Level 121 and havent even touched 1/3 of the characters yet. Anyone else in this boat?

I’m level ~121 and it hit me a few weeks ago that I’ve been playing for a year and I still have either NEVER or barely touched a handful of characters.

I guess it just goes to show that this game has a lot to offer as far as character mastering and diversity which I love.

Never touched:

  • Deande
  • Boldur (I feel I’d be cheating if I used him)
  • El Dragon (dont even want to touch after the nerf)
  • Kelvin
  • Toby (HUGE sniper … oxymoron incarnate much. Never appealed to me)

Barely touched:

  • Attikus
  • Gali
  • Ghalt (again, I’d feel cheap as hell using him)
  • Reyna (I do want to get into her more )
  • Thorn ( I’m more of a Marquees pimp hand kind of guy)

Anyone else a high level and haven’t touched some characters yet?


Not here. My least played characters time-wise are (in order I believe) Galilea, Ghalt & Shayne & Aurox, all being at 21-22 hours :thumbsup:


You should pick up El Dragon. He’s pretty fun.

I’ve played every character at least a bit in PvP and all of them a decent amount in PvE. I stay a away from most sniper like characters though because I’m a bad shot.


I had everyone except for Deande mastered at the point of the Winter Update. I now have everyone at level 20 and it was probably some of the most fun I’ve had on this game, I highly recommend trying everyone, as Orendi was one of the last characters I tried and she ended up being my favourite :slight_smile:


im close to 100 and im in the same boat. ive played ghalt and galilea once, i just tried el dragon the other day, only played one pve run with boldur, ive played half a game with alani, barely played miko (i hate being him) and never played isic kleese or deande. im going to fix this problem soon though, for some reason i recently decided to play them all.

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Yup. I have some who are 1/20 - played once for the “played all BB” achievement, and still haven’t come back to them (Boldur, El Dragon, Attikus) Then there’s a bunch at ~8/20 (Deande, Earnest, Phoebe, Thorn), a lot at 15/20 (Mellka, ISIC, + a few more). Ones I’ve got to 20/20 are Alani, Ghalt, Oscar Mike, and Whiskey Foxtrot. Too many games, too little gaming time!

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Haha, I’m level 150 yet my least used character only has 2 hours of play time… aaannnddd I’ve been playing since release. So I’m definitely lacking in the character diversity department. :sweat_smile:

There are only 6 characters that I can say that I’m comfortable using, and they are Deande, Mell, Shaurox, Benny, Orendi and Alani. Although I have to admit, I’ve been liking Attikus and Phoebe a lot more recently and would like to add them to my list of favourites.

As for everyone else, I either use them to a much lesser extent or dislike using them entirely.

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A little bit guilty of this.

Lvl 131 and I’ve played 1-2 games with all the birds, Montana, El dragon, Pendles, Attikus and OM. I just didn’t like them for some reason. Besides, I have a very justifiable rage against flying vermin that plague the skies so I will not be touching the birdies much! Other than Toby because he’s cute (please don’t nuke me!!)

It seems odd but if I really like the character’s design and personality then I become more determined to git gud with them.


I’ll add play-style to that list. I’ve never really been much of a melee player, so when I’m starting a game that offers a choice I’ll go with guns or arrows first, since I want to learn the game without getting hung up on controller issues. (When I play melee, I often find myself staring at either the ground of the sky, and completely unsure of which direction to go in :scream: )

Then with 25 (now 30) characters to choose from, it’s hard not to continue playing to your own strengths and, as you say, favouring those that you find the most appealing.

I’ve also found characters going in and out of favour as their skills have been altered. For example, I played a fair bit of Ghalt until they changed the trap mechanic. It took me a while to get back to him, but I just finished getting him to 20 and the last couple of matches I played I had an absolute blast with him. I’ve had Mellka sitting on the back burner for a while for the same reasons, but I’m waiting until we see what the next update brings before putting too much time into her - don’t really want to have to relearn a character a third time!


Oh its not, he takes skill to use u.u touch away
i refuse to touch mellka and thorn. And galilea, i feel i’d be cheating if i used her


Personally I love(d) playing 15 out of the 30 characters in Battleborn, plus Mellka in PvP exclusively. And those are all broken down into their own tiers, but in general, I’d play those 16 without a complaint in the world.

Then I have another 9 in limbo, plus Kid Ultra and Rath in PvP exclusively. Where I won’t go out of my way to play them, but I will if the team needs them. And I really don’t mind leveling them up, as I’m somewhat of a completion-ist.

Finally there are 3 I really don’t like playing, 2 more so than the other one.

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Let’s see I have all the characters ops skins so I have played a bit of pve with all of them.

Deande I have never taken into pvp ever

Attikus i have played pvp with once

Then there are the toons that I have tried to play but just lose interest or can’t get the hang of like shaurox buldor Galilea.

But I think I have spent a decent amount of time with everyone else. But my interests with any character usually waxes and wanes. I like to try to keep my ability to play multiple roles covered(though I admit I think I am a bad support which kinda makes me sad…)

I would recommend to op to try Toby at some point though. He is a lot of fun to play just a bit tricky to use.

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First off im here becaude of “Five Below” and absolutely DO NOT regret my decision. Im having so much fun…I’ve played as a few characters, I’m at only level 22 but my goal is to get really comfortable and get everyone’s lore challenges down. I get what the origmal poster os doing. So far I’ve done it with Montana and Boulder and I love playing as Boulder. Dont know who I should binge thru next. Both were random choices and don’t regret that. Anyone have any suggestions?


I’m a lvl 94 and I’ve made around 75 of them by only using Orendi, Shayne & Aurox, Deande and Phoebe.

I’v tried those a few times:
-Marquis (he’s soooooo op and fun)
-El Dragon
-Whiskey Foxtrot
-Pendles (insert sneakers’s squeaking sound here)

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Do you want suggestions for pvp or pve?

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And if PvE, co-op or solo?

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I’d say, check out Galilea, tanky and really powerful. She may be your type of character (both PvP and PvE)

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I’ve touched every single character many, many, many times. Have zero regrets.

Barely touching Gali is just a crime! She needs to be touched ASAP!

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Which 3?

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Thanks for the suggestions - I’m really not that good in Versus Mode to be honest. I feel like I luck out with kills but get alot of assists lol. I love playing Co Op story modes and operations. I’ve tried El Dragon, he’s alright. Out of the list I think I do want to try Whisky Foxtrot. The Thrall Operation is free, but im thinking also about getting another Operation if anyone has any suggestions there too…also, little did I know Battleborn had such a following still. So thanks.