Lets talk melee characters

So you want to play a melee character ehh. Well I have one piece of advice, don’t play any of them other than Rath and possibly Galilea.

Melee characters are garbage in PVP to the extreme. During the beta Melee characters were absolutely amazing and I had a great time playing as them, but now the game is geared so much to the ranged characters that Melee characters are an absolute waste of time. I know there are off shots where there are people that can destroy as XYZ character, but typically Rath and Galilea are the only characters that are somewhat cable of holding there own and Galilea even less so because they nerfed her into non-existence basically and from what I see are going to nerf her some more.

So here are my issues with the Melee characters and why.

Attikus (10 hrs)/Kelvin (2.5 hrs) - HUGE hit boxes. These guys are the biggest target on any team that they are on, and to top it off they are the slowest characters in the game. Oh you see Oscar Mike over there well let me trot like I just won the superbowl towards him as he empties 2-3 clips aaannnnd your dead. Oh you want to use you pounce as means to close the gap? cool story bro you just shot the dude 10 ft away in a direction un-beknownst to you because you were flying through the air and now they are unloading into you “aaannnnddd your dead”. On the off chance you do happen to catch someone they are so fast that they can just turn and run and there is nothing you can do to stop them “but wait doesn’t Kelvin have sublimate to stun and a wall to stop people?” yes, yes he does, but the stun is soooo short it barely stops someone long enough for you to kill them, and the wall is the most god awful thing to target so forget trapping anyone behind it.

Boldur (6 hrs)- Is great if you want to be a distraction for the rest of your team to get the kills (something I don’t mind at all as I play as Boldur often). But he is slow and attacks even slower, even with legendary attack speed increase he has a hard time hitting people constantly. But using your shield as means to distract the enemy and have them focus fire on you is fine just don’t expect to get kills or even assists because if you drop your shield you are dead.

Deande (1 hr)- There is just all sorts of wrong done to her, she doesn’t hardly put out damage at all, and her ult takes 10 months to cast (I am pretty sure this is an accurate assessment on the duration of the casting, and she gets murdered relentlessly. Sure she can call a clone, but the thing doesn’t really survive long and you are not completely invisible so you still are susceptible to being murdered all in your face while trying to run

Phoebe (5.5 hrs)- Glass Cannon to the extreme, yes I have had success in playing her, just because of the fact that she can destroy opponents with extreme haste, but same issue with every other character is getting to someone to attack them. Typically a majority of the characters you fight will be ranged characters so as you lazily drift towards them they are unloading into your chest while backing away (making it harder to get to them)

Shane (1 hr)- Puts out a great deal of damage and has a awesome ult, also has a secondary that allows her to throw boomerangs so she has some distance to her. But if you try to run in and kill someone up close you are going to be focused on because you have a giant hit box.

El Dragon (1hr)- Same issue as everyone else, you can use your skill to close the gap but then you are surrounded with a decent size hit box and you have no means to escaping. Also he is weak as heck compared to the other melee characters

And finally the golden gooses

Rath (5 hrs)- He kicks some serious tail easily the highest damage dealer in the game especially if you catch the opposing team holding each others pockets while you unload your ult into them. not much issue with him as he has a standard hit box and is quick. He dies quickly but that is because he deals tons of damage they needed to keep him balanced a bit.

Galilea (1.5 hrs)- USED to be the best in the game, but sadly now is not due to all the nerfs I find it hard to play as her because she doesn’t do much damage and frankly is slow. Sure she can hit at a range, but that is only if she is fully healed (if the opposing team has any shield penetration this is a mute point)

ALL the melee characters are at huge disadvantages due to the distance that they need to close just to be able to do damage, but I also see people on the forums complain about them the most saying they deal to much damage (looking at you Rath). I beseech the Gearbox team not to heed this though because they simply are terrible to play. I just tried Attikus and I got dominated. I love that there are melee characters in a first person shooter and they are all fun to play during PVE but in PVP which is increasingly becoming a ranged game it is frustrating to the extreme.

This is just one poor souls rant and I hope you all don’t dive into me too bad as these are just opinions. If you feel otherwise let me know why as I would like to hear the other point of view because currently only Rath is playable to me right now.

Also the hours next to each name are how long I have played with the characters (not counting beta which i put in 100hrs playing a majority of melee characters). I know how to handle most of them, but some of them are a frustrating to the extreme in PVP


Agreed for the most part. Even Phoebe can easily be destroyed with the slightest miscalculation of when to go in. Another problem is almost every ranged character ends up with AOE damage going on so they not only can back peddle while killing you, but also make a death trap and stand in it so they are untouchable. Or use it to deny you entering in the first place. A decent Marquis wrecks any large character, especially melee ones. Only real answer I see is giving all melee characters some automatic damage reduction. What else could be done at this point?

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It all depends on your support. Kelvin, Boldur, Rath, Gal and Dragon are monsters with a healer on them. My main is Miko and when one of these Heroes is on my team I do my best to keep them alive. They can cause so much havoc its a pleasure to be on the same team.

The trick to melee is knowing when to pick a fight and knowing when to go AWOL.


All true, but that is part of the problem. Any ranged character can be somewhat effective independently of their team due to AOE’s, regular attacks, mostly smaller hitbox, faster movement, etc. No melee character can do much without direct help and if your team isn’t paying attention to you? Never going to do anything meaningful, without a lot of luck or idiotic enemies anyway. It’s easy to see across many PvP matches that this is true - only Rath defies this a little bit, because of his knock up and decent speed. Galilea no longer crushes like before so she is quickly falling off.


This post is a bunch of nonsense. El Dragon is my main character and I terrorize with him


Kelvin, Shayne, and Dragon see the three I disagree on. Kelvin without a healer is easy to rock, and the stun lasts as long as any. My trick to that is to cancel Sub as soon as I stun them, turn, chomp, beat, use aoe as they outrun me, wall them (assuming I’m 5+), or go back to farming and gankin. On the note of ganking, he is a beast. Stun intro, wall, knockback.
Shayne is a brawler. She stealths in, beats them, then bails if needed. Her ult, we also disagree on. It’s way too easy to avoid. Her damage melee is insane! Nearly double the average melee with shield up, I believe.
Dragon I’ve never used. But I’ve used Toby,melka, Caldy, Rath, and just about everyone. I try a new character and I suddenly have to be thrown into the ring with him. (Get it? Hueh hueh) and he stomps my face in, suplexes me, then pins me and gives me some bad touch.
Other than that, I can’t disagree. Won’t try Boldur, haven’t used Gali in awhile, Rath is a little piece of god, I suck as pheobe, atty needs a small boost to speed and health, deande… She’s just weird.

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I respectfully disagree and would like to point out that shayne is a girl, not a guy.

You simply have to play smarter and need to be sure to adjust your helix kit accordingly when chosen depending on what the enemy team comp is. Just because ranged is easier doesn’t mean melee is garbage. A couple of melee characters do need buffs, but I’ve seen so many destroy that aren’t raath or galilea as they knew the character very well. Practice makes perfect and you can definitely learn from losses. If you can record your matches, if on Xbox set you record to its maximum of 5 minutes and record every 5 minutes of a match being played, 15 if on playstation. Most players that Excell at these games play for a few matches and then analyze those matches, seeing what they did right and what they could have done better. Trust me it helps immensely.

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Exactly what I was going to say.

Beyond that i think you are completely mistaken my friend. Personally, I prefer to play melee characters over ranged characters and i don’t have any issues. And I also feel like you aren’t taking into account the various roles all of these characters fill.

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It’s Shayne and Aurox therefore can be mentioned as guy or girl. It doesn’t matter…

Melee characters are supposed to be heavy hitters or damage sponges regardless of their sub classes. This is because they are IN the action. So yes he is taking into account the various rolls of each character. Ranged characters should do less damage because of their ranged advantage.

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Each character has different roles yes, but ranged characters in general are easier for most people to play seeing as this is a first person game and there is a lot going on on screen at times and is generally harder for someone playing melee to keep track of as a lot more of their screen is being taken up by all the particle effects as well as certain melee characters have a weird part of their body taking up space on screen as well, so I get where the op is coming from with that.


Apologize for saying him/he on Shane. Brainfart on my part as I know she is a girl. I just edited it to show she/her.

While I agree knowing how to play the character helps but Attikus gets shredded like no other and he is one of my favorite characters (play PVE as him all the time) and I know him and his tree very well but even if you try to sneak on people it is near impossible to get kills due to the fact that he is so slow. Even when on an enemy they can turn and outrun him (eithe just to escape or to run far enough away to then turn around and take you out). This all started because I choose random twice got attikus who me I refuse to play PVP normally and got shredded. It is terrible.

To put it in perspective I play as Montana occasionally (another rather large character that is slow) and I will average double digit kills and typically double digit assists, while achieving pushes into enemy territory with greater ease.

Also the problem with the healing is that not only is it hit or miss if you get a healer, but not every person that does heal will assist the melee class diligently and leaves them out to dry. Even when nothing is happening I have stood in front of a Miko and received no healing. But if you do have a healer that is good it does right the world. But also being up front healing the melee puts the healer in extreme risk as they now are on the front line and if the opponent knows anything they should focus to kill the healer first. However if you Mantana, the healer can have more freedom to hang back a little more and is able to assist more of the team that is fighting at a range.


This is true. Especially if you play split screen. It makes everything hard to see and read, even on a 50" TV.

I think the only thing you’re not trying taking into account is style. I can’t play Montana - not my style. I can’t play pheobe either. Rath I can. My best characters are heavy hitting, hard to reach characters. Caldy and Toby. It’s just that the way they’re played works for me. Alani too, but I won’t use her til the nerf. Easy win :stuck_out_tongue:
I also won’t play healer. Period. In and moba. I’ve never used any in LoL, hots, I’ve never used miko in this. The reason why is that it doesn’t fit my style. Atticus I actually do pretty well with, in meltdown or echelon. Overgrowth is a bit more difficult, very open, and his health does not scale with his size :stuck_out_tongue:

Why wont you try Boldur? >_>

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I don’t like damage soakers, really. Never have, too fine of a line between tanking and suicide bombing, particularly when they’re melee.

i have actually found this to only be true at very high levels of play. only when i am grouped in a full team with high elo and we get placed against another full team obviously with high elo do i notice it. but then it is amplified by a million. this game, meltdown and incursion, but more so in incursion, at high levels it all comes down to aoe and chained cc, which none of the assassin melee characters really have.

that is why alani is so overpowered. she absolutely controls the map. even pre nerf gali would have had a very hard time getting ahold of a smart alani. galilea is still overpowered in every regard. i honestly do not notice a difference. but even galilea will probably get smoked at high levels due to ranged/aoe imbalance. take orendi, for example. her level 10 mutation can get pentakills on full health battleborn. and this is absolutely not an exaggeration, and they do not need to be very close together at all.

Sorry, not believing anyone who claims to do fine as melee without direct help from their team in PvP. I’ve played many matches, friends as well and only Rath has ever held his own unless we have a support / healer on them consistently. They simply will die without it, even if you surprise someone around a corner you’ll be lucky to get a hit or two in and they’re gone. Only to return with three ranged people and chase you off or kill you instantly.

Now yes you should be working as a team in this game so why am I agreeing with OP? All ranged characters can carry themselves, it seems unbalanced that except in rare circumstances no melee character has that room for error. It pushes people away from even trying them in PvP. I haven’t seen one Kelvin in all the matches I’ve had, not one. And I have to imagine he fares better than Attikus so that’s saying something.

You called gali still op. I disagree entirely. I haven’t seen a good one since before the nerf, and even then only when they had amiko. Okay that’s unfair, I saw a good one today, but she still got her face stomped because she’s balanced, and her team wasn’t good enough. She even had a miko.
Also, I hope you’re not calling orendi op? And I am curious as to how she can do that when they’re not close. I just haven’t seen that level of skill yet.

To the next guy… I do just fine as Shayne with zero support. The others, maybe not so much. But this isn’t a solo based game, it’s team based. So while I understand the concept of melees play differently, I don’t see it as better or worse. As for Kelvin, he’s not great solo, but he’s passable. With either fire or healing support, he’s insane if played well.

her level 10 mutation autolocks to anyone in the area and essentially one shots them with the right gear. i saw her get about 3 triples in a row against us. mind you, this was not a snowball or anything like that at all. this was a game we won by 200 pts in meltdown. i cant imagine gbx wants one hit kills to be happening when she doesnt even have to know you’re there and it autolocks. you just dont hear anything about it because not many people main orendi well, and those that do just dont talk about it. trust me, it makes rath’s ult look like a cupcake.

More health and more damage dealt by melee characters (other than Rath and Galilea) would fix the perceived problem. But wouldn’t that just cause new balance issues to arise?