Let's talk:E-sports, the future, and the need to get goofy

Hi all,
The past couple weeks have been quite the rollercoaster. The devs have put out good updates and continue to work on balancing and fixing bugs every week. We’ve had the release of overwatch. We’ve seen a pretty steady decline on the pc side of things, leading to really poor matchmaking times, which adds to the decline. And all of this got me thinking. What will the future of this game be? We can expect skins, heroes, campaign missions (paid), PvP modes, and PvP maps as well as new features like a spectator mode. What is the ultimate goal though?

Currently I believe gbx has one particular goal in mind with the future that has guided their decisions: To become an E-Sport. While there are some on consoles, nearly all major E-sports take place on pc. How can gbx expect to ever become an E-Sport if their pc community keeps dwindling? More importantly, from an objective standpoint: Why should gbx try to become an E-Sport if their pc community keeps dwindling?

Gbx has said in multiple indirect ways in which trying to become an E-Sport has restricted this game. Aiming towards E-Sports for the future removes time and resources that can be spent elsewhere for future updates. Skin creativity is limited due to recognizability and hit box sizes. But what if they stopped trying to become an E-Sport? What if they focused on making content more fun and less competitive?

I’m of the firm mindset that I won’t surrender when losing because I don’t care if I win. I understand that my character has a role to play and I will try to help my team win. But I think playing the match is much more fun than winning it. I think perfectly placing an ice wall behind an enemy trying to escape as Kelvin is INCREDIBLY more satisfying than winning. I think playing the game and it’s characters is the important and fun part of the match. Congratulations to all the Marquis’s that cheesed the sentry before the patch, I’m sure you had so much fun not playing the game and instead just going for the win.

So I ask why not focus on making this game fun (even more than it is)? Make this game goofy. The dialogue already is and it’s fantastic for it. Make fantastic costumes like cowboy orendi. Make new modes that focus on playing more than winning. Make an alternative alani special effects that uses lava instead of water. This game oozes creativity, but is still held back. I say let the floodgates open.

And hey, once everyone realize how awesome this game has continued to become one year from now, maybe it will reach E-Sport status with a revived pc player base. Til then, see you guys in game!


We can have all that and still have an E-sports presence. SMITE, LoL and HotS all have goofy skins/voice packs.

I agree 100% though, GBX needs to lead with their strength. I love the BL series because it turns traditional FPS on its ear. I think a continued focus on this will help separate BB from the pack.

And here I was worried my post would be buried under the rest with no reply. I agree this game can become an E-Sport and have goofiness. I just feel that they need to make this game the standard in quality content fun.

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Sorry didn’t read whole post

I think this game has some e sport potential but I think at the very least they need to remove or alter gear for “competitive” matches and they need to have a draft process like most other mobas.

On the other hand though, it’d be pretty difficult to become a big watch because of how over top all of the visuals in this game are.

I dunno, I’d like competitive but I don’t think it would strive very well personally.

I suggest reading the whole post. I say that we should (temporarily) remove becoming an E-Sport from the picture and how it could benefit the game

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I’m in agreement.

I think that chasing the eSports dream has all ready been a little damaging to the game. The rather ham-fisted, heavy handed nerfing that’s hit all too often is endemic of it. I don’t really think Battleborn is even designed to be an eSport, they should let that go and focus on making a fun game.

That’s not to say that the game doesn’t need to be competitive, but they could ease up on the balancing hammer and actually separate PvE from PvP balancing, allowing PvE people to actually enjoy the game without fearing what horror is waiting around the next corner just because a FotM happens to exist in PvP.

There are just so many things that segregate the PvP and PvE communities, here, that I really thinkt hey need to fix going forward. We need to all be able to bury the hatchet and buddy up. Currently the game isn’t designed for that, though, and I think part of the misguided reason behind this divide having formed is the eSports dream. But that’s not happening.

Battleborn just isn’t big enough for it. On the other hand, it has a very dedicated community that just wants to have fun and enjoy themselves. So that’s where the focus should be, I think. I’d love to see them push what you can do with a hero shooter character as well. I want to see more women as attackers rather than just healers, I want more men healing, I want to see monsters, robots, and other bizarre creatures turning up to join the ranks.

I want a Cyborg Beholder; I want a shapeshifting picobot hive that talks in bad Shakespearian prose; I want an '80s businesswoman who’s also an uplifted bear on the LLC; I want a sentient, psychic brain parasite whose abilities basically involve trolling and controlling opponents; I want all of these things and so much more.

So, yes. More fun, more creativity, and better handling of balance. Less eSports. Agreed.