Let's talk dev feedback and future content UPDATED: 7/1/16

_update: 7/1/16The devs have done a great job opening up about future plans the past 2 weeks. So I cant actually update this though as it’s being super buggy trying to handle this much text lol. I’m open to alternative ideas for how to manage this thread. nonetheless I think my point has been made that the devs are being very responsive. Remember everyone, the dev tracker is a fantastic tool _

Hello all,
I want to preface this post with why I’m putting this as news. I am going to post a LOT of dev talk in this post that I don’t think people are aware of.
This post will be updated on a semi regular schedule reflecting new info from gbx. New info will be bold and italicized
I wanted to take a moment to summarize what the devs have said and done since launch. I specifically want to focus on issues not meta. Many people seem to believe that the devs are not communicating with us, that they’re not working on fixing the game, and that they don’t care about us. I plan to present a strong case that all of that is blatantly false.

Part 1: Community feedback

- Battleborn Battleplan #4: 6/2/16 (jythri discussing patches and why consoles aren’t screwing over pc. Definitely read this)

I would go through everything @joekgbx has said but as community manager, he has a LOT of posts I would need to add. So to start you can see his activity for yourself http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/users/JoeKGBX/activity
In his activity you can see he acknowledges specific matchmaking issues over a dozen times, discusses community ideas and says he’ll bring it to the gbx table, discussed upcoming bug changes and balancing plans numerous times.
And we haven’t even talked about Twitter where gbx and jythri regularly give feedback and take info in regards to problems

Part 2. Battleplans and first patch
(*All 's are community request based fixes)
They added the prologue replayability a day in and you can skip the intro after watching it once.
-*Reduced Galilea’s Great Sword damage by 18%
-*Reduced Shield Throw damage by 33%
-Reduced the movement speed bonus of Miko’s level 7 Left Helix Augment, Fight or Flight, to 15% and its duration to 2s
-Reduced the healing effect of Biosynthesis by 25%
-Reduced ISIC’s base health by 20%
-Reduced Rotating Wards’ block strength by 50%
-Reduced Watchful Wards’ bonus by 40%
-*Adjusted skill-based matchmaking ranges to speed up matchmaking times
-Fixed a minor audio issue on the Meltdown map, Paradise
-*Changed all Faction loot packs to unlock at level 15
-*Reduced the Silver and Gold medal requirements for each medal in the story mission “The Archive” by 20%
-*Doubled the health of stationary defense objectives in story mode
-*Made performance improvements on the multiplayer maps Echelon and Coldsnap
-*Added Advanced Story Mode to allow players to publicly match in and tackle story missions on Advanced Difficulty
-Fixed a bug that would allow Kleese to become invulnerable
-Various performance fixes in the Story Mode missions The Void’s Edge, The Renegade, and The Heliophage
-*Continued adjustments to improve the quality of matchmaking
-*Increased the time until a Surrender vote can be called from 4 minutes to 6 minutes.
-*Increased the Surrender revote time from 1 minute to 3 minutes.
-Increased the damage falloff of Ghalt’s level 3 Left Helix Augment, Slug Rounds.
-Fixed an issue with and re-enabled the “Friction Fizz” Legendary gear.
-Reduced the bonus damage to Ghalt’s Scraptrap granted by the “U.P.R. Synchronograph” Character Legendary gear from 50% to 25%.
-Fixed an issue with the description of “Strategist’s HoldFast Recharger.”
-Fixed an issue with Bonus Shards per Second gear.
-*Reduced Alani’s base health from 1451 to 1035.
-The Voxis Core Legendary gear has been temporarily disabled due to unintended balance implications.
-*Fixed an issue causing players to burn indefinitely in The Archive.
-Fixed an issue with snow FX appearing inconsistently in The Algorithm.

  • an issue causing audible impacts to play continuously due to Temporal Traps.
    -Fixed an issue causing third person FX to appear misaligned on M3.Shepherds.
    -*Increased the Max Health of S1.Chronicle in The Archive by 50%.
    -Fixed a visual issue with Thorn’s level 10 Left Helix Augment, Wild Judgment.
    -Added rematch
    -Acknlowedges lore bug and working on a fix
    -New Character, Alani
    -New Skins and Taunts for Alani
    -Hero Keys have been added
    -Empowered Minion Waves no longer spawn for a team after killing the enemy’s first Sentry. They now spawn for both teams every fourth minion wave.
    -All Thralls, when captured, no longer target enemy players
    -All Thralls no longer flinch when hit in the legs by players or minions
    -All Thralls no longer get knocked off the map
    -Thrall Crushers
    Now only attacks minions directly
    No longer charges
    New Skill: Has an area attack that destroys minions instantly and knocks up players (Usable once every 7 seconds)
    -Thrall Guards
    Now only attacks minions directly
    New Skill: Targets a sentry with a mortar that deals heavy damage to the Sentry (Usable once every 10 seconds)
    -*Modified the sniper nests to prevent players from engaging the first sentry from across the map.
    -*Shepherds spawn every fourth wave instead of after the first Sentry is destroyed.
    -*Various level geometry changes to reduce collision issues.
    -Fixed a rare issue with the central Thrall mercenaries not pushing.
    -*Shepherds spawn every fourth wave instead of after the first Sentry is destroyed.
    -*Various level geometry changes to reduce collision issues.
    -Ambra’s Extinction Event skill no longer slows enemies.
    Fixed an issue that allowed Ambra’s Scorching Strikes to deal extra damage.
    -Fixed an issue that prevented stealthed targets from being revealed when Ambra’s level 6 Left Helix Augment, Agile Anomaly and level 2 Right Helix Augment, Solar Burst were active.
    -Fixed an issue with the description of Boldur’s Legendary gear.
    -Fixed an issue that allowed players to move bosses using El Dragon’s level 8 Mutation, Unbelievable.
    -Added a short cooldown to Deande’s Drop Kick to fix unintended vertical maneuverability.
    -*Galilea’s level 1 Right Helix Augment, Calamitynow only wounds players when Desecrate is initially activated.
    -*Galilea’s level 4 Mutation, Bleak Quiet now only silences players when Desecrateis initially activated.
    -*Galilea’s level 8 Right Helix Augment, The Black Wind Howls now only increases her movement speed when Desecrateis initially activated.
    -*Galilea can no longer attack while sprinting.
    -Fixed an issue that prevented Corruptionfrom damaging enemies affected by Galilea’s Desecrate after selecting her level 1 Right Helix Augment, Calamity.
    -Fixed an issue that allowed Kleese’s Energy Rifts to replenish Sentry shields in Incursion.
    -Changed Kleese’s HUD to use a jump meter instead of an ammo counter.
    -Fixed an issue that allowed Kleese’s Shock Taser to target stealthed enemies.
    -Fixed an issue with Kleese’s Energy Rift damage when both level 4 Left Helix Augment, Rift Network and level 6 Left Helix Augment, Bulk Savings are active.
    -Fixed an issue that increased the cast range of Kleese’s Energy Rifts and Black Hole.
    -Fixed an issue with Marquis’s level 2 Mutation, Eyes Everywhere.
    -Fixed an issue where Marquis’s ultimate Bindleblast damage was not tracked properly after taking level 10 Right Helix Augment, exe.
    -Fixed an issue that prevented Miko’s Fungus Among Us from displaying the mushroom’s trajectory when primed.
    -Fixed a rare issue that allowed Shayne and Aurox to gain permanent health regeneration with their level 7 Left Helix Augment, Alone Time
    -Fixed an issue that allowed Shayne and Aurox to use Tag Team through friendly base barriers.
    -Fixed an issue that allowed some projectiles to pass through Aurox.
    -Fixed an issue where minions could become very difficult to kill after being affected by certain healing sources.
    -*Character Legendary gear no longer uses randomized values.
    -Fixed an issue that prevented players from acquiring the “Medical Nano-Colony” Legendary gear.
    -Fixed an issue with the “Sentinel Reset Switch” Legendary gear.
    -*Added “Faction”, “Character Rank”, “Lore Challenge Completion” and “Unlock” sorting for Battleborn in the Command menu.
    -*Fixed a “Player Initialization Failed” error when users first attempt to sign in.
    -Fixed a rare issue that prevented players from controlling their characters if they were modifying their key bindings when starting a boss encounter. (PC)
    -Fixed a rare issue that resulted in black flickering on the main menu. (XB1)
    -Fixed an issue where an incorrect skin would appear for the second split screen user in the post-match screen.
    -*Fixed an issue with matchmaking hosts that should reduce the number of connection failures. (XB1)
    -*Various improvements have been made to reduce the number of matchmaking failures. (PS4)
    -Added unique sounds for attacking Immune and Overshielded
    -Fixed an issue that allowed critical hit sounds to play against shielded players.
    -Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented music from playing in Incursion.
    -Various audio mix changes.
    -Various localization bug fixes

update part 2
patch 2:
-Increased the cooldown time of the Outcast Thrall -Bonecrusher’s minion-destroying ground pound attack from 7 seconds to 14 seconds.
-Increased the cooldown time of the Outcast Thrall Brute’s anti-Sentry grenade attack from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.
-Fixed an issue preventing the correct notification from appearing when a Thrall kills a Sentry.
-Added minion path indicators to the minimap.
-*Various changes were made to improve performance on Echelon.
-*Reduced the performance impact of the skybox.
-*Optimized certain rendered materials.
-*Slightly reduced the size of the pillar between the two stairways on the main approach to the first Sentry.
-Moved the MX.Elite Bot spawners.
-Increased the total value of shards available in Echelon to bring more consistency to the Incursion map economy.
-Moved several small and medium ground shards.
-Added four new medium shard clusters.
-*Modified some collision to prevent players from being able to attack the first Sentry without being targetable by the Sentry.
-*Cleaned up geometry to remove some toe-traps.
-Removed several map escapes that allowed players to get below the map.
-Improved bot pathing.
-*Various changes were made to improve performance on Overgrowth.
-*Modified some dynamic lights.
-*Added some geometry to prevent players from easily attacking the enemy’s second Sentry from their Supply Station room.
-Fixed an issue that allowed certain characters to teleport through the shielded sniper perch walls.
-Reduced the total value of shards available in Overgrowth to bring more consistency to the Incursion map economy.
-Removed two medium shard clusters.
-Fixed an issue that allowed the Sentries to shoot through the shielded sniper perch walls.
-Added some collision to prevent certain characters from getting into unintended locations.
-Removed several map escapes that allowed players to get below the map.
-Fixed an issue that prevented players from being pulled out of the sniper perches by certain skills.
-Cleaned up geometry to remove some toe-traps and stuck spots.
-Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving a speed boost when exiting their bases.
-Fixed an issue with the brightness of the tutorial video in Overgrowth.
-Added minion path indicators to the minimap.
-*Various changes were made to improve performance on Cold Snap.
-*Reduced the performance impact of the skybox.
-*Removed some dynamic lights.
-*Removed some unnecessary meshes.
-Moved the two large shard clusters that were near the MX.Elite Bot spawners.
-Added some geometry at the top of several stairways to match the collision.
-Changed the cliffs behind the first grinders in Lane A into pathways.
-Added geometry to prevent players from getting on top of the first grinders in Lane A.
-*Improved the collision on all grinders.
-Slightly increased the total value of shards available in Paradise to bring more consistency to the Meltdown map economy.
-Changed four medium ground shards into large ground shards.
-*Cleaned up geometry to remove some toe-traps.
-Added some collision to prevent players from falling off the map immediately outside of the spawn areas.
-Added some collision to prevent players from entering the terrain between Points A and B.
-Improved bot pathing.
-*Various changes were made to improve performance on Temples.
-*Removed some dynamic lights.
-*Optimized certain rendered materials.
-*Cleaned up geometry to remove some toe-traps.
-The second upgrade tier of Supply Stations now increases the health regeneration granted instead of providing a small damage boost buff.
-Fixed a rare visual issue with the wave count down timer in Defense Point maps.
-Fixed an issue causing Alani’s crosshair to temporarily disappear after rejoining a game.
-*Fixed an issue that prevented Alani’s “Water Monk” title from displaying an icon.
-Adjusted the audio of Mellka’s Custom Machine Pistol.
-Fixed a visual issue with the chain in Shayne and Aurox’s Fetch
-Fixed and issue that prevented certain Desecrate augment from functioning if Galilea’s level 1 Right Augment Calamity was not active.
-*Added a Particle Detail Mode setting in the Video options, with three available options (PC):
Maximum – All Particle Effects are always visible.
Normal – Optional Particle Effects are automatically disabled when poor performance is encountered.
Minimum – Optional Particle Effects are always disabled.
-*Removed the PhysX setting from the Video options. This feature has been replaced by the new Particle Detail Mode.
-*Improved performance for computers using NVIDIA SLI (PC).
-*Fixed an issue causing poor performance when opening the scoreboard.
-*Fixed an issue causing the tutorial video to use extra resources in all Versus maps.
-Fixed a rare crash when minimizing the game on the Victory/Defeat screen (PC).
-Fixed an issue causing challenges to appear to give more experience and currency than they were awarding.
-Pressing Escape from the Main Menu now exits the game instead of returning players to the title screen (PC).
-Fixed a rare issue causing the Victory/Defeat screen to appear misaligned (Xbox One).
-Fixed an issue that allowed players to see the Characters page in the Marketplace without being able to navigate to it.
-Fixed a small visual issue when refunding Hero Keys.
-Fixed an issue causing certain sound effects to be too quiet during dialog.
-Adjusted the volume of hit notification sounds
-*Reduced the damage of Alani’s Torrent primary attack by 18% (64 to 52 at Level 1).
-*Reduced the damage of Alani’s Riptide by 55% (75 to 42 at Level 1).
-*Reduced the damage of Alani’s level 4 Mutation, Wave Shock by 33% (81 to 54 at Level 1).
-Reduced the distance Alani’s Torrent projectiles travel by 20%.
-Reduced the character selection time in PVP from 120 seconds to 45 seconds.
-Reduced the stacking sprint speed bonus of the Go-Go Juice Legendary gear from 5-7% per stack to 2-3% per stack.
-Fixed an issue that allowed the Leechsteel Brooch Legendary gear to grant life steal on non-Skill attacks.
-Reduced the life steal granted by the Leechsteel Brooch Legendary gear from 10-14% to 4-6%.
-Increased the damage required to trigger the cooldown reduction tertiary effect of the Chrono Key Legendary gear from 500 to 2000.
-Increased the sprinting time requirement to create a small health pickup due to the Vidanium Root Tea Legendary gear’s tertiary effect from 6 seconds to 10 seconds.
-Reduced the shards generated per damage taken of the Plasmite Transducer Legendary gear from 25% to 3%.
-Replaced the sprint speed bonus while being healed granted by the Mossire’s Mukluks with a 4-6% bonus to movement speed while being healed. This change is currently not accurately reflected by the gear’s description_

I hope this shows everyone that the devs do in fact listen to us and talk to us (even if it isn’t concrete dates). I hope everyone looks at exactly HOW MANY fixes and balancing changes and new content they’ve already added in a little over 1 month.
Thank you for your time

Edit 1: wow! Thanks everyone for the support on this topic. I will be updating this post on a semi regular (biweekly maybe?) basis to include new posts by the dev as well as new patch info. I think I will add formatting to distinguish the new information as it comes.


Thats a lot of info! I doubt the haters will really acknowledge this thread , but it’s good for the newbies to the forum, and just as a quick reference to see what changes happend, and may happen. Good work! Maybe this gets pinned??


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Approved. Good work!


I was thinking about making this kind of thread. Thank you!

Oh dear - what a huge collection!!! This topic is really wonderfull, thank you so much for the work you put into it! :heart:
I´ll bookmark it for future reference. I hope its okay if I link it occasionally to people who say the Devs or fixes/patches are a myth :smile:


Not to take away from the great work you did @jjand302 but I have one suggestion to add.

Some of the items you listed have been addressed and fixed, like sabatour getting a health buff, prologue, etc… It might be worth noting that those have been patched or hotfixed.

Great work though.

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! And derch I agree, I think when I have the chance I’m going to add an addendum of topics and if they’ve been resolved/fixed


bought the game less than a week ago. i didn’t know there had been so many fixes. good to know they care about their game and players!

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Very nice! Is there a place for us to make suggestions where the devs will notice?

I feel like we desperately need a prestige mode. Its something that was introduced to multiplayer games such as this over a decade ago and im surprised we dont have it. No one wants to cap after a month or so and be completely done progressing in rank. Plus, I would love to get the rewards again as well; getting lootpacks is as slow as f2p models, and we have no option to buy the packs with real money.


Make a new thread if you have a request or questions! Or look for an existing thread. Gearbox does actually read everything we say and takes into account for the future

Great thread @jjand302! Thanks for this!

As I’ve said before, you can also check the Dev Tracker at the top of the forum main page for dev posts, but this is very valuable too. I would stress that people not necessarily use this thread as the end-all-be-all source for answers on every subject, but this is a great compilation of information that will hopefully give a better understanding of the process we go through.

We’re never opposed to you guys creating a sort of “catch all” thread for feedback, although keep in mind that sometimes those conversations are easier for the team to follow when they have their own thread.


Good stuff. Kudos.

Q: Has there been any nod at all from the Devs about the Ronin in The Algorithim?

Bookmarked. :wink:

Bravo. I’ve started seeing complaints about devs more and more while I thought they were doing quite well and this helps to prove it.

thanks! you’re the best!

THANK GOODNESS for this! The Steam Community for this game is in caveman spongebob levels of savage lol I’ll encourage them to come here for their info instead of arguing w/ haters

Should edit it and remove 2 of the “minions spawn with shielder every 4 turns instead of when enemy sentry dies” think it’s in there at least 3 times…

P.S: I’ve yet to see any buffs, only nerfs. :smiley:

Caldarius’s TMP damage was BUFFED by 25% a long time ago…