Let's talk honestly about Ambra's lore legendary:

Note - I am putting it here rather than in the Ambra category because while it only applies to Ambra the issue is mainly in PvP rather than PvE.

Ambra’s legendary, for those that do not know, causes her to constantly generate heat. Normally she has to either use solar wind or her drain (basic left click on a mouse) in order to generate heat. Heat is expended via her right click jab of her staff, causing the attacks to hit harder than if they were done without heat. This also lowers the cooldown of her sunspots by 1 second (the initial cooldown is 8 seconds). Up to level 7, all of this is done in melee range.

At level 7 Ambra gets a choice: Keep her staff as is but gain lifesteal, make her staff into a spear that expends all heat on hit for a massive strike and more significant reduction to her sunspot cooldown, or make her staff ranged when it has heat so that it shoots fireballs but no longer reduces the cooldown of her sunspots.

With her legendary a problem arises rather quickly: Ambra can constantly hold down her right click to expend heat since it is constantly generating. While rather powerful in melee range (every right click lowers sunspot cooldown because they all are backed by some amount of heat) it becomes rather egregious at range.

My issue is: If Ambra chooses range for her level 7 helix option with her legendary she can constantly spam fireballs at you from a safe distance, fireballs that are buffed because they are heat based attacks. The amount of damage that this puts out is insane, and coupled with Ambra’s survivability that is scaled for a melee range support, she becomes rather unfun to play with or against.

I presume that this is something the creators are aware of, namely that while expending heat Ambra is able to generate it as well, but as far as balance goes it needs to be looked at. They are slow moving large projectiles, yes, but odds are that is not the only thing coming your way and any cc will make them even harder to avoid. It also puts her on par with some of the less savory Marquis tactics that we have see in the game.

A final note: While I know that many character legendaries are quite powerful, I would like to keep this thread about hers specifically and the way it alters the dynamic of PvP play when utilized. Oh yes, and the obligatory ‘please be civil so the thread isn’t locked’ disclaimer.

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It used to be one of the only things that made her viable. Now she’s an incredible healer. And has less need for her legendary, as she now generates heat insanely quickly. I think this problem with her was always here, but is now just noticeable because she’s viable. I personally don’t think it’s a problem.


Since the patch, I do not use her legendary either. Life steal staff for me.

So “Insane Damage” is subjective. She hits for around 120-130 I believe with her fire ball. Also, unless I’m mistaken, she cannot score crits with Fireball.

She basically trades in the melee strikes in favor of ranged attacks. I don’t see what the problem is.


It becomes somewhat of a “cheap” tactic but I don’t find it to be very overpowered. She gives up good melee damage and she gives up her sunspot passive (which if they didn’t do then oh yeah, it’d be overpowered) but removing these two abilities make up for giving her a solid ranged ability.


The damage output is HARDLY broken, you can’t even crit with the fireballs, it’s at best a playstyle change rather than anything else. It was smart on their part to make it so that you can’t keep lowering your cooldown when choosing that mutation.

The only “problem” balance wise you could make a case for about Ambra in her current state is that since they lowered the base sunspot cooldown on top of the heat spent lowering the cooldown mechanic, she can really spam those sunspots like crazy.

You could argue the base cooldown for sunspots should be increased a bit, but the synergy between her legendary and the radiant halberd mutation is hardly an issue. In fact, with her current mechanics, there’s a strong argument for the lifesteal option at level 7 being just as good. Prior to the patch, I was always rushing to level 7 for the halberd mutation, now I’m actually quite comfortable sticking with melee range attacks.

I think the ‘cheese’ feeling of it is the main thing that bothers me. Nothing like a non stop stream of fireballs holding a team at a choke point to make the game seem off. Though it would seem I am highly out voted in that regard ^.^

I just checked and without gear at level 7 was hitting for 89, 103 I believe if they had a sunspot on them. I guess the splash damage is what was making the number seem so high to me. One bar of heat and a minion wave is long gone. I couldn’t get a crit with her, but I also have shoddy aim, so don’t take that as a rule, just some confirmation.

But yeah, thinking about it more, it isn’t as overpowered as my initial post made it out to be. But it still seems off to me, I guess because of how much it changes how her character plays. /shrug


Lol what? Even Miko can decimate a minion wave if he’s unchecked by lvl 7, Alani too. Pretty much everyone can really.

Sorry but the math doesn’t support the fireball being OP. If you personally don’t like it because it “feels like cheesing” then that’s on you.


… >.>

I was agreeing with you.

Pretty sure he didn’t finish reading your next comment before writing his. :grimacing:

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Miko can drop a slow, go make a sandwich and have a margarita, then come back and decimate the minion wave.

Ambra is fine.


I cried I just laughed so hard. Now I need fan art of this. How do we call artists to the thread? Is there a whistle?


If she has full heat and no damage gear she’ll hit right around 120. As she loses heat it will drop down to 96 at max.

You also lose the ability to cooldown sunspot.

Sombrero Miko needs to happen. Or maybe mariachi Miko, with sharpened castanets instead of kunai.


Ambra cannot crit with her primary attack, nor her Radiant Halberd mutation (though she CAN crit with her other level 7 mutations or prior to level 7, as they are normal melee attacks.) That said, losing the ability to crit does return the benefits of the splash damage.

Both the Radiant Halberd and her primary attacks go through (or around) physical shields like those wielded by Brutes, as well as Isic, Galilea, Boldur, and they also auto-target on enemies that are immune for a large portion of their anatomy, like the many minions and bosses in the Sentinel mission.

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This would make my year…

And we shall call it:



(creepy echo-ey Miko voice): “We are ancient. We are many, and one. We have developed an affinity for ham and cheese on rye. And after, a siesta by the poolside.”


I will chime in here, Since the rebalance to Ambra I’ve been considerably more effective both healing and dealing damage. I’ve recently had a pc upgrade to that could be part of the issue but either way I feel that Ambra is both more capable and more enjoyable to play. I do feel a lot more of a threat to retreating players with the Radiant Halberd upgrade and I have used the legendary since before I unlocked the Halberd mutation. If I didn’t have the constant heat build-up I would need to rely on minion waves to get heat. That’s not a terrible problem. I like the utility of the Halberd but I can see it frustrating some.

Perhaps the way the heat builds up on the legendary item could be altered? Perhaps if the heat increased in bursts every 3 seconds or something similar it would reduce the sustained fire rate when the heat bar depletes?

Personally the Sunspot heavy ranged support Ambra is my favourite way to play so I would be sad to see it go entirely but I gave an idea for an adjustment. I’d be interested to see what people think about it.