Let's Talk Crisis Management

OK…don’t throw stones…I KNOW I should no this but I don’t…at least clearly.

When do Crisis Management’s bonuses kick in.

At shield “down” is what I have always thought.

And once down…how long do the bonuses stay in effect? 7 Seconds or only until the shield starts to recharge and is therefore not totally, technically “down” anymore.

And a Shield like the Naught with NO DELAY…how does it play with CM??

Thanks for any help/clarity.

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It triggers only when the shield’s current value is less than or equal to 0, and the max value is strictly greater than 1. Because of the way it’s setup it doesn’t have a timer. It starts immediately when it reaches 0 and stops immediately when the shield starts recharging. My guess is that CM will start when the Naught reaches 0, and then stop either the next frame or sometime later that same frame. Because of this, I think that CM is completely useless with the Naught, but it might be active for 1 frame, I’m not sure.

So it’s kinda useless for a low delay Shield as well.

Say a 2.0 delay Blockade

With Willing and Pressure kicking in you might have 1 second of the Shield being down before recharging starts and losing the bonus.

So CM would only give its boost for about a second??

Am I thinking this correctly? Because if I am then I think it is totally useless on almost all the Shields I would ever use. And the only one it would be good for would be the Roughrider or a VERY long delay shield.

Well, it’s useful when you’re getting hit more often than once per recharge delay. But yes, it is much more useful on a Rough Rider build, but so are all skills that rely on shields being down.

What triggers the start of the delay on a Shield??

Shield down… sure, understand

But let’s say you are taking continuous damage And just as your shield started to recharge a hit forced it to drop again so then the delay would kick in again. Correct?

I mean in that type of scenario it would be possible for CM to have a semi continuous positive affect as long as the delay was a decent number, say five seconds or above.

And maybe running a really high delay shield to get crisis management functioning makes some sense as you can find huge capacity blockades with delays around seven or eight seconds I believe. So even with willing and pressure delay bonuses, you’d still have four or five seconds of the crisis management bonus. And a huge cap to begin with which is further protected by the damage reduction of crisis management once that cap goes away.

If my shield goes down and I’m in delay status and halfway through the delay I get hit again, does the delay timer start all over again?

Correct, taking any damage restarts the timer. You can see this in action when it is partially charged and in the middle of charging and you get hit, it takes the full recharge delay before starting to recharge.

But what about actual Delay Status? When I am waiting for it to finish and start recharging. Does the delay timer reset every time I take damage while I am still in the delay mode?

I’m almost certain, it would be more difficult to code it any other way, and wouldn’t provide consistent gameplay.

I suppose you could test this with a Love Thumper. Deplete it, start a timer, then get hit at 30 or so seconds, then wait the whole 200 or so and see if the timer says 200 or 230.

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If that is true…then …at least to me…The selection of Crisis Management should depend on three things…

  1. Working with a shield with a HIGH Delay and reasonable Cap
  2. In situations where you are pretty sure you are going to be taking damage rather consistently so that the delay timer and recharge timer are constantly being reset.
  3. Or use with a RoughRider

Otherwise…why take the skill? The Bonus will rarely kick in and when it does…the length will be VERY brief. And the Skill Willing looks totally counterproductive to Crisis Management.

I use almost exclusively a 2 second Delay Blockade with a HIGH recharge rate.

I am TOTALLY rethinking my use of Crisis Management even though the Damage Reduction looks excellent now. Because heck…it is never kicking in but for a VERY brief moment.

“Maybe” the Magic Slaughter it might…maybe…

Sigh…I guess points go to Able…as 25% Turret Damage from Laser Sight just doesn’t appeal (although to be honest, I haven’t tried it.)

What do you think??

How about this for a test

Long delay shield…no BAR

Dont spec willing

Walk into acid in Caustic Cavern and blow the shield

Step out…time it till shield starts to recharge

Repeat…but this time BEFORE it starts to recharge…step in the Acid again briefly…step out and retime

If that last time is the same as the first time…the timer resets on damage

Oh and watch the CM indicator whill all this is happening…

That or use a grounded shield and chain lightning your feet :slight_smile:

And yes, Crisis Management has the same issue that all “shields must be down” skills do, they’re only useful when you’re taking consistent health damage. Now since a Blockade already provides some damage reduction it might not be as useful for that, but it also provides some gun damage so it’s not all bad. If you’re using a shield other than the Blockade it’s probably more useful overall, but at least it’s more useful now than it was. :smiley:

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Sorry to butt in but other than BA points , is there anything else that affects shield delay?
The reason I ask is because I was trying to get a few BA challenges done , and when I tried to do the Maylay shield one I used a Hide of Terra with a 5ish sec delay , but for some reason I kept getting virtually no delay.
Even when it was depleted and I was still taking damage!
I turned off my BA points but it didnt help.

Im using maya , and I have a few points in inertia but that wouldnt cause it surely?

Sounds like inertia to me tho… If your kill skill is active, your shield will be recharging with no delay

I always assumed there was a limit to how often inertia could activate. When im using a bee with a similar delay it doesn’t seem anywhere near as effective.

Well maybe you dont notice it the same way, because the delay on the bee is gigantic, so inertia might wear off until the shield regen actually kicks in… While with roid shields, they usually have a really small delay normally, so even if inertia might wear off the shield regen already kicked in, because the delay is so short

Unless you plan on using a build similar to my Leatherneck the damage reduction is not going to save your life beyond OP0. The damage reduction simply is not enough for all the damage you take in OP8 without some help from different sources that boost your health.

Though with the changes to Last Ditched Effort and how Crisis Management works in FFYL I suppose you can take it for a more suicidal build. The skill is simply too counterproductive to even consider using with quick recharging shields and most Axton builds that go for all his shield abilities.

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I have reflected on this…

Not bad for an old Paratrooper…reflected…makes me sound smart…LOL


I believe I truly only notice Crisis Management during the Magic Slaughter and “maybe” the Dragons…

And even then I’m not sure how long the effects are lasting or if they are really making a difference…

So the question arises…why use it and where do I spend that 4-5 points and still get to Double Up?

I use Magic Missiles mostly so Grenadier is not that helpful unless I go with Slag Transfusions or Fastballs or Bonnies/Betties.

Able just underwhelms…at least to me.

And even though we have “fixed” Laser Sight with the patch…truly…does a 25% increase in Turret Damage and Accuracy even mean a hill of beans??

Sigh…I guess Able…Unless you guys can convince me otherwise.

Think of Crisis Management as a reverse Bee. If you even have one point of shielding it deactivates. Period.

You’re in a ‘pick your poison’ situation but I would go with Laser Sight for a smidge more damage output over Able, unless you need that extra health regeneration that is. Throw four points into Laser Sight and a single point into Scorched Earth and call it a day. If you are using Unofficial Community Patch Scorched Earth does not suffer the 15% penalty it would otherwise suffer picking the skill.

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What’s bad about all this is that I was enamored with that Damage Reduction…not necessarily the Extra Gun Damag.

And I let my enthusiasm overwhelm some common sense.

That Common Sense is/was.

Just how helpful can Crisis Management be if it is never kicking in…or when it kicks in…it’s only for a brief second or so??

I swear I DID see better survivability with the Dragons when I ran them last week. But maybe it was wishin’ and hopin’ and a placebo effect.