Level 1 loot on TVHM M4?

I found some older threads from months ago about this issue but nothing recently. It appears this is still happening. Is this a bug or intended or what? Pretty sure I have seen this in other places as well but this was from the Capture the Frag side mission at the shack:

There is a lot of talk about improving legendary drop rates and anointments etc… It might also help if loot that dropped was not common, white level 1 trash when playing at 50 on the hardest difficulty? Just an idea…

You always get a bunch of level 1 gear when that shack is destroyed. Just part of that mission.

Right. But why would that be “just part of that mission”? That makes no sense.

It’s just there to add to the debris when the shack explodes.

Of all the things I’ve noticed in this game, I wouldn’t call this a bug. It’s all level 1, it’s always white rarity. It’s just for atmosphere.

Happened to me when I’ve done that mission as well. Although I did have a lvl 1 unforgiven spit out of the lost loot machine on my lvl 50 Zane once for some odd reason.

This argument makes no sense. This is a looter shooter. We don’t need level 1 loot to provide “atmosphere”. Loot should just be level appropriate. It provides the same loot atmosphere and is useful but your point is taken.

It does make sense. It’s a looter shooter. A bunch of level 1 loot is perfect for atmosphere.
If it gave level appropriate gear people would farm the stupid shack.

Again…this argument makes no sense. People farm EVERYTHING in this game. That is sort of the point. Also, this isn’t a boss but the end of a long-ish side mission. Not exactly the best thing to “farm” compared to other things that are reset and killed much more quickly.