Let's talk dev feedback and future content UPDATED: 7/1/16

Yeah, you may be right for this :slight_smile: Thanks for your time !

I believe I have seen the devs mention ranked play, but nothing more than its being talked about. I agree that at its current state, aiming for a competitive update may not be the best idea until the pc community recovers.


Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together, it’s really amazing.

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So the dev talk thread in general is closed currently. Not sure where else to ask this.

Would it be possible for players to make skin/taunt submissions to the devs or community to be added to the game.

I only ask because sometimes I get random boredom that isn’t resolved by actually playing a game that prompts me to randomly modify visuals in games and sometimes they turn out nice enough I feel like sharing them with others.

Having a complete changelog like this is wonderful. Thank You so much! :smiley:

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I heard Randy Varnell on a stream saying that a ranked playlist was a high priority for them, and that it would likely come months, not weeks down the road. He mentioned 2-3 months as a potential timeline, but with the usual disclaimers of course.

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You can always use the “search” function to look out for topics that may be of interest and of course you can create a topic yourself to open an discussion. (Just make a quick search before creating a topic to be sure its not redundant or already adressed :heart: )

For the post you made, it would have been a good addition to this topic, where feedback to the latest matchmaking changes is collected atm.

Ninjad by @Derch - you´re so fast today!

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I wasn’t very sure where to put this but on XB1 Ernest lore challenges are on the achievements now just fyi

Already has been found and posted in this link. Thanks though :slight_smile:

Some where on the player screen there should be something showing that we are reaping the benefits of the gear. Such as legendary gear with bonus attack speed. It should show somewhere on the bottom of the screen if it’s taking effect or not.

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as well on the topic of gear may I recommend removing disabled legendaries from the loot pool? I’ve received 2 legendaries via lootpacks and both have been disabled for quite a while.

Do you think this will bring any players to your game? Currently I can’t play since no one else is queuing up with me.

Biosynthesis is being needed?

Any info about improving FPS on consoles or atleast fix the skipping frames issues that occur in PvP matches ? Thorn and Marquis suffer alot from this specificly.

Are there any plans to add more gear bank space? 279 slots may sound like enough for anyone, but it fills up faster than you’d think and there are a great many possible gear combinations to mix and match.

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