Level 1 start anyone?

I’m relatively new to the game and would love a group of 3 or 4 to go through the game with. I played through 6-7 hours on PC a very long time ago so I’ll be rusty. Just looking for a bit of fun, no power levelling or running through the game. If anyone is interested let me know. PSN ID: Ansellbwoy

My psn is axendo, what level are you?

Level 1

Il play mechromancer sniper I’m in psn kitkat2368

Borderlands 2 or pre sequel?

It’ll be borderlands 2, to start with at least. I’ll probably go with Commando. So we have 2 of us. One or two more would be perfect. I’ll be looking to start tomorrow (Sunday) night. That’s UK time, around 10pm. I can do a couple hours most nights. Anyone else interested let me know.

Anyone else? Only had one friend request so far. Will be playing from 10pm tonight

Can’t find kitkat2368 on psn, message IntuitiveApple3 if you want to play together.