Let's talk Eridian weapons

So, yeah the shotties got a super huge massive nerf right out the gate but turns out there are tons of others for most if not all weapon types out there. What do ya got? Do you use them? Which ones are your faves? I have been hoarding them last night into tonight and have been playin with them and I quite like them. Not the most damaging, but they definitely have some different ways of doing things!

I will post pics at some point once I figure out how to do that from my phone…

The launchers look the worst in my opinion, with the weird teeth and eyes and face thing they have goin on. I haven’t quite yet figured out which ones with which names do what just yet but I am slowly accumulating more to find out.

My favorite legendary has the alien barrel as well. Ammo consumption may be a bit iffy because the base damage is only half of a regular rifle, but they are pretty monstrous in the elemental department.

Now I am working on my Moze I need to keep an eye out on if Torgue weapons can roll with this. The alien barrel for shotties are kind of freaky, but that is why I like it.

I wish they hadn’t nerfed the dot aspect of them. They would be perfect for a dot build (non Amara) that could match the run and gun builds

Keep you’re eyes peeled for a Torgue alien shotty called the Protuberance. Picked up a rad and shock one in the same Slaughtershaft run last night, they absolutely melt.

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So the alien barrels exists for all weapon types and if a manufacturer makes a weapon then it can spawn with the alien barrel.

also in case nobody has noticed the trend if a manufacturer makes a weapon type then there are three possible fundamental versions of that weapon and they are based on the barrel…

The alien barrel is an additional one but it is not unique to the manufacturer but changes between manufacturers in how it behaves.

These pistol versions have really been alot of fun for me. Like a Torgue, but better. Faster, big ol damage, then a secondary explosion for more damage. The Maliwan pistol types have two elements too, and that is alot of fun.

Thanks, I will make sure to do so.

I picked up an epic Proturberance from Earl and it did not disappoint. Thanks for the suggestion.

I found one at lvl 37 that took me through a great deal of the end part of the game pretty nicely, but that was pre-nerf. Since starting this thread I have been hoarding them quite alot and have acquired somewhere in the realm of 20 or so, but out of those only 2 of the really good ones.