Let's talk balance changes

The following observations are from playing each character for multiple hours in PvP. These are changes to each character that “I” personally think would help. Also forgive my spelling of character names, I am on my phone and do not have a list in front of me.

Oscar Mike - Decrease magazine size by 20% or decrease base damage of primary attack by 10%. Decrease burning damage per second of fire grenade by 15%.

Marquis - Decrease base damage while scoped by 15%, or decrease range of effectiveness by 20%. Increase health by 200 or add 100 to shield. *damage range reduction needs to be implemented so he is not able to control a team of 5, but rather 1 person as a sniper should.

Phoebe - Decrease CC time against players by 20%. Decrease attack speed by 15%.

Galilea - Decrease vase damage by an additional 15% from previous nerf or decrease healing ability when transformed by 25%.

Ambra - Increase sunspot health by 25% or change sunspot to only attack to a certain number of enemies at once i.e. 3 or 5.

Montana - Either decrease base damage by 15% or decrease health by 15%.

Galt - Fix shotgun going through enemy without causing damage. Increase movement speed by 15%. Increase distance traps can be placed.

Kelvin - Decrease health by 15% or amount of shield gained from skills by 15%.

These are just things Ive noticed and have had personal experience with while playing these characters. I have personally gone 20-0 multiple times with some of these characters. Not because I am any better than anyone else. But because I see the problems and exploit them. Please feel free to add any characters I do not have experience with. Thanks!


I agree with everything accept kelvin he kinda needs those things to survive the entire initiation of the enemy.

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I see where youre coming from. The problem I saw was that he has such good escapes from battle that he is nearly impossible to kill 1v1 unless you are levels above him or have cc help.

Those are some pretty big percentage numbers to take away. You also have to factor in that any character changes effect them in pvp AND pve. Try playing some advanced where it takes 2-3 times more damage to kill anything. If they drop the numbers to focus on pvp then they have to scale every single enemy down to match

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Oscar mike, Kelvin, and Montana are all fine as is IMO. Ambra and ghalt getting buffs is good though.

Agreed, I have played the advanced missions and have all the characters unlocked. But yes, although this would help pvp, it would also significantly effect pve. I wonder if there is a way to separate them. I.e. a buff that increases all player primary damage by 20% when in an advanced mission.

OM gun is fine. Only the fire grenade and ult need nerfing.

Marquis need attack speed tone down instead of flat damage nerfs along with making his slap quick melee only hit once instead of twice.

Phoebe is fine.

Galilea getting her changes this week.

Ambra is fine.

Montana is fine. Heck, he’s too easy to counter at the moment.

Ghalt does need the fix on the bullet and we can tone down his damage later cause those hurt a crapton and the whiffing is the only thing preventing it from being reliable. Make his ult better.

Kelvin is fine.

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Yeah, but the trade-off is that he does almost no damage… and his escape is on a verrrrrrry long cool-down.

If you nerf his health to where he can’t even get in for the freeze then he becomes completely useless.

Not sure about those changes tbh.

Ambra is very strong so I’m not sure she needs any help right now, but increasing sunspot health in combination with a power output reduction may put her more firmly in a support role rather than sitting between support and assault - not sure it’s needed though.

OM is strong but is he OP? not sure - perhaps changing his lvl 7 +18% assault rifle damage for something else would be a fairer change than reducing his overall power.

Lowering Marquis’s damage at range and increasing his health would change his role from sniper to more assault class/all rounder and may make him too strong while making him not work as well for what he’s supposed to be used for.

Phoebe is no stronger than other melee assassins like Rath and if anything she is weaker due to her needing to use her escape to attack if she wants to slow her target + with no lifesteal or AoE damage her waveclear is lacking. The slow does last for a very long time though I’ll give you that.

Montana’s health is slightly higher than others and I’m not sure it is needed but a 15% reduction is a lot, that’s more than 300HP?. Not sure what the reason for his slightly higher base health is but I wouldn’t say he is noticeably OP.

Galilea, I think we need more time to see.

Increasing Ghalt’s movement speed by 15%? That is a lot… Shotgun + high movement speed + hook sounds dangerous. but I can’t comment on how the shells go through people, not played him enough to notice.

Kelvin is a strange one because he can get out of hand if he eats a lot - but it takes a lot of time to set up. Most games at the moment don’t go to ‘lategame’ where Kelvin is at his best.

Using the characters to their strengths while not exposing their weaknesses is how you perform well and I’m not sure the Characters are as unbalanced as you think in raw stats.

Reyna’s ult could use some love. It’s supposed to have a push back effect, but it hardly works half the time AND it takes over a second to cast AND it pulls you out of first person to do so. Bad, bad ult.

Buff Mellka :x: