Level 22 and haven't found a single legendary

I don’t mind farming later but I sure wish I had found one or two by now just for the thrill. Poor me. Waaaaaah.
Other than that the game is great fun.

That’s just RNG being what it is. Yesterday I got 2 from chests, and the day before 2 assigned drops not even 10 minutes apart. And this was after a relatively long dry spell since Promethea (this does exclude the one time I did farm though).

I didn’t get my 1st one to drop until I hit the low 30s and it came out of a chest.

I think I was on the lucky side, I got 3 by level 22. Surprising part was that 1 came off a trash mob (leg 13 shield), 1 from a trash pile (leg 22 pistol), and 1 from a side boss (leg 17 mod). Kept getting purple in chest until about 30ish and would get lucky every so-so. The legendary’s from quests always seemed to be about 3-4 below my level since I try to hit everything before ending and I do not count those. Then the later bosses dropped about 1 in every 5 we would kill (between two people, mini and main).

By far more legendary’s in first playthrough than any previous game.

It’s all RNG.

On my very first play through I got one from Lavender Crowley literally minutes into the game. And the only reason I found her that fast is I generally clear maps in a clockwise fashion. So I found her within minutes after getting to The Droughts. I have finished both NVHM and TVHM, my bank, my gun display wall, and my backpack are nothing but Legendary. However, my best friend who just last week finished NVHM and just hit level 50 yesterday, only has about 20 legendary items.

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It’s not unusual to go through the first 22 levels of Diablo 3 without a legendary as well. Low levels have lower quality enemies and lower quality loot.

Last Friday I spent 5 hours in the Slaughter Pit on Mayhem 2 and got from level 43 to 50. I found 13 Legendaries total and only 1 of them was useful for Stalker FL4K. Unfortunately it was also a level 45 Flakker, so I still don’t have any level 50 legendaries.

Every time I find a legendary item it is several levels lower than my character’s and almost useless.

My first play through on launch had found 3 or 4 legendaries by level 22. Working on new Zane and just got first legendary two days ago, think it was level 21. I thought they didn’t nerf drop rates on nvhm. But it seems like it.

Don’t feel bad the only one I got was the guaranteed one from Maya on my first playthrough.

I have since renounced Rngebus and accepted Lootcifer into my life.

i didnt get my first drop until i found that One Punch Man reference. couple of chapters later in the Maya map, i got another drop (infinity pistol) but this was before lvl 20.

its random. you’ll start hitting drops left and right later on. its crazy

My buddy got one at lvl 3 but i didnt get my first one till i killed wick and worty at lvl 13.

You gotta just go off the guided path sometimes open red chest, kill the special enemies, and actually take on the badasses.

A lot of the time people say a boss is too hard or they havnt gotten loot is because they are just following the main story and skipping bandit mobs.

You should be close to the mission Beneath the Meridian. Make sure you talk to ava at the end of it.