Let's Talk Character Lore, Legendaries, & Levels:

So one of the biggest complaints from people about character lore is that it is what is keeping people from a character’s legendary. Some people are collectors, some are completionists, and others want it just to play with on that character.

So let’s have a discussion on that front: What might you change about any of the aforementioned items?

Personally, I would much rather have level 15 be the point at which you get the legendary. I also think you should be able to level characters past 15, let’s just say 100 for a suggestion.

The lore rewards would be replaced with loot packs starting with the first lore on that character giving you a white pack, second lore green, etc. The ‘master of’ title could come later at like 100 + the lore, and additional titles could be made for landmark levels, like make a ‘Little Oak’ title for level 15 mellka or something.
This way the much more grindy lore would be in line with the much higher level you could get a character to.

Not sure about level 100 for characters unless it is just for prestige and/or bragging rights. I do like the idea of naturally getting the legendary at 15 though that could be really tough for certain characters, like Ambra’s gameplay changes quite a bit with her legendary, and she already has to spend quite a bit of time getting important mutations. Perhaps having either level 15 or all lores done gives you the legendary and both gives you the title/skin.

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That’s a nice compromise, I also like the idea some have suggested to have every lore have a pve capable and pvp capable challenge, and completing one or the other gives it to you. Since some are already capable in both (isics minion kills with plasma dash for example, especially since they dropped it to 10) they wouldn’t ALL need modified.


The problem I see with this is that some of the lore challenges only really make sense with a given goal. Like Alani and Galilea’s “Kill Ambra” challenges: they have straight up legitimate reasons to want to kill Ambra; what would the PvE version of that be (maybe if there was a Sustaining Sister boss or something, it could be used, but there aren’t any in game atm…)? How are you supposed to remove the PvP requirements from Attikus’ and Kleese’s lore challenges that requires Attikus to win on all 3 of the Tempest maps or Kleese simply be played on every single mission/map?

Some of them, however, I could totally see being turned into PvE/PvP lore challenges. Miko’s BB assists could easily be changed to also include assists against major enemies (e.g. Thrall Enforcers, Bonecrusher, bosses, MX-1 Elite Bots, Bulwarks; you’d pretty much be guaranteed 5-10 of those each mission, which means that, if you’re fine doing either PvP or PvE, it would be faster to do PvP since you can easily get 15-20 assists in a single mission as Miko); hell, a lot of the generic BB kill challenges could be tweaked to include major enemies rather than just players to make them more PvE friendly. Maybe Kelvin’s could be tweaked to include elite enemies (like Ronin, Evolved, Brutes, etc.) and major enemies (or doing something like making different enemy ranks worth different fractions of a BB, like minions being 1/20, standards 1/5, elites 1/2, and major 1).

There’s a bunch of others. Some are ripe for PvP/PvE fusion, but others really need to be PvP requirements.

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I was under the impression that Ambra was rather fond of herself? :open_mouth:

Considering that it takes ~18 hours of gameplay to get to level 15, I’d not be particularly happy with this. I don’t want to invest 18 hours into every character, and I think this takes away from the added incentive to complete lore challenges.

[quote=“Slif_One, post:5, topic:1542412, full:true”]I was under the impression that Ambra was rather fond of herself? :open_mouth:

Derp; meant Alani >.<

for kleese, make it play on every pve map or play on every pvp map, or cut it in half and make it a mix. :slight_smile: for attis id turn it into just playing, not requiring a win.

yes, the challenges are sometimes meant to be lore specific, but usually theyre very general challenges and dont increase your understanding of the lore once you finally unlock it. many character lore challenges seem to be directed at getting you to try different builds on a character rather than trying to teach you who they are.

for instance, toby’s got his berg mutation lore. last time i mained him for a bit i didnt think itd be useful. but besides needing the lore for it, i played the best waveclearing toby ive ever seen tonight with easily best minion kills, damage dealt, turrets built, destroyed, etc, but little or no kills and averaging around 7 deaths from being targetted. im seriously considering suicide to be a viable helix if its only going to increase my effectiveness as him. if im going to die anyway, i may as well go out with a bang! :smiley:

i would turn bb kills/stuns etc. into the major enemy equivilent :slight_smile:

The lore challenges are the easier way to get it on everyone except Benedict but he’s special.

To start I love both pvp and pve.

My only gripe with the lore challenges are the pvp ones, and that is solely because they often force me to play in a way that is detrimental to my team and to the objectives.

Kelvin for example (which I have done), I needed to stun 3/5 battleborn with one sublimate which left me WAY over extended and often resulted in me feeding the other team kills. This went entirely against what I wanted to do; however, dive bombing through enemy lines was truly the only way to get it done.

All in all though, I’m not against earning the legendary through lore challenges. I actually like it, I just wish there was a PVE AND PVP method to acquire each one so I’m not putting my team at a disadvantage trying to get a lore challenge completed.