Let's Talk PVP CCs!

Ok, all you wise & learn-ed Battleborn scholars, let’s discuss CCs in PVP!



Best group or team CC set ups?

Any not worth using?

Which are your faves?

Least faves?



Please discuss!

Hopefully at length!

Thanks in advance!

Any chain of hard CC is sick nasty when used well.

Kelvin by far the best initiator with group stun potential and any follow up chain can be viable.

Knockup is actually a super underrated CC tool as well and can really hurt battleborn without a good escape option.

My and my GF have started running Kelvin + Shayne on capture and go sublimate - fetch - ice wall for a nice duo combo :slight_smile:



Just out of curiosity, when you say “hard” CC what do you mean exactly?

Are there “soft” CCs?

Hard=anything that totally immobilises/disables ie. stun and knockup, Geyser bubble. Pulls I guess could be considered in this category

Everything else is Soft (slow, silence, weaken, whatever)



Cheers, thanks!

I’d classify knockup as somewhere in the middle, since a lot of characters in Battleborn have skills that can cut its duration in half by using an escape at the peak of the knockup (once the stun wears off).

Even stuff like air stall, burst propulsion, double jumps etc can be used to escape Rath’s, which doubles as a silence.

But for overall use against the field it sure is hard cc.

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What happened to Marquis’ reveal owls?

They feel pathetic now.

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Nerfed in last update

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There really is no best or worst, each can be good depending on the situation. Wound works amazing on a Miko/Tank combo. While slow works amazing on Caldarius, or he could easily get away most of the time. Silence is perfect on ISIC or Ghalt when they are in their ultimate. As for a good team CC set up one is for the choke points next to the first sentry on Overgrowth. Stun an enemy as Kelvin, use Shayne or Ghalt to pull them into your area. Use Kelvin’s wall to block their path back to the sentry. Or as Montana knock them back into a wall then have a Boldur do it to once they try running.

I’m having to guess the best combo for CC is 5 Orendi’s using Nullify with push effect when standing around an enemy in a circle. I feel as though that combo might break somebody. And probably cause the world to end.

Every CC is worth using if you are in the right situation, wound on an enemy team without a healer is useless. While a silence on an enemy that favors their basic attack over their abilities, like thorn or Montana, can be almost useless unless you can time it just right to negate their ultimate.

And as for my favorite CC, that would be slow, it helps when chasing an enemy, or running from one. Stun tends not to last as long as a slow.

My least favorite would be Stun, I feel as though it is a cheap trick in a fast paced game like battleborn, it’s too easy to stun, and for most characters, one stun and you will probably die if the enemy gangs up on you.

There really is no overrated CC, just underrated, I feel as though not enough people focus on using slow. Most people would go with Miko’s Stun instead of the spores dropping along the way as the bomb flies. Have a nice line of slow and it works great on clusters of enemies, especially minions.

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I think you’re confusing Weaken with Wounded. Weaken just reduces attack damage, Wounded reduces healing received/health regen, I think.


You know, now that I see that, I realize I’m such a fool, but soon no one will know the difference.

Lol. Still looking for those assists?

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Who applies Weaken, rather than Wound?

Are you referring to hard cc or soft? The skill itself or when used in conjunction with others?

… Honestly, that hurts, I’m gonna go sit in a dark room now and cry about this. And then I’ll feel like I’ve been weakened only to find out I’m actually wounded. My grievous error has gotten the better of me. Darn these overused CCs.

I’m quite happy now, killing marquis as pendles is bliss, only would be better if meltdown classic were back


I’m stupid.

Weaken is when you reduce Attack power, etc.


Deande’s Burst Dash applies Weaken.

Attikus can apply Weaken.

Beatrix can apply it.

El Dragon can apply Weaken.

And many other characters can apply it.

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  • Isic 1 sec stun. only real usefulnees is to get someone off a team mate
  • El dragons, same thing as Isic
  • Kid ultra, Went from being the most OP thing to the worst. they ninja nerfed it from 2 sec to 1 sec.

Lol I was actually referring to your original post :slight_smile:

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