Level 10 left helix - Triple Charge?

Core discharge is supposed to do 250 damage per second for 6 seconds.
250 * 6 = 1500

The level 10 left helix option turns Toby’s ultimate into 3 shots that do 250 each.
250 * 3 = 750

Why would anyone use it?

Why isn’t it 500 damage per shot to at least be the same?
500 * 3 = 1500

Since it’s a level 10 helix option, shouldn’t it do more damage?

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But then you have to only land 3 instead of focusing all the time

The comparison is wrong.

Originally to do full damage you need to land the laser when it starts and when it ends. No stoppage. No misses.

The 3ple charge allows you more leeway as you can aim much easier 3 different shots compared to one continuous laser that once if missed for one second, you’ll lose out on a LOT of damage.

Also the triple charge has a longer range,

Also think the triple charge pierces enemies while the beam appears to be blocked by the first thing it hits doing a very small splash.