Level 10 helix changes you want to se

Simply discuss level 10 helix changes that need changes

Shayne and aurox: aurox hungers; I like the idea of this one but really it only can be done in a grouped up fight and still probably not work, my suggestion
aurox follows shielded characters and adds ALL shield to you to balance out you only get shield when aurox comes back to you

Something to make Ambra’s ult not be terrible.

It’s actually very strong. Just place it behind enemies, or near a sentry. I got a quad kill with one (yeah idk either).

I’ve got a triple kill with one. It still sucks.

It’s a slightly stronger Oscar Mike grenade with 10 times the cooldown and a 5 second fuse.

Seriously, it’s not that bad. It gets strong kills on AI, and can do work on anything else.

Well, we’re just gonna have to disagree on that one. Offhand, I can’t think of a worse ult besides maybe Toby’s, and I haven’t used Toby since they fixed it.

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It is very good now especially on bigger people

Phoebe’s Mutation should decrease damage by less than 50%, 20% seems decently fair. Casting animation should be cut. lol

Kelvin…oh dear Kelvin…Allies should be able to pass thru the ice wall at least.

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Who knew Kelvin’s ult would be ripe for abuse for trolling allies.

Deande says hello.

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Have you not played Deande since they buffed it? It’s good now, and it straight up murders squishies when caught alone.

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I think its safe to say Galilea has the worst tier 10 helix choices. They’re both trash after the nerf during the beta. And even then +100% movement speed on top of something that’s already slow as fudge doesn’t compare to some of the others like Space lasers, Pillarstorm, Big Payback, ect…

I have as I main Deande and I did like the buff but I feel it still isn’t enough.
Like you said: [quote=“mail4famous, post:11, topic:1543204”]
when caught alone.

It works great, but if you catch 2 or 3 players + mininons the only use out of it is the stun which teammates can take advantage of. Although that’s not a bad thing, I just wish it did just a little more damage is all.

Well…she’s an assassin.

She’s meant for single targets. I honestly think its right where it needs to be.
It’s fits with exactly her role. It does great damage on single targets, it debilitates groups.

It’s certainly better at its job and fits its character better than Ambra’s.

reduce the damage of pillarstorm for orendi. If it did 50-75% less damage when the shadowfire pillars form it’d be ok but as far as i know they deal the same damage as a basic one.

They should tone down her other abilities and make her ult turn into a being of darkness like the ability says it does

It’s way better than I thought using him now, I just wish it was more epic like how his top right lore explains it

Mike’ Spess Lazor is pretty clearly always a horrific threat to sentries while reducing the area of effect such that using it against much else is unlikely aside from a single elite minion. I’d say a good idea certainly would be to meet these issues half-way by reducing the damage of Spess Lazor while increasing the area of effect (though I do admit it would have to be more complex than simply increasing the size of the graphic considering how it blocks people’s sight already, I’d say to make the blue-firey impact on the ground increase in size rather than increasing the size of the lazor itself)

Not so sure the space laser I have mixed feelings about it, the hits inside part is actually useful and the damage is INSANE but the area is small like you say like geyser small, overall it is actually good just a little more situational and EXCELLENT for those small choke points

Honestly, I probably would agree entirely myself if there was only Meltdown or Capture. Lazor basically requires a sneaky surprise attack, but his cloak certainly allows for this and some poor bastard that gets hit by it is probably going to be dead.

But with Incursion to consider, I’d have to say it’s definitely strictly overpowered there which leads me to believe the ability would be better off having its damage nerfed and compensated with a greater AoE. Definitely still needs to be distinct from the normal Airstrike area though, of course.