Level 100 Command Rank Exp

Recently due to the double exp event I have noticed a lot of people, including myself hitting command rank 100, I was talking to some of my friends who are also rank 100 and we came up with the idea that perhaps command rank exp at 100 should be converted into character experience and/or credits.

I personally would like to see it at like a 50:50 ratio so 50% of the command exp is converted into character exp and 50% into credits but I don’t know how balanced that would be, and then from there it could even have it so if you are playing a max ranked character and you are also command rank 100 all exp is turned into credits, I mean I don’t know about anyone else but I am always looking to buy more loot packs to get skins/taunts and newer, better gear.

I would also love to be able to buy Legendary Loot packs or Commander Packs although I think the price of these should be high, not as high as the character price but I thought maybe like 10000 credits for a Commander Pack and maybe 15000 for a Legendary, just a thought though, what do you guys think?


I would enjoy seeing that every ‘rank up’ after Rank 100 reward you with either Credits or random faction loot packs. Or at least every other ‘rank up’ after rank 100.

…Yeah, just finished a public story game in advanced mode and got 0xp because I’m maxed and so was the character.

I would love to see something done.
Anything really.
Since hitting command rank 100 it now feels like I am getting less for playing the matches, which I suppose is true.

I don’t even know why there IS a max rank, it’s not like you get stronger when you rank up so they cap it for balancing reasons. Forza got it right with there being no max rank, you just keep levelling up forever (or at least until rank 999). The whole getting XP and seeing the progress towards the next rank and then hitting that rank is part of the enjoyment for me. Now I play a game and only see the character rank bar progress, and not by a lot normally, it just kinda took the fun out of completing games.

Out of the suggestions you put forward I’m partial to command rank XP being converted into credits as the only stuff left to unlock is character taunts and skins, which just means buying an awful lot of commander packs. Half of me wants it to be converted into character rank XP because of how slow progress is at the higher ranks, but the other half doesn’t because then we’d get all characters to max rank rather quickly too, and then we’ll have NOTHING to rank up.

Would be pretty awesome If after lvl 100 each time you rank up ( lets say it stays at 100 but your bar keeps going) you get the option of either extra character XP or credits

I would love to see either more levels, xp converted to credits, or maybe have xp be used towards earning faction packs and every so often an epic or maybe legendary pack.

I’m guessing that they will raise the level cap like they did (continually) in Borderlands 2. So you may not have to wait too long to increase rank. I’m not a huge fan though of increased credits or character experience trade off, there are gear/skin/taunt caps as well - so all you would do is unlock everything and still end up in the same boat. That is you would having nothing to spend your credit/expereince on.

A better solution might be to be able to trade in your max command/character rank and start over again, like you can do in games in games like Mass Effect 3, Titanfall and Garden Warfare 2. In exchange you could get an insignia/badge/banner (in lots of 100) or the like that is displayed and recognisable to the community. That way you are still utilizing the same rank system, just expanding it. Imagine working for that illusive and rare top dog insignia.

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Raising the level cap doesn’t solve the issue though. It’ll still happen. People will reach the Rank cap and feel bad they aren’t earning anything towards it anymore.

Simply adding in the reward of credits or gear boxes every level or every other level would be a more permanent fix.

There have already been several topics about this with the same or similar suggestions

Even Battleborn tap let’s you prestige.

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Either unlimited ranks, or maximum commander experience transition into character exp/credits will do.

It’d be great to just prestige through the ranks again. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a legendary loot crate to look forward to every 100 levels?