Level 100s, what are you doing now. Or anyone else for that matter

Just checking. I am interested to see what anyone else is doing once they 100. Personally, I am going for my Master of Marquis and trying out Oscar Mike. Really enjoying the game. Might try PVP soon.

Let me know.

Killing people…
Lots of people…
And minions.
Loooots of minions…


And the more, the merrier … :dukehappy:

Playing overwatch :slight_smile:

The way the challenges and level rewards are set up its very diminished after 100.

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Working on leveling up other characters like Orendi and Gal; trying to finish up ISIC’s mining report lore challenge; trying to be the Saboteur with 5 people on advanced. Stuff like that.


Character masteries, and endless legendary farming b/c drop rates are pretty meh (and I keep getting the same thing over & over instead of all the other possible, better things I want; case in point, getting the Stable Executioner 5x, but never any of the other amazing drops from the Renegade). Well, taking a Witcher 3 interlude atm, but besides that.


Working on mastery for as many characters as I can. Not worrying about rank all too much. Expecting another double xp event to roll around when Pendles is released. Will work on ran then. Although I am pulling out my Miko, even though he is mastered, to help friends get lore challenges.


How does it compare to beta? I got bored after winning back to back matches. No character or challenge progression was present. After playing, and winning, on every game mode and map, I felt like there wasn’t anything else for me to do.

The game looks, and controls, amazingly. It felt like a shell though.


i just won a capture match and yelled to my random teammates “ELLLLLLLLL DRAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON”. did about 2 hours of pve last night thats pretty typical for what i do at level 100. does commenting on forums and fondling loadouts count?


Yes, I mess with my gear way too much too.

Fondling loadouts… That’s beautiful.

Playing pvp solo, playing as op characters to get easy lore challenges. Mastering everyone I care about. Or at least their lore, idgaf about hitting 15

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yeah the individually flavored legendaries are quite nice for most toons, im almost done grinding them out. soon i will select a new toon to play to completion. :slight_smile: i really like hte lore stuff, the story aspect and the unique challenges.

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Endless grinding. :S


its not endless. its realistic within a certain number of very fun hours of game play. 235 hours and still fun. actively looking for other things to occupy my time so i dont play as much.

Trying to master all the battleborn a little at a time. Still thoroughly enjoying the game both pvp and pve.

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Well been working on leveling up other characters I hardly ever use. Hasn’t been easy though due to some really rude/toxic players every once in awhile.

I’m actually on a break from BB now. I hit 100 two weeks ago and I’m not in the mood to try and get those last 3-5 ranks for several characters.

I thought the same thing during beta. Release isn’t much different, there are more maps. But the match making is pretty solid and i can’t just faceroll everyone at my elo now.
As for shell. I am getting a bit bored since it does lack the depth that battleborn has but once ranked comes out in a few weeks that should be no problem(personal skill progression > character progression). The smooth combat and optimization makes it a great game compared to the buggy mess battleborn is at the moment.

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Being bored. Slowly working on my 11th character to master while they hopefully fix the broken stuff and alanI in the game

Waiting in queue to get a match.
Fail to get one. Rinse,Repeat.
Go Play Total war:Warhammer,saddened.