Lets talk loadouts and gear!

Ive just reached lvl 50 in the beta and I am doing quite well and having a blast!

There is one place where I am kind of lost though.

What gear works with what characters? Attack damage on ghalt? etc etc.

If anyone has thoughts or knowlede please spread it here. Not only ghalt ofc. All chars!


Hey there. I’ve moved your thread to the Beta general discussion category. You’ll get better feedback here.

Have fun!

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Well, there are a couple of things, in theory…

  • over time, by itself, an attack speed vs attack damage item has the same % increase
  • Meaning: +5% aps is the same as +5% attack damage, on average
  • “frontloading” attack damage buffs is marginally more helpful for heavy single-attack damage characters
  • Giving Benedict +5% attack damage is a big deal because of his high attack damage
  • Giving Montana +5% attack damage is fine, but adds no real burst
  • attack speed and attack damage stack off each other
  • +5% Attack Speed and +5% Attack Damage = +10.25% dps (note the extra .25%)
  • I don’t know how percentage increases from items stack with increases from character (Oscar Mike, for example)
  • most characters have 0 health regen, so any health regen is a big increase
  • But this really only helps you outside of heavy combat.
  • Cooldown reduction isn’t helping you if you forget to cast your abilities / aren’t casting them
  • 10% cooldown reduction seems like a ton, but it still only lets you shave 6 seconds off every minute
  • Extra shards = extra buildables = extra XP = extra levels = extra everything
  • Personally, I think more shards is better than less buildable cost, but they do compliment each other
  • Items that grant extra health are fine, but health doesn’t regen like shields do (usuall)
  • look for downsides that don’t affect you
  • adding reload time to a character that doesn’t reload, subtracting shield to a character without a shield, etc
  • “I have no shield” does not proc “when your shield is depleted” effects
  • I don’t think recoil matters, but YMMV
  • Reload speed is up for debate and depends highly on your playstyle, character, and other gear
  • overall, less reload speed for Oscar Mike is more time shooting bullets, which is good-ish, see math below
  • As with any stat, the higher the number you’re affecting, the more “value” you get out of it in a vacuum
    *Whiskey Foxtrot has a high reload time, so it benefits him more than Miko, a low reload time
  • Shield Penetration is a thing
  • Damage Reduction also reduces damage done to shields (could be wrong, but 98% sure)
  • +5% damage reduction is basically +5% health and +5% shields

Thanks for reading, feel free to ignore the bit below this.

Reloading side-note:
You can easily derive DPS (Damage per Second) based purely on attack speed and attack damage. Characters that reload, however, should consider a variable stat for sustained dps: DPS with Reload, or DPSwR, for this example.
Let’s look at Oscar Mike (ignoring his trait)

  • 10 aps (30 rounds per clip)
  • 18 damage
  • 180 dps
  • 1.45 reload speed
  • 30 rounds per 3 seconds + 1.45 seconds to reload
  • 121 DPSwR (152, after factoring in his trait)
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I mostly use healers so an early +Heal Power gear is a must. Because of this I always start PvP with a common healing gear that costs 0 shards to activate and adds 13% Heal Power. However my favourite PvP gear by far is this one, I always get most shards and makes things harder for the other team :laughing:

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Oh thats a nice one! That activation cost though.

I like to roll +heal/dmg reduction, +shield and shield damage and atk speed/damage on my Gally.

I’m excited to try +attack damage Ghalt. He already hits like a truck, so a little more is a little better.

Oscar Mike and Shield Piercing is super awesome. But you will need to Skill the 60% and 25% Shield Penetration of his Skilltree.
Like that said, it’s best to improve the things your character is already good at. Like damage reduction on Montana, attack dmg and Speed on Caldarius, etc.
I would not recommend life Regeneration on most characters. You should go full HP Regeneration if you want to use this in your loadout, and then you will lose space for better gears. The HP Regeneration has not enough impact to the game. I’d rather recommend a better Shield Regeneration on most characters.

Agreed. I played around with it and it wasn’t worth it. Just get yourself to a healing ally/buildable/base/orb instead.

The only Battleborn I’ve seen benefit from HP Regen is Mellka due to one of her augments later on.

I just found this candy, translation is in the image.


+7% Skill Damage for free, especially worthy when using a character without a shield, but it also does it’s job on Orendi

Why on earth would you want to reduce orendi’s shield? She’s squishy and you want to make her more squishy??

Especially when -reload speed gear is literally impactless on orendi because she doesn’t reload.

+skill damage

is infinitely better.

I don’t have a +skill dmg/-reload spd item :smiley:
Also +7% for free is absolutely worth it, since orendi is a Walking Skill dmg^^
I also got a legendary Gear with +4% and, when a skill Hits an enemy, 15% of the damage is also given to nearby enemies. With this, orendi’s Ulti kills almost everyone in a team fight. Since I do this, i hardly died but did a lot of kills, so the -140 Shield is not such a great impact, considered the additional firepower. If I find a Gear that reduces reloading instead of Shield i will use it for sure :wink:

Orendi’s base health+shields is 1130 (at lvl 1, admittedly). By dropping her shield by 140, you reduce your net lifepoints by 12.4% (not to mention that the lifepoints you are losing are of the very nice, automatically regenerating kind and by sacrificing it you are also reducing the effectiveness of ‘oh, that reminds me!’ helix option) in exchange for a 7% increase in damage on only part of her damage output (not all of Orendi’s damage output is skills).

So let’s say -10% survivability over the course of the game in exchange for 5% increase in damage output, and you lose one of your gear slots. Personally I wouldn’t take that… Orendi’s damage at base is already high enough to fulfill her role for the team. Personally I beef her up survivability-wise.

Although that legendary does sound brilliant :slight_smile: