Level 10 helix changes you want to se

Well I would probably agree with you but concussive strike is also good and makes space laser a preference/situational instead of an instant get

I’ve seen a minion gorged kelvin survive the laser

How do you feel about oscar Mike’s level 10 mutation, personally I don’t feel it fits his playstyle but no idea how to change it

Yeah reviving my own thread. So any other ult helixes any of you want to change

Ambra’s World’s End could really use a boost. I’d just up the duration benefit to double the total duration and tack on a small damage boost to the damage-over-time, should make it very useful area denial then.

Caldarius’ Aerial Barrage is kinda weak, and probably has to used while ignoring the great mobility it provides to actually benefit from it (unless being used to escape, in which it’ll probably be mostly forgettable since Calderius was just losing anyway). I’d say to also make him drop grenades as he travels and lands (the grenades don’t do a lot of damage so I can’t see too much of an issue with adding a few more. It just needs not drop another grenade for every half of a meter or something ridiculous like that), that would make it a cool option.

Aurox Hungers (which is of course one of Shayne’s) is a tad overly situational (Enemies will probably have to be grouped up closely and have active shields to make it noticeable) compared to Aurox Beckons, which considering the ultimate as it is, is pretty much the least situational thing ever for it. It needs something else to make it more always practical, with something as simple as an area-effect increase possibly being all it needs - that could enough to make a potent high-risk-high-reward tool against a shielded-but-somewhat-damaged team after going in on them with a Stealth Strike slow.

Montana’s Big Payback is pretty unwieldy right now. I’d at least make it cause its damage immediately at the end of Mansformation instead of 3 seconds after that.

Orendi’s Pillarstorm’s kinda much and blatantly superior to Reign of Chaos. It’s better off remade - I’d say to make Paradigm Shift immediately cast a Shadowfire Pillar on any Shadowfire Pillars that are going off that Paradigm Shift hits. This would make for some interesting targeting set-ups, and clearly exclude it from working with Instant Gratification while synergizing with Power Pillar, making Pillarstorm the wombo-combo option while Reign of Chaos distinctly just goes “THEY’RELOWKILLKILLKILL” helpfully and works better with Instant Gratification. I’m also not really sure what to think about Thought Rejection - I never really use it but I’m not certain it’s outright bad.

Honestly, I’d think the current concepts are fine, could just use number adjustments. Also think they should swap sides, since sneak-attacking is generally the right side’s thing and Spess Lazors really needs to be used sneakily (though not necessarily out of stealth). I’ve never actually used Danger Close though, I’d have to test it out to comment on it.

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I’d say give Miko’s level ten a change from health to apply slow within it’s boundaries. I’ve found that even with the health upgrade the mushroom dies very quickly when under fire. The mushroom should be a portable healing station, as such you should place it out of enemy lines of sight and fire (around corners, behind that middle statue in Overgrowth etc). I think the damage is actually very useful as well as the ability to place two different mushroom heads at different locations.

A slow would be quite useful on the mushroom head, and it be possible on a lore basis because of Miko’s other spore related ability. It would only really be viable against melee characters, but the same can be said for the damage upgrade. Perhaps it could give a speed boost to allies? Actually that’s a great idea! The shroom could give some kind of aid to allies other than just healing them. Speed boost would be sweet. But I think what would be the most useful is damage reduc to those in its aoe. Oh man that’d be sweet! I think that’d for sure be what I’d do, I’d make one choice be damage to enemies, on be damage reduc to allies and the last choice would be placing multiple shroom heads. Yep, it’s settled. That’s certainly the most viable choice.

I dunno, I’ve actually felt the health boost can be useful with a sufficient team of big characters or melee to get in the way for it. Such characters tend to not be able to use cover as effectively and definitely work a ton better with healing, thereby giving the mushroom a good blocker. I do think the helix could use an increase though, at least doubling the mushroom’s health would then make for a very noticeable boost against an enemy team that’s a bit lacking in ranged AoE damage.

The rest is probably not necessary though, Miko’s already got a very well-designed ultimate with a clear counterplay (shoot the mushroom) and powerful benefits (hands-free healing and not making Miko a “crit-me” target that even geriatics with tremors can hit headshot [Ok, maybe not]).

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Have you seen my idea on aurox hungers

Big payback is fine, your ideas on ambras and caldarius I like