Level 1 atlas plumage

Hey folks,

I saw a guy rocket jumping using a level 1 Atlas Plumage. It looked cool and I am not good at the glitch stuff to get a level 1 one.

I wanted to try it Soooo… :acmhmm:

If someone has one in the 1 to 10 level range… which I don’t think it would kill me.
I would like to try some jumping.

If you have one send me a friend request or post here. I am not on as much as I was before the game is kinda in-between right now. So we are all probably doing stuff like this. May all our hunting be happy hunting!
**If your a rocket jumper … :running_man::boom: __________________:running_man::boom:
____________________________ :running_man::boom: ______:running_man::boom: _________:running_man::boom:
________________________________:running_man::boom: _____________________:running_man::boom:

Tell any rocket jumping stories here!** :acmaffirmative: :boom:

PSN: Dmanlyestman