Let's Talk DLC 2 Drop Rates M10

Been farming a lot on M10, on PC:
Is anyone seeing what they expect when farming in DLC2?
Is anyone farming DLC2?

On Steam a couple players posted drop rates as low, esp Old God shield, too low. Yes, we all know RNJesus is sometimes not on our side… but after the update, we kind of have to ask.

Drop rates were low at launch, but now they’re ok I think.

Interesting… my wife & I played at launch (M2 I think) and honestly it got to the point where we were picking up flama-diddles, killers & anarchy’s and throwing them off a cliff. It was awesome but a lot, way more than DLC1

Reminds me: this is on PC (I’ll update 1st post)

Some world drop gear was common like Flama, some like Old God was rare. I killed Amach couple times not so long after M2.0 update and he was dropping all the things pretty often, like two Old Gods, Unseen Threat and Anarchy at the same time.
Other dedicated drops are better now I think.

Eista’s drop rates are pretty good. unseen threats and skullmashers drop at a decent rate. coms drop a lot too, but fl4k’s still bugged to get moze’s coms (just makes it easier to avoid tr4iner so i dont mind :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Yeah after M2.0 I spent my time in M1 (completed Cartel challenges) - M7. Really needed better gear.

Since 6/11 update I was quickly farming M10 & that’s when I saw the reduced drops in DLC2 vs normal game.

Plus, I am very good at maths & know exactly what 25000% increase of 0 legendary items equals :face_with_monocle:

I am finding a lot of stuff…but I still want some dedicated drop for old god :x

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Hmm, I wanted to compare DLC 1 (still M10) & I just got Embers tools (so Freddie joined the crew) & I’ve had 12 legendary items drop (8W & 4DLC).

I’ll keep playing dlc 1 a bit more but it already feels the same as the main story. Once I get more time I’ll switch back to DLC 2 to compare drop rates.

Edit: 8 more legendary’s by the time I made it to the Mayor of Trashlantis, so 20 total. Time to head back to dlc2