Level 10 mutation ideas

What it says above, mine is this for whiskey foxtrot, how you got these scars, now when you do overdrive you (I have not decided, either out of ammo but still have duration, or secondary is not aim) you can get out your combat knife and start slashing away, keeping sprint speed too and doing REALLY good damage with bleed, but the melee range is fairly short


My idea was for Marquis in which once he hits a enemy with bindleblast, it will spawn three buffed (more damage) hoodinies on the spot (includes all helix upgrades on hoodini).

I call it, Hobo Fighting Force (HFF)


for deande she spawns a holotwin that deal 50% of her normal holotwin damage for each enemy caught in her ulti.

for galilea when she emerges from the ground all of the corruption damage she has dealt since she last used Abyssal form is unleashed in an explosion of force

for ambra Extinction Event has a knockback that scatters all enemies

for toby his core discharge gathers energy into his rail gun to fire an overcharged shot that self inflicts silence for 4 seconds

asi think of others i’ll try to post them


Alani could have a mutation where her water dragon could bounce between battleborn and mark them all with whirlpool but the whirlpools are smaller but can help cover up the field

ISIC could have one where he can hover in the air and shoot down at foes or one where he can use plasma dash to stay sorta mobile

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New idea, how about mellka’s mutation where she has 5 shots but they have higher attack speed in the cost of a slight damage reduction. But this might be better due to easier to land all shots and that you don’t have to wait as long while fireing.

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She already has a mutation for it though

Still it could be like an extra mutation

, her regular ult would be better though

Yeah but sometimes I mess up getting in the shots because the person’s jumping around and it does take awhile to wait for the ult to end

It just does not seem worth it, any other ideas

I’ll think of something later on

Ok how did you feel for my whiskey foxtrot one (hop3 you got the reference, I may change it to stabby slashy because the name is long)

On that note I found some,

Toby could have a larger laser with increased range as long as it’s fired through his force field, another was that during the ult Toby would be releasing shockwaves that doing about as much damage as a halfway charged railgun shot

Montana could have one where it activates his ult without the slam but he also gets a damage increase on hail/firestorm, one where he has a second slam once activated so you could get a triple knock up with the one-two combo

I think that would be awesome but maybe his passive could activate too so you can have increased health regeneration or increased movement added on with the ult

That’s a good idea, also I had one for montana that would go back to the old days, basically, his ult using to also be a leap using the ammo thing on his back, I think it would be cool to bring it back, and make the damage higher on the stomp

I remember that one yea that would be great to just fly into a teamfight and them getting surprised

Since I’m not sure the ammo pack doubles as a rocket jump pack, one of his lines could be “no, I HAVEN’T SKIPPED LEG DAY”

And he could have push back instead of knock back

I think we should call it “guardian dudegel”

He could just have really tight socks

Thunder thighs, remember the ol one two is leg strengh too and his stomp