Let's think of some new mayhem mods!

Here’s some:
Miniboss Rush
Increases the number of badass enemies, and a chance that a badass enemy may spawn as a Super Badass.

Armchair General
Increases Action Skill Damage and pet/clone/IB health, decreases gun damage. Increased skill cooldown.

Veteran Spam
Enemies are more likely to throw grenades. Like, a lot. They all maxed their Grenade SDUs.

Friendly Fire
Or, ‘How to lose friends and alienate people’.

Tink Tonk
Loot Tinks are more likely to spawn.

A Spoonful of Sugar
Killing a Badass enemy triggers 15% Lifesteal for a few seconds.

Ultimate Returns
Enemies constantly regenerate health, except bosses.

Opposite Day Mode
Enemy resistances and weaknesses are switched for certain enemies (the ones with upside-down hats).

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I’d like to see both the Cartel event beacons and Halloween ghosts as modifiers.

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Something like that may be fun, but I’d like them to fix the current spawn mods first.

You know, have pets/clone able to target them, allow Reflux/Redistributor chains to hit them without having to target them, that kinda thing.

Not sure if it’s an intentional way of making them stand out more, but it slows things down when you have to stop everything and give all your attention to multiple Deaths because they have a ton of health and don’t care about pets or chain damage.

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-All COV/Maliwan/Rakks/Spiderants/Loaders/Jabbers/Skags/etc have rocket launchers for no reason

+** :weary: :weary: :weary:!!!**
-Male enemies wear speedos, female enemies wear bikinis.

+What game is this again?
-All enemies look like Minecraft characters and move 50% faster

-Enemies don’t attack you…and they are not targetable…World peace has been achieved

+I Hate Modifiers
-Invincibility Drones have invincibility drones, which have invincibility drones that have invincibility drones, which have a chance to spawn invincibility drones

-Turns off all modifiers completely so you don’t have to deal with BS while you just wanna enjoy your game.


I apologize to OP as I don t specially want to aim at you, but I don t think the multiple forum threads that suggest others new modifiers are really on a good track.

I think the problem with modifiers is the way they are implemented , their balancing , gb still does not have a good grasp of what the game feels in a player pov hence all the problems with a modifier like floor is lava, which if I recall was one suggested on forums here a long time ago in the mayhem 1.0 era.

Even if Gb pick some of the new suggested modifiers, if they don t learn for their mistakes and correct the old ones first, we are in for a horrible implementation again.

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Fair point

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Yeah I’m unhappy with some modifiers, too.
Just WHY the Freeze Tag orbs spawn Buddy System if both modifiers are active? For what reason are the orbs counting as enemies although they are not marked on the map with red dots. I believe that the Buddy System can spawn Freeze Tag, too… PLUS nearly EVERY mob spawns them… the invincibility drone comes much rarer and this may be the reason why they are more popular than other modifiers.
If Dazed and Infused is active you barely can forget to use any element… nearly every third enemy is immune to a element.
Lets say you have Pool Party, Dazed and Infused and Freeze Tag that would lead to insta death every time. I see no chances how you could survive this.

  • Veteran Spam

I see what you did there. Do you really want to relive those veteran CoD play through days, especially World at War, I am still haunted by those never ending barrage of grenade markers :sweat_smile:

Oh, I never played it, I just know about it from videogamedunkey

its really dumb they insta kill no matter what, it shouldve been % damage instead