Let's trade! LF moze gear

My gamertag is ThirdEyeOP feel free to add me

Level 50 gear I want:

*Deathless artifact with grenade damage or heavy damage
*Cutpurse prefix artifact with boost to magazine size

got a deep dive face puncher

I have that. Using it atm. Trying to upgrade to the redundant.

interested in ur vanisher. is it cryo and whats the annointment?

oh welp. allright then.

My Deep Dive has +15 reload speed and +25 capacity if that interests u at all?

If you have some other options for moze let me know

whats the anointment on the lucians?

Could you show me the dictator?

I have a redundant face puncher I can trade for your fire lucians call. Gamertag is Senile

Sounds good Savage. I’ll hop on now

Bumpity bump

New items I have for trade

I’m interested in the Handsome Jackhammer if it’s still available.

Okay what do you have for trade?

I have a Corrosive Stone Deathless with shotgun damage.

Okay add me. I’ll hop on to make the trade