Level 22 player looking for advice to kill Katagawa Ball

Really, advice for Katagawa Ball and bosses in general. (Tjis is kind of a followup to a question I posted in General Discussion, about the difficulty of bosses in general, and should I keep goin in this game.I tried Katagawa once, with the same build that almost obliterated Captain Traunt at level 18, plus maybe one or two additional skill points. I have one free skill point, and I realize I might need to re-spec. Now, here’s screen shots of what I have:


I am wearing a mod that gives +2 for Phalanx Doctrine, + for Scrappy, and +2 for Selfless Vengeance.

Please note, this is my first playthrough. I will add, I re-speced for Captain Traunt and picked up railgun; that took down the shield on Captain Traunt very, very quickly. But Katagawa Ball, he must need something different.

Try using the Vanquisher rocket pods (blue tree, top right) as they are really powerful.

If that doesn’t work, take points out of the blue tree until you can unlock the corrosive sabot railgun augment and run one shock and one corrosive rail.

Also, I would strongly suggest vendor farming a new class mod with better utility skills. Tank Girl, Commander, Baby Boomer and Marksman are all good and will fit into most builds.

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In my current moze build I started by putting points into fire in the skag den to get the rocket pods asap from there I worked my way down bottomless mags tree to get redistribution and stroke the embers was main skills I wanted early on anyway.

You have just enough points to get Sabot Rounds which are pretty much the strongest weapon for IB bossing. https://bl3skills.com/gunner/#000000000000000500000000000055031100000
You might do 1 arm Capacative Armature 1 arm Sabot which should work well against Kball since it has large shields. Either way should be a quick kill. Try to use the environment on first playthrough its easy to die you need to learn to avoid the damage with objects. FITSD isn’t going to help much like someone suggested because it’s only OP with Mayhem scaling.

You could also go something like this if you can make Vanquishers work for you https://bl3skills.com/gunner#000000000000003520501400000000000000000 This gives you Vampyr so you can heal with splash damage.

These suggestions are both Iron Bear based because it’s pretty strong for base game.

Definitely try to get a better com like said above from a vendor. Lots of good purple coms that boost better skills.

Keep an eye out for grenades that are Trackers and split into as many as possible. The meta Moze nade is a purple called ‘cloning maddening tracker’. This is for healing purposes with Vampyr


I just re-speced to this, gonna give it a try tomorrow.

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Good Lord, I used the Sabot Rounds with one arm, shock rail gun with the other arm, and I took down Katagawa Ball with 1/3 of my fuel left! Thanks for the help. Now, I must pay Killavolt a visit soon and see what happens …


I think that the Shield Of Retribution tree probably isn’t the best tree to focus on for your first playthrough to be honest.

As the others have said, Vanquisher Rockets are the way forward :slight_smile:

I take that advice with one exception. Any boss which has a lot of shields to cut through, I imagine I will use the railgun. That was one of my lessons from Captain Traunt. Beyond that, yeah I’m thinking the blue tree with the rockets for bosses and maybe respec to grenades between bosses. Maybe.

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I’ve got a level 60+ build with double mini guns fitted with explosive rounds, and a Rocketeer class mod, and Iron Bear just wipes Traunt out for me without me really needing to do anything much.

Is that Captain Traunt or General Traunt?

I would bet he is referring to Cpt. Traunt, since folks seem to farm him more often, but they are functionally the same.

Exploding bullets is also a good hardpoint if you find yourself specing all the way down to Some for the Road. I wouldn’t bother with the grenade launchers; vanquishers are just as good for mobbing.