Let's Theorize - Battleborn 2!

This thread is a pretend / theorize / wishlist of things we’d like see changed in Battleborn 2. Of course, there is not a current plan for Battleborn 2, and it seems … let’s say “unlikely”, at this time.

What this this thread is [U]NOT[/U]:

  • This is not a thread for you to talk directly about problems with the game (other than BB2 would fix X with Y). Nor is this a thread for you to say that “Battleborn 2 won’t happen!”. This is not a thread to talk about Overwatch, Paladins, etc.

Is that all laid out? Okay, good. Let’s start

Battleborn 2 (need a better name) will have some sort proper tutorial.
Also marketing!
And Geoff returns!

For PVE, specifically: More Missions, but shorter missions for each one. And make them feel contiguous.

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To be 100% honest, if they just package current BB with a campaign mode like, something like Tiny Tina’s DLC (save points, ability to gain/change gear/ lasts a couple hours) and give it a new name like "Battleborn: “Born to Battle Edition” it would probably do pretty decent.

Also “Battleborn: Born 2 Battle” is the natural sequel name.


OF COURSE!!! Damn it. It was right there!


what are the varelsi scared of? what is so astronomically terrifying that a race of inter-dimensional horrors would breach into the battleborn universe and drag all their stars away into nothingness?

This is the question i need answered in battleborn 2. or at least the DLC. Oh and something about Lenore. I need info on that too GBX.

and make Deande playable again.


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Nice quote of ISIC

hey someone got it. it’s not the exact quote but I was too lazy to look it up.

The Gearbox Devs, obviously. They are the ones who made the Varelsi. They made them do what they do. Haha :smile:

But I’d definitely want to see more lore and story and PvE in a sequel. PvP is cool and all but PvE is where it’s at.


-MMing overhauled.
-A cohesive story told across more than eight repititive missions.
-More interesting missions with more interesting bosses.
-NO cap on the progression system.
-The ability to reset challenges.
-All characters available at start with no unlocks.

That’s all I got for the moment, but I’m sure I could come up with more.


I LOVE the unlocks though. When I started out it was so much fun finding more and more playstyles. Although they should have the pre unlocked characters be the last to unlock in this game

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It would be nice for a more in-depth story. I know storytelling isn’t GBX strong suit( not trying to put down but it isn’t), but just something to tell us more about the characters. I really do find them interesting. I also think it would have a new villain. Maybe some Varelsi leader or something or maybe we find out the Varelsi were actually darkening the universe as a means of warding off something worse. Or hey maybe the next game kicks off another faction war. Also, more cut-scenes and an awesome theme song like this game had.

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I hated it. I was so eager to try Deande and Ghalt and if not for the double XP weekend, it would’ve taken forever. I think all characters should be available from the start. The unlocks feel like they’re only there to force you to grind and I don’t appreciate that.

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A PVP mode based around exploring small mazes with teleporters. You can go as a team but you won’t find as many objectives, which are… You must capture all five flags or giant shards or something to win. If you die, it is given to the person who killed you. Eventually, you have to navigate the Maze to the opponents side to steal theirs. First to get 4 wins. Maze changes randomly, based on 16 presets. Each quadrant is randomly chosen for a preset, and there are 8 different possible enviroments. Sense of wonder and suspense
PVE has two types of missions. Raids and shorts. Raids are long and have multiple objectives. Shorts are quick run throughs that only get you to level 10. Raids allow to level 15. Capture only allows to level 10. Other modes to 15.

Obviously, all characters to level 15.

40 characters.

One who starts out with only one skill, a basic shot that deals 150 damage. They then select a second skill at level 1. They select ult at 5. Passive upgrade at 10. Build your own character essentially. Mutations offer new options. Their kits are empty and terrible at first, but grow and develop and synergise very oddly. How bad are these ideas?


Oh I got them all by 20ish by playing through story

So you’re suggesting a more MOBA-ish feel, right?

I’ve yet to play a MOBA besides 3 minutes of LoL. But I really want this lol. If it is, I’m fine with that

Its somewhat impossible to think of a sequel without address the issues in the current game. A sequel will unlikely happen even if the game get popular because these games are based on growing. That IMO aside.

The game needs to be only need to more moba ish in terms of a laning phase, draft, and ranked. If they had dual lane like meltdown, and objectives like incursion then thay would be awesome. A pair to the right, a pair to the left an a jungler. Also some jungle buffs. +5% this and that.

The story needs to be in general “more”. It strange how the lores contain a more interesting plots than the gameplay. We need more to go on than hes bad we’re good, and the just to these missons. They stages need to be as much as a challenge as the enemies. We could use more single player paths. Hidden short cuts, multiple player locks, etc.

Im still not a fan of the 3 slot gear and wish they bump it to at least 4 (i really want 5) and lower the stats. Feel like there is a lack of customization in the load outs.

The Varelsi are a group of mindless drones controlled by a grown man with the mentality of a 4 year old kid who’s afraid that the boogey man will get him if he doesn’t have a nightlight. Of course, one of those cheap plastic ones from Wal-Mart won’t do him any good in The Void so he needs all the nightlights. I like to picture Rendain reading him “Goodnight Moon.”


Other locations like LLC Dome, Rogue Spacestation, Varelsi Dimension.
Would like to see a darker tone of (the current) environments that could be seen in the cooperative story presentation, there were some PvP maps that were a bit more spooky. Like if the planet was being consumed/corrupted by the varelsi and everything looked a bit more toxic.

Random events during a mission


I highly suspect Battleborn 2 would revolve around Rendain in some form. Purely speculation (and mostly for fun) I would love to see Rendain return in part-Varelsi form.

However, seeing as I find it highly unlikely Battleborn would ever get a full-on sequel, I do expect there to be a plethora of story DLCs, the same with Borderlands 2 had countless story missions after the game.

Episodic DLC: [color=orange]Battleborn and the Varelsi Queen[/color]
A new threat has come from the darkness - the Varelsi Queen, a mistress of pure blackness and an insatiable hatred for the light. With the Varelsi Queen taking off where Rendain couldn’t, the Battleborn have one hell of a fight ahead of them to destroy her and the Varelsi threat for good in this episodic DLC from the makers of Borderlands.

[color=orange]Story idea:[/color]
Weeks, even months, after the Battleborn defeated Rendain and the fight against the Varelsi hasn’t stopped, but their fight is about to get even more difficult. A woman who claims to be the Varelsi Queen has come through the darkness, bringing with her an army and Lieutenants who are about to do what Rendain couldn’t. If they are going to find a way to defeat her, they’ll have to go through her top Lieutenants to destroy her - but she won’t go down without a fight. Joining the Battleborn in this five episodic story DLC are three new characters who might be the added strength they need.

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