes also don’t have close to the CC potential, and cannot heal (themselves, let alone their team)

The fact that you admitted the fighting ability of a support/healer is comparable to some of the best damage dealers in the game is pretty counter-productive to your argument here.

EDIT: And your other argument is that she has to hit her abilities to be effective?! Come on, that applies to every single character in this game.


People keep trying to make it a learn-to-play issue with some elitist attitude. Honestly, I’m not sure why these people exist in every game that think because you kill her twice in a match compared to the 10+ times she kills you that it’s fine. Yeah, we get it, there is some level of skill to her so it’s not one button kills. Everybody knows that. It’s the fact that her toolkit gives her EVERYTHING and leaves no weaknesses. “Yeah, but just CC her”, right because you can do that to all characters EXCEPT if she CCs you, you are dead. If you CC her, she lives, heals, and runs away unless all cooldowns are up - which hers are up most of the time thanks to terrible helix tree thinking by the developers. She’s terribly over powered on paper, in actual outcomes she’s terribly overpowered - more heals, more dps, more damage absorded, more kills, and less deaths than every other character in most matches. Yeah, there is something wrong, even if you can kill her twice in a match.

Broken characters are not just 1 button kills and can’t be killed. It means they have toolkits that give everything and lose nothing or lose little.


Alani is one of the slowest characters in the game, if not the slowest. The helix speed boost is next to illusory because it is only active at max osmosis and she needs to heal every once in a while, thus losing it.

Experienced players see the one-second warning on the ground of any upcoming geysers and simply avoid them. Thus, no bubble.

Alani is great in finishing players off when they are under 20% health, but otherwise she is not impossible to counter.

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lol the slowest person in game? have you played isic, ghalt, montanna, attikus,kleese, toby? I mean really there is nothing slow about her, not to mention she has insane heals and CC with crazy atk speed…

People defend alani but she is just over perfmorning in WAY too many areas.

LOL…you’re funny. But alas, that’s the elitist attitude I was talking about. :grin:

She isn’t that slow and is an excellent escape artist. Plus, honestly, if speed is her only weakness, then you still have no argument. That falls under the whole “lose little” point.

People Just see numbers and dont stop to think about where they come from. I assure you a large sum of her damage is off of the spider sentry…Im not saying most but what noticeably puts her over the top is partly due to her wave having length and the spider sentry having multiple hit spots with several ticks on the wave she can down shield without damage augments with two well placed waves and a super along with some health damage. She gains a decent amount of damage from her aoe wave clearing minions througout the game that is however not too damaging as it cannot clear a minion wave as a single skill like thorn or mike can and has a large cooldown if you dont have easy targets making her utility null in skirmishes…Her cc takes forever to pop and quite frankly you should rarely be hit by it…If you are meleeing here not expecting her to pop her bubble beneath you…you deserve to be popped up…as people are apparently quicker to cry op than try to change their tactics. The wave isnt a powerful killing tool as long as you simply move out of the way you will only be hit by the orignal splash plus one tick…anyone who stubbornly stand inside it deserves the extra damage they take, and if they build with slow and youre moving theyre only able to follow it up with an avoidable cc and basic attack. When she is nerfed, The only thing that should be touched is her dps slightly across the bored and or her health. It is better her heals or health are nerfed as that keeps more diversity between her and miko.

The main reasons in my opinion that Alani is overpowered is primarily due to two facts: she can heal herself whilst alone and her health is equal to that of ISIC (a tank class) at level 1. To put this in context we will compare Alani to the other supporters and healers.

Miko: Can heal themselves with Biosynthesis an over time heal for 10 secs or can choose a level two augment to heal themselves while they heal an ally with biosynthesis active (Note: 2 conditions here are required to self heal effectively)

Ambra: Has minimal health and can heal herself with a sunspot gradually over time for the life of the sunspot and has life steal when attacking an enemy (Note: cannot heal herself without a second party present)

Reyna: Can only begin to heal herself with a helix choice at level 4 and this only works if she applies overshield to an ally. (Note: Again needs an ally)

Kleese: Can only begin to heal others with a helix choice at level 5 (can’t remember if he can heal himself with this augment off the top of my head) but can restore shields through the use of Rifts.

After comparing supporters it becomes obvious that Alani is the only one who can self heal whilst solo with no helix choice required and therefore; no drop in DPS or other compensation is needed to gain this self-heal generating a massive imbalance. Furthermore, per bullet at level one and no gear Alani deals more damage per hit, has more range than some attackers (most notably Orendi) plus further helix choices make her CC an absolute monster with reduced cooldowns and increasing area of effect (I wish orendi had that as an option for SFP haha). It’s plain to see Alani is too good across the board ATM since she is meant to be versatile similar to Ambra and do a bit of everything not be amazing at everything.

But yes she is killable if she is focused by the team haha but seriously focus everything on Alani :slight_smile:

How do you propose she isn’t overpowered?

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I dont have numbers but as a heavy alani player throughout her release I can attest to just how much damage I do to spider sentries…its horrible. Its obscure enough in addition to the pressures of the community wanting a nerf I honestly believe that the devs wouldnt actually see this being the case and in addition to whatever small nerf they choose reducing the amount of ticks the wave can produce on sentries her damage value would fall into a more reasonable place…I promise you. I dont mean to insult anyone…But if you get hit with her slow cc she either placed it well, were comboed with her other teammates, or you just werent paying attention…and theres nothing wrong with any of those. Her wave doesnt damage people who simply move out of the extra ticks when she takes the damage route and if youre slowed thats not that bad…As far as the fact it hastes herself…If her survivability goes down in the sense her hp is reduced theres no reason for her to lose her escape that isnt even immediate in the sense shes still affected by cc as opposed to many other characters who have escapes that virtually are not (mostly forms of jumps/dashes or entire invulnerability like kelvin). If they leave her base stats and mess with the skills Id suggest causing the wave to give allies healing and haste but not herself.

Miko: Can self burst heal at will has fast running speed always and sustained friendly healing
Ambra: Just nerfed into the ground…thats there own fault.
Reyna: Doesnt have to commit to fighting on the frontlines with damage amplification/slow and a burst shield that affects herself and a partner simultaneously and later heals as well as opposed to alani being either or and having to fight to get her heals.
Kleese is barely even played as support, Hes played selfishly often and when he does get his heals he doesnt even have to do anything…If youre running with healing gear it just ups the amount of sillyness his heal does over time to everyone near him.

These comparisons just show each character has their own plusses…

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I see about 3 of the fastest heroes on this list… Isic has amazing mobility actually, you just either need to stop holding the charge cannon or take the ability that allows for faster movement… I’ve seen bunnyhopping ISICs that made me nearly ■■■■ myself (excuse me), attikus is also surprisingly fast, montanna isn’t persay fast, but can clear half the map with his abilities…
and then the toby, literally is faster than caldarius for short periods of time…

but I suppose watching alani walk around appears to be fast since she has a small body.

Alani’s late game is REDICULOUS, and she has amazing mutations. So yes, a late game alani will trade with just about anyone. Basically the complaints for ambra are copied and pasted for alani with the change being from mid-game to late game, and alani having slightly more CC with the ability to spec into damage, healing, or CC, whereas ambra pretty consistantly has all 3 regardless though to a lesser extent.

That being said, I think alani’s early game is pathetic, honeslty a shut down alani deals next to no damage, gets to heal 1 ally throughout an entire fight, and just hopes that someone doesn’t notice her bubble.

So maybe an adjustment to make alani play more consistantly before and after level 4 would be helpful.

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Alani is too weak, i 've seen few Alani players dying 1v4. That’s not fair, we need to buff her so she could 1v5!