Level 12 Helix mutation question

So I’m leveling Marq and I just got him to lvl 12. The mutation confuses me a bit though…

Eyes Everywhere - Predatory Strike owls automatically reveal nearby targets.

isn’t that what they always do…?

Predatory Strike - Deploys and owl that reveals nearby enemies on the map

sounds the same to me

Having them show on the map is different from seeing thier red outline through walls for the entire team.

ah…should really been written better, because those descriptions it basically repeats itself

yeah, it will reveal a cloaked Mike for example (at least I think so, things are pretty chaotic in PvP so haven’t done definitive testing on what and what it won’t reveal), so I generally go with that one over the other options as I don’t see much point in cloaking the owls or having them fire a few weak rounds for a second before detonating… If other Marquis players prefer other options in PvP on this level of augments, please let us know why

The damage over time is extreamly powerful in PvP and will often save you from melee fighters if you hide in the affected area(s), especially if you were able to set up several owls to cote the entire area in the DoT affect.